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The President’s words, Bret Bair, Barbara Boxer, and my thoughts on this big fat mess!

March 19, 2010

FIRST LET ME SAY THIS: I am a political athiest. I vote but I belong to no party. I think the system is corrupt and ninety-nine percent of politicians are corrupt. These are my thoughts simply as a human who has lived long enough to have seen our government in action over and over again. I wish I could be more positive about this.

I am REALLY rushed this morning so if there are typos I apologize right now. Also, if you disagree with the facts I’ve written or have your own opinions about all this, I would LOVE to hear them!!!

Obama: “I don’t know where you get the notion it’s one-sixth of the economy.” (then in the net breath he said,)
“Yes, it’s one-sixth of the economy, but…..”
Obama: “The vast majority of people will be able to keep what they have because they’re getting’ a better deal…”
Then what is the nearly trillion-dollar bill about, and why do they have to VASTLY reduce Medicare for the elderly? Why will we be taxed for ten years and yet the program won’t “activate for four years,) I am a bit confused.
Even if you are liberal REALLY check out the Bret Bair interview with the president.

I love the way when obama “talks to” the people he drops his correct diction to get folksy – such as: “gettin”, “fixin” and “loosin”. In his interview with Bret Bair he didn’t directly answer one question; using debating tactics he side-stepped around and went into a blather of words. He kept saying “let me finish my sentence,” but what I noticed was he wouldn’t let Bret finish a question, really…he just kept “talkin”.

I loved the fact that if families earning under $88,000.00 a year had a hard time paying for the insurance or the fine if they don’t get it, our corrupt government would kick in a “supplement” to help their deficiencies. Where does that money come from?

Here are some interesting numbers. There are 304,059,724 people in the USA (not including illegal immigrations – whom by the way, often get medical help, food help, and more – but they don’t file income taxes. The census bureau’s form for this year doesn’t even ask if you are a citizen or not…

Out of 133 million income tax filers (yes 170,059,724 don’t file) 40 million of those filing DON’T pay taxes, but often get refunds. So that leaves only 93,000,000 who pay ALL THE INCOME TAX…..hmmmm. I think I know many of these hard work peasants. I think I am one. That’s a pretty heavy burden with all the job losses and foreclosures, and Wall Street and the banks keep on ticking on with multi-million dollar bonus packages!.

I wrote Senator Barbara Boxer my thoughts about the health care fiasco. This was her response. This is, I am sure, a form letter for all of us peasants who are just too stupid to be written to in an intelligent manner. So let’s be condescending and reiterate what all the politicians always say:


All this letter says to me is blah, blah, blah.

“Dear Mrs. O’Brien:

Thank you for writing to me about pending health care reform legislation. I appreciate hearing from you.
There is widespread agreement that we must reform our health insurance system, which is a huge financial burden on our families. The status quo is no longer sustainable. Thousands of Americans lose their insurance every day while thousands more are denied coverage. If we do nothing, 45 percent of an average family’s income will go towards health insurance premiums in 2016. And without action, Medicare will be broke by 2017.
On February 25, 2010, President Obama held a summit on comprehensive health insurance reform. I was pleased to see members of both parties participate in this frank and forthright exchange of ideas.
I strongly believe that we must seize this opportunity to move forward on health care reform, and I hope that we can. I will continue to fight for health care reform for Californians and all Americans.
Again, thank you for writing to me. Please feel free to contact me again about this or other issues of concern to you.

Barbara Boxer
United States Senator”

DON’T YOU LOVE THIS? I don’t want to go to her website and fill out another form. Wouldn’t an email be simpler? :☺

Please do not respond to this message. If you would like to comment on legislation, please visit my website and use the correspondence form at


My gut level feeling is we will be “screwed and tattooed” if Obama and Biden and their cronies manage to pull this off.

Medicare will be depleted of millions and millions of dollars, we WILL BE TAXED HIGHER TAXES (for ten years – though the implementing of the program won’t start for four years!) and from what I’ve heard – the almighty health care won’t be available for four years!

Excuse the hell out of me – “ALL AMERICAN FAMILIES WILL BE REQUIRED TO GET HEALTHCARE, AND IF THEY DON’T THEY WILL BE FINED”. How can you fine someone who has lost their job and possibly their home?

I want Obama, Senators and Congressmen to have the same plan the peasants will be offered. By the way – what about the care of indigents and illegal aliens?

I don’t feel a bit badly about the president putting his trip off anyway. He was going to Indonesia(where he lived as a child) – to enjoy celebrations of him. What was the reason citizens would be paying for the Australia trip?

Did you see the woman whom the president was dedicating his trip to support the bill? She has cancer and her insurance will no longer cover her. HOWEVER – she is being treated in one of the best cancer care hospitals in the USA and will not be charged for her care. (I am HAPPY for her), but I thought Obama was there to stand up for her not being able to get care because of no insurance.

It’s all such a bunch of bolony! The only change that will happen if it passes is that you and me, our kids, and grandkids will be paying forever on this with higher taxes.

Social Security taxes will go up. Did you know that before you get social security every paycheck is taxed? (of course you did). I bet you might not know that when you get social security it only covers the hospital? You are required to pay over $100.00 a month to get physicians and prescriptions covered – that is taken out of your social security check. Then you need to get a supplement to cover expenses that’s are NOT covered! Did you know after you start receiving social security as your earned help, it is taxed again-considered with “income”. Even our tax consultant said that’s double taxation.

If the bill passes healthcare benefits for seniors(Medicare) will be reduced by millions, and I’ll say it again – TAXES WILL INCREASE.

Did you know social security doesn’t cover glasses or teeth? That is horrible considering the seniors whose teeth need work, and whose vision is poor.
Why does this concern me? My parents were seniors, I hope to qualify by living long enough, and even if you are eighteen now, you may live long enough to be a senior! It concerns us all.

Oh I know the bill is under a trillion dollars – by a pittance.

One last kind of negative comment: I would love to backhand Nancy Pelosi. She can’t decide for us all. Arrogant bitch. (Wow – is that me writing that? Yep. ☺

I know, “Relax, its Just Life”… and I will! I have aired my feelings on this and used my oxygen to empower and relax me, and now I feel better. What other good choice is there, but to choose to be calm and happy, no matter what. Ruining my own mind and body won’t change a thing. My attitude will! ☺

I will assert my power in a positive way. I would be interested in your thoughts on this if you care to share.

If you get overly concerned, close your eyes for a moment and go within. Take a few cleansing breaths and try to let any sense of fear or burden to melt away for now.

At least it is still a country wherein we can voice an opinion. It may not mean anything in the process, but it’s a great relief to me to get this all out. 🙂


If you loose your brakes while driving……

March 18, 2010

This is just good emergency information you may not have heard. Do not turn off the engine as if you have power steering you will loose control of the wheel.

Do put your foot on the brake, shift into neutral, and try to pull off the road. That’s about all you can do, but at least you won’t be going one hundred miles an hour and endangering yourself and everyone else on the road.

(If you wonder why I posted this in each category, it’s because most of us drive!)

Be safe when driving. Courtesy is underrated, and if people think “guns” are dangerous, just remember your car is a huge and heavy piece of equipment that can be a huge danger if not driven safely.
I have been asked what happened to my stressmanagementmagic blog. I no longer write that blog, but write here:

Check it out and take a few minutes between now and May 1st. There is no fee, great prizes, and it will bring some good things to mind, I hope!
Here is a Bible verse that I found JUST WHEN I NEEDED IT. Sometimes it happens that way.
“Even when we are too weak to have any faith left, He remains faithful to us and will help us, for He cannot disown us, who are a part of Himself, and He will always carry out His promises to us.”
2 Timothy 2:13



418 Posts and over 500 comments!

March 7, 2010

I feel so happy to be able to write, share thoughts and enjoy the comments over these last few years….even
the questionable ones! What a blast and what a forum.

So here’s the deal today: If you have enjoyed my blog, please a second or two to read my “Hotel Hell” experience and give me a vote! You don’t have to comment, just vote- and no verification required! First contest I’ve entered EVER, and the more votes and comments the better before the judges start judging. There is only today left, and I would REALLY appreciate you taking the time to vote.

The last vacation my husband got was quite a while ago. We were supposed to go skiing with family in Utah, but I was trying to heal from a broken leg and surgery, so it kind of ruined it for sure! He’s never complained and the last time we got to ride bicycles (last year) – I fell and broke my wrist!

The first prize is a paid vacation (which he never gets at work. So please, take a couple of minutes and vote for my entry!!!!

Thanks and have a fantastic day! Take a breath and enjoy.

Almost forgot – I added some of my photos to the blog from Flickr. Hope you enjoy!

An unemployed husband or mate – Beware! Be sure to read to end!

March 2, 2010

I post this a while back, but I have had such response on it I think it needs to be posted again….this time I am including a response from an unemployed man, and I think EVERYONE should read his thoughts at the end of the post. They are great! (By the way, I made an error on the months unemployed: it was closer to seven month!)
My husband has been unemployed for 5 1/2 months. Thank God he is a non-drinker. Well, to be quite honest, he has a drink maybe once or twice a year, or at a special occasion. The reason this makes me happy is that I can deal with an unemployed husband, but not one that is a drinker.

Here’s why. First of all, I was married to a scam artist who, when we moved, assured me he was looking for work every single day.
I took my own money and opened a small studio and began to teach fitness. After a over a year passed, one day one of my students asked me, “Why is it you work so hard when your husband sits in the bar all day long? I live near it and his truck is always there!”

Gulp! I had no clue. He could hold his booze and disguise the smell (he drank vodka) and I just wouldn’t have dreamed he was a lying bum. Well, later, I learned he was a full on drunkard (I tried to drink with him to slow him down – it just sped me up!) To make this story short – ultimately he scammed me out of everything, I lost the farm I’d worked for 12 years to buy, and wound up
getting a divorce. It’s a good thing he wasn’t bright enough to go to an attorney and try to get alimony from me. I was working. He

Anyway, I’ve been talking with friends and acquaintances, even strangers all over town, you know like the store and the post office.
I am hearing horror stories. I would say 3 out of 5 women I speak to whose husband’s have been off work for a while are going
through a similar problem….the drinking problem.

We know it is disheartening to be unemployed and not be able to support a family. Particularly for someone with children, or with a wife that doesn’t work. It’s the boredom, the free time, the insecurity, the luring nature of having a drink to “take off the edge” that scares me for these families.

The seductive nature of alcohol is that temptation (after all it is social and legal) to have a second drink because the first one made you feel so good. Then perhaps another, just to be social. The ball is rolling now.

Good men can get caught up in this downward spiral.

It is a VERY DANGEROUS cycle….I know from personal experience that alcohol, like any drug, has a cumulative effect – I’ve experienced lies about alcohol, which means maybe lies about where a person has been, which means maybe they are not looking for work, which means one lie leads to another. If a person has a blackout there is a huge danger. You don’t want the unemployed person to have to drink and get into that “fake world” where everyone is your best friend and you all tell each other how great you are – just to regain some confidence. Drinking and driving is another peril. Not even taking into consideration the cost of the alcohol. These days two drinks is the same cost as if you went to the store and bought a bottle! I had this joker have an affair with my best friend during this period of my own STUDPIDITY!

I am not writing this to freak anyone out, but we are ALL FLAWED human beings. I just want to make people aware of the pitfalls that face so many people with an unemployed husband or mate. It is important for you to be on your toes if “things” seem to be changing. Be supportive and do understand it’s tough right now, perhaps even turn the unemployed person on to a job you heard about / or suggest going to an employment office to do part time work / or if you come up with a terrific idea, maybe a career change or a school loan to learn a new career – share it.

In my experience a man can only stay home so long (particularly with children) before he starts going stir crazy! He needs to perform and be secure in his ability to provide for his family….It is difficult enough to contend with little money to live on. You don’t want everything to fall apart.

Remember, too, a man may not want to share his insecurity, his concern, his feeling of failure.
Do what you can and keep praying! Take a breath – this too shall pass 🙂

By the way – THIS IS NOT TO WORRY ABOUT ALL MEN! There are some really good guys out there who can
deal with tough situations beautifully. This is just a reminder we are all human and perhaps insight to help if you can during these hard times for those with a genetic connection to alcohol – and those who simply fall into the pit by circumstance.
” Nothing good comes from boredom. It’s said that idle hands are the devil’s workshop, an old saying dating at least as far back as Chaucer in the twelfth century who called idle hands the devil’s tools.”

“The Turks have a proverb, which says, that _The devil tempts all other men, but that idle men tempt the devil. (Colton, _Lacon_, 1820)”
Now to the thoughts of an unemployed gentleman. He is a winner!

“My advice to the Men: Listen to these women. REALLY listen. Some of the things they say may sound unfair to you, but you have to be mature enough to know what your faults are, and take steps to fix them. Try to avoid the despair too. I know it’s hard, I’m currently dealing with it.”

“My advice to the Women: Patience is paramount. Find a balance in telling your husband how you feel without tearing him down. Be smart enough to tell the difference between someone who is really trying and someone who is taking advantage of you. A good way to tell is to look at the situation as an outsider, friend or family member.”

On line relaxation – Now!

February 18, 2010

Do This Right Now! Please. Begin stress management now with a mini-relaxation online.

The body is the servant of the mind. It obeys the operations of the mind whether they are deliberately chosen or automatically expressed.

Exercise your mind and your stress level will diminish and your body will begin to relax.


Sit back just a bit. Sit a little straighter, holding your tummy in and pressing your lower back into the chair.

Stretch your arms up in the air as far as you can reach. Clasp your hands and take a breath. Now exhale slowly through the mouth as you shake your hands and arms down.

Lay your right ear towards your neck. Stretch it, but don’t bounce. Take a breath in through the nose, and exhale in the same manner through your mouth.

Lay your left ear towards your neck. Stretch it but don’t bounce. Take a breath slowly and exhale in the same manner.

With your head still leaning towards your left side, slowly rotate your head down towards your chest and stop when you reach the right side. Do this several times. Lift head to center position.

Do not do a full head roll as often times the head is allowed to drop back further than desirable, and you take a chance of injury.

Clasp your hands and stretch your arms out in front of you. Release.

Wiggle your toes. Rotate each ankle several times to the left and then to the right. Scrunch your fingers together and release. Be sure to use your oxygen during these easy moves.

Breathe in slowly saying to yourself: “I am regenerating and relaxing.”
As you exhale say: “Negativity is flying out with my exhalation.”

Repeat several times. The brain needs fifty percent more oxygen to perform optimally and when we are under stress we actually inhibit our oxygen intake without even consciously knowing!

It’s as simple as that! A few mini-relaxations throughout the day can physically and mentally change your day! This is the physiology of the body and mind. It will happen.

If you think it’s too simple – it is! The difficult part is YOU resisting change and resisting creating new thought and creating positive brain cell impressions. As creatures of habit we have to retrain the brain. Get into the habit of doing these things as your first moves towards stress management. Change your habits – change your life!

Create your own relaxation. Maybe a walk in the hall, a bathroom break where you also stretch and twist your body around a bit, even simply standing and changing position can begin the flow of oxygen to your body and mind.

Inhale deeply and slowly through the nose. Now exhale slowly through the mouth. Now pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for actually taken the first step towards changing your life!
I posted this today on my website. If you need help in this area (or know someone who does) – please refer them to that site. I have specialized in this for over twenty years and I love people finding out they can CHANGE THEIR LIVES through stress management. I personally don’t sell anything on this website except true caring and love, and what I believe to be positive help.

Knowledge is power: H1N1 information

October 22, 2009

IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOUR FAMILY. My eldest son and his wife and four children have it.
The baby is less than two and they are quite worried. It is sneaky and just when you seem a bit better, it comes back. Please protect your family and share any information here you may not have heard.
This information is taken from the CDC website. I thought it important enough to post as many of us just don’t take the time to check these things out.
What are “emergency warning signs” that should signal anyone to seek medical care urgently?
In children:
• Fast breathing or trouble breathing
• Bluish skin color
• Not drinking enough fluids
• Not waking up or not interacting
• Being so irritable that the child does not want to be held
• Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough
• Fever with a rash
In adults:
• Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
• Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
• Sudden dizziness
• Confusion
• Severe or persistent vomiting

Contamination & Cleaning

How long can influenza virus remain viable on objects (such as books and doorknobs)?
Studies have shown that influenza virus can survive on environmental surfaces and can infect a person for 2 to 8 hours after being deposited on the surface.

What kills influenza virus?
Influenza virus is destroyed by heat (167-212°F [75-100°C]). In addition, several chemical germicides, including chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, detergents (soap), iodophors (iodine-based antiseptics), and alcohols are effective against human influenza viruses if used in proper concentration for a sufficient length of time.

*What if soap and water are not available and alcohol-based products are not allowed in my facility?
If soap and water are not available and alcohol-based products are not allowed, other hand sanitizers that do not contain alcohol may be useful.

What surfaces are most likely to be sources of contamination?
Germs can be spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth. Droplets from a cough or sneeze of an infected person move through the air. Germs can be spread when a person touches respiratory droplets from another person on a surface like a desk, for example, and then touches their own eyes, mouth or nose before washing their hands.

How should waste disposal be handled to prevent the spread of influenza virus?
To prevent the spread of influenza virus, it is recommended that tissues and other disposable items used by an infected person be thrown in the trash. Additionally, persons should wash their hands with soap and water after touching used tissues and similar waste.

What household cleaning should be done to prevent the spread of influenza virus?
To prevent the spread of influenza virus it is important to keep surfaces (especially bedside tables, surfaces in the bathroom, kitchen counters and toys for children) clean by wiping them down with a household disinfectant according to directions on the product label.

How should linens, eating utensils and dishes of persons infected with influenza virus be handled?
Linens, eating utensils, and dishes belonging to those who are sick do not need to be cleaned separately, but importantly these items should not be shared without washing thoroughly first.

Linens (such as bed sheets and towels) should be washed by using household laundry soap and tumbled dry on a hot setting. Individuals should avoid “hugging” laundry prior to washing it to prevent contaminating themselves. Individuals should wash their hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub immediately after handling dirty laundry.

Eating utensils should be washed either in a dishwasher or by hand with water and soap.

DON’T PANIC: Just be prepared and do things to prevent it from happening!


October 9, 2009

Tomorrow Nasa is sending a missile to the moon to blow the inside of a crater to “smitherine’s”. They are trying to find out if the moon has water to provide for life as we know it. I have two questions:

1. WHO authorized these guys to do this to our moon??? That’s like me blowing up something that belongs to all humans. We have no idea if this may begin a cycle of catastrophic events or not….

2. WHAT IF there are life forms (and this is the most important) that are alien – imperceptible to our vision and knowledge-that live in or near that crater. Who is the hell do these guys think they are doing something like this!

Well now you know where I stand. I feel raped and violated. It’s my moon too. We don’t know if other forms of life exist! I am deeply concerned about this. WHAT DO YOU THINK? Please, I would like your opinions!

A quick update

March 24, 2009

Orthopedic doc said that I do have four fractures in one bone, but also a crush injury- can’t do anything about that, so just a cast for 6 weeks. At least no surgery and I can use my fingers! Such a selection of cast colors. I chose black as all women know, black goes with
everything! (hee-hee). Have a wonderful day and I’ll be back to two-handed typing by tomorrow, I think! Yahoo.


Verbatim – Unexplained Phenomen

November 11, 2007

Normally I don’t copy material, but I found a very small article on the back page of the paper and I found it absolutely incredible – what do you think?

“A weird glow is visible in the night sky right now, and astronomers don’t know what to make of it. It’s an obscure and very faint comet that suddenly blazed into astonishing brilliance and is growing larger but dimmer-and while it’s still visible all night long, astronomers are puzzling over the unexpected outburst.”
“It’s really bizarre, said Joseph Miller, a University of California at Santa Cruz astronomer and former director of the Lick Observatory atop Mount Hamilton, near San Jose.”
(NOW HERE IS THE AMAZING PART TO ME) “That thing started out only a few miles in diameter, and suddenly it expanded at a thousand miles an hour until it was as big as the Earth within only a couple of days.” With a decent pair of binoculars-or even with unaided eyes-anyone can see the comet right now as a tiny, fuzzy, white object in the northern sky- wherever fog
doesn’t obscure the sight. It lies just inside the constellation Perseus, below the more familiar constellation Cassiopeia and due east of Polaris, the North Star. It’s called Comet 17P/Holmes and was discovered in 1892 by the British astronomer Edwin Holmes, who spotted it as it appeared to explode in what Holmes thought was an outbust of gas.”

Pretty interesting, eh? Any thoughts?


October 26, 2007

I’ve been a fitness trainer for more years than I will declare. I know all the diets, all the exercises, all the motivating factors. What I am finding TODAY is that with body changes,
it’s much more difficult to keep a trim body…..healthy yes, I know what to do! But I am
having trouble “trimming” back my foods and need some outside motivation.

I have seen hundreds of people change their lives and hope I have been instrumental in helping in some small way. I have given away as much as I can to help others. I try daily with my stress management magic website to share with others. Now I am asking for INPUT please. Get me motivated. Give me some thoughts outside the realm of MY WORLD.

and……….thank you with all my heart!