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Disney, Misery in Missouri, and the lies

November 25, 2014

First I want to say WALT DISNEY was a wonderful man. A decent man. A man who loved children, not abused them!

I lived in Garden Grove when Disneyland was built. My mama, my sister and my twin brother and I worked there after it opened. Most of my friends worked there. First of all, his family denies this. Secondly, I met him more than once. There was not a person who worked at Disneyland who had ANY negative things to say about Walt. He was a genuine, delightful, and good man. With ALL MY HEART, whomever started this horrible lie should be beaten up from head to toe! This was a terrible thing to do to the reputation of a man who’s ideas and heart created entertainment that has enthralled generations – millions and millions of people. Shame on anyone who doesn’t know someone and tries to besmear the reputation of him or her…..particularly this man.


When the verdict came out in Ferguson, Missouri – it was just an excuse for those idiots to loot and vandalize. Burning down their own town. How stupid is that? The media now is reporting the truth and many of the eye witness’ were black. Of course no one wants a young man or woman killed – but this boy had just robbed a store, brutalized the owner, and tried to get the gun from the cop and hit him prior to being shot. Black or white,
he was 18 and a criminal.

As far as Washington – shame on them trying to make this a racial problem. It is NOT nationwide. Besides the president and eric holder are both racists. Obama is   mullato (first generation of a black and white mix)…the president denies his white! The president is trying to tear America apart and it is not going to happen.

Haven’t gotten to write much lately – hope to after Thanksgiving.  Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving and don’t take life too seriously – there isn’t much we can do about it except “hold our ground”.

God bless.

Cloth grocery bags, remote controls, and border control

November 2, 2014

This is why I vote for the cloth bag to put groceries in.Toe use

My bag broke and a can of dog food hit exactly where the toenail hits the skin. Ouch!

Probably will loose the nail.  This photo was taken two weeks after the fact.

The only drawback I can see for cloth bags is when there is a big family, it will take some large bags, or big trash bags. Don’t know how that will work….


Am I the only lame woman around,or do you think most women HATE remote controls? I hate them all. The reason my husband is in charge of them is because if I start to use them I still get totally lost!


Lastly, what I cannot figure out is why our government is so “dull” (in the brain area) about keeping our borders safe.

The great wall of China was built in the 7th Century BC. to protect the Empire against intrusions.

The wall is 5,500 miles long and is one of the wonders of the world.

7th cent. BCOh, I remember why we can’t accomplish something like that. It is all about the way the government wants to do things, and the swaying of monies. The peasants have no say in anything really.

Mid-term elections cost at least a billion dollars – these folks pay millions each to be elected. It’s pretty lucrative LIFETIME EMPLOYMENT. Even if you aren’t elected again, you still get tons of perks.

Sorry about the photo being blurry – it is a copy of a copy!


Can’t say any more than that as it is a beautiful day and I am going to go outside and enjoy these moments in time.

Here are some flowers to brighten your day if you are unable to enjoy the outdoors today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMay these lovely flowers add a bit of sunshine to your day – and perhaps, a smile!

God bless you and those in the circle of your lives.