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This moment is all we have.

July 29, 2016

If you have to talk yourself into moving out of despair – do it.

If you have to lie to yourself to take on the day – do it.

There is no happiness if you do not think it so.

There is no begin again and live a life – this fact I know.


The choice is yours and yours alone.

No one can do it for you. Your perception will be your life.


If you opt to wade in a pool of anger and sorrow,

You will go deeper each day, till there is no tomorrow.


If people try to tell you others have it worse,

You can bet your life they do –

But the problem that you face,

Is yours and yours alone.


The song that you sing is an individual and fearful one,

To stand up and walk, to still keep the faith,

To move onward and upward no matter what you face.


You MUST DO IT. You may not believe it now.

You CAN DO IT. I can’t even tell you how.


Just remember there is more power from within- than there has ever been.

Call upon the healing that your body knows,

and see it happen slowly, but steady as she goes.


A counselor told me once I had control of the life I would live.

Not what happens to me, but the responses I give.


I choose my destiny no matter what.

My life by my heart, by my actions and thought.



Above the Clouds

August 4, 2014

Above the clouds my heart plateaus, and I reflect on this life, much of which, I squandered. For every right and wrong impacts me like a rapidly moving train.

As the miles skirt by, beyond the speed of my thoughts, I anticipate the return to the true vision of the life I have created beyond the ruins of another time and place.

There were alcohol induced sexual frenzies driven by the images of the media, and only thwarted by the mornings and the return of spirit.

The obsession and repetitive thought and images drove me towards alcohol and drugs, and the eventual weakening of my own tapestry, and they broke my line of defense. The line of demarcation I should never have crossed.

I felt anxious to be courageous again, yet with the reoccurring thoughts I needed the those things -the irresistible spirits of alcohol and drugs; alas they waved me towards darker places and my light and energy transformed in another kind of fear and darkness.

Chemical madness kept me enchanted and repelled.

With spirit and thought diminished and besmeared, there is no movement upward and onward.

Darkness subdues and restricts, but light revitalizes and frees by scattering the darkness. Thus, illuminating the surroundings, arousing those who sleep, and allowing humans to carry out their lives.

After, I could see the glimmer of hope, and feel the planting of regretful feet firmly on the ground. With spirit fully in tack and operational, hope enlarged and change came to fruition.

For my own dreams and visions, for my own beliefs and desires, not plied with darkness and its companions, I am able to see with clarity. I can read the eyes now, and smell the scent of evil. If there is no obvious sign of love, I move quickly away, and return to tbe strength of my own convictions.

May 2, 2014

Just a quick Thursday good morning, afternoon or evening to you . The days are flying by and I have been trying to complete six books before it’s time to die. No one knows when that will happen and I have spent most of my life writing so I determined sometime after my accident no one will finish what it’s taken me years to write – except me!

Believe it or not they are mostly written – the most difficult part is proofing, making covers and getting everything just right to be put on Amazon. I had a contract with a publishing company for one of my books – the one on how to care for an aging parent – but they sat on it for seven years and I am blessed those years just finished.

I have reconciled, to accept my disabilities as permanent-only because of my faith in God, and my tenacious drive for life, can I do this.  It was a year ago today I was in surgery with a great neurosurgeon (thank you Lord) and getting my back fixed after a burst compression fracture.  I could be completely paralyzed, or dead!

To accept my disabilities as permanent is difficult, but not impossible. Such is life. It isn’t always what we expect, but I expect the best, and perhaps my vision will be clearer now that I am unable to dance all over the place! I can walk (it’s not a very pretty walk), and I have to use a can, and I can write. I can dance in a way, and surely in my head.

I am a stubborn little woman, and my husband still says, after 26 years, a hand full.

So the books will be done within this year. That is my determination. This is what they are:

  1. Lessons in Love – about taking care of a parent, giving them happiness until they die, and not going crazy or getting exhausted in the process. It’s kind of a love story about me caring for my mama for ten years – and we both gained from it!

I am exhausted tonight so I will ignore any typos (sorry!)

2.Whiskeyton. Has nothing to do with Whiskey! This photography- views of a lake and the surrounding mountains from a kayak. Took me from 2004-20011 to get all the photographs, and there will be inspiration (I hope) with each photo, and a Bible verse below. I think, whether you believe in the Bible or not, it is a great book for training in life. It will be for children and adults.

3. The Last Resort – Photographs (again), a  view of the homeless in my area, and of course some interviews and thoughts on the scenario.

4.  Toll 63 – a very interesting book about the lives of an oilman in the early days, a disabled and vibrant young woman, and what transpires when they join forces.  It progresses and follows the life of one of their twins.  The time spans from 1916 to this very day!  I love it so far – do you think I am predjudice?

4.  The Best Bedtime Stories. Positive and fun, the stories are done and I am just waiting for the illustrations.

5.  Poetry, Prose and Private Property.  This book could spares no details and touches every aspect of being human!

I am not trying to brag, there are so many unbelievable authors, but I feel good about my work.  I feel like it is from the heart, experience, and always with a positive overtone – no matter how difficult the experience.

Therein is why my posts have been thin in nature.

I am not trying to brag, but I am not a “salesperson” and if I don’t know the quality of my own “products” I should not sell!  I do think God gives each of us a gift and I am working hard at using it!

Well, that’s it for now. Just an update as to where I have been. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – don’t waste a second of your precious life in anger, fear, or hate. It is NOT WORTH IT as you truly will be the one who pays the big price.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER. I love you for reading! I love you for being my brother and sister human beings! God bless you and your families. I mean it sincerely!

Please Lord, give me, and give us all HOPE.

April 10, 2014

Renew my confidence in your promises, and let your Spirit enfold my heart and hold it towards your love and steadfastness.

I am humbled and ready to finish this tapestry of my life in a fashion that will imbue the majesty of YOU.

Let me increase my light from a flicker to burn brightly, filling whereever my essence is seen or heard, with your magical and majestic love.

Let my love increase, permeating all that is part of the moments I am given to live on this planet earth.

Even in pray meant to praise I am still a child asking for your Glory to fill that part of me reserved within, that is especially meant for you. Without you I am an empty vessel.

With you, my love and peace overflow. I am filled and renewed and able to move onward and upward.


On those days when I feel so far away, and my prayers feel like empty words, forgive me. I know that you know, because of my tenacious yearning for you, even when I am overwhelmed with sorrow and pain, you are near, waiting for the moment once again, that my faith in my unseen Savior and God will draw me home.

If it is thy will, let me touch hearts and spirts and speak with thy love.

If it is thy will, let me fly in my dreams once again.

All these things I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, whom I love and adore.






Rambling from the heart

February 21, 2014

Beautiful is a friend who always there for you, even if she should be taking care of herself.
Beautiful is kindness that comes directly from the heart, and is unending for those in need.
Beautiful is a smile that doesn’t have to be pasted on, but one that reflects joy and sincerity.
Beautiful is character that molds itself from life’s experiences, and grows in quality and positive traits.
Beautiful is being able to face someone and look them in the eyes and know they love you too.
Beautiful is faith that is recognized, and credit given to He that paid the highest sacrifice.
Beautiful is genuine motivation to purse something in life that shares healing with others.

Beautiful is a word that cannot be fully described, yet you know when you see real beauty
because there is a vibrance, and a shining glow that can only be captured with the word beautiful!

Be beautiful  – it’s possible for all – for beauty lies within the heart, so open yours and let your light shine.  When you love, love will come to you bountifully.

Learn to give, and you learn to live!


Outside my window

Life goes on

Little Bird still sits on a branch close by

He peers into look at me and I look at him

Little wings and beak

Human limbs healing, but still weak

Red berries in the bush

Posion to humans

Delight to feathered friends

Life goes on

It never really ends

On to something new

Change is imminent


God bless those bound to home

Never freed

Life goes on

Still all is new

CREATE this day

And ……God bless you!

GOOD MORNING! It is a good morning! I choose it to be so.

October 4, 2013

Good morning to all.  I awoke with my first memory being the look in the eyes of the physical therapist when she began therapy, yesterday, for my feet and ankles.  She also works on my spine….for some reason she really didn’t realize how BAD I am.  I knew.  J

I felt bad for her as she showed real concern, and the look was that of a person looking at a drowning ship, but being unable to do much to help.  So the first thought was overwhelming – but then, being a lover of God, and keeping the faith, I thought about a daisy.


I can count the blessings I take for granted on each and every petal.  I thought about it.

Wow.  That’s lots of blessings!  I opt for happiness and pray for healing to the best of my ability. I will not let joy diminish as life is so fleeting and each moment counts – if you let.

This will be a brief post as I have much I want to do today.  However, here is a small list of some of my blessings.  I wanted to share.

Hot water for a shower

A cool morning breeze that not only wisps through the leaves, but whispers though them, singing, “It’s morning.  Another day to CHOOSE happiness”

My faith, and my faithful husband

My Children and grandchildren and family

The big eyes of my dog looking to me for instruction and love, and sharing her love all the while

A visit from friends

My fingers that work perfectly so I can type this post

Someone who likes what I am writing, and perhaps may benefit from my posts

Though I have a long way to go, the fact I am able to walk

The smell of coffee in the morning

Those are just a few joys in my treasure chest of blessings.  But if I think long enough, I bet I could find as many blessings as there are on these flowers!


Look for yours too, and have a WONDERFUL time looking for treasures to fill your

treasure chest.  They are there!

I have a post about internet scams that could be helpful, and I will try to put it up today.

My husband and I almost fell for a scan.

In the meantime, I am going to dry myself with a fluffy towel after I take a hot shower and enjoy my coffee.  I care and want you to be happy too.  It is a choice!

Please Read This NOW.

May 16, 2013

I am living proof that you should enjoy your life moment by moment.

Never waste a moment when you can say, “I love you.

Never pass the opportunity by to hug someone you love.  Hug that person

close to you. Remember how wonderful it is that they are a part of your life.

Be grateful for small miracles we often take for granted.

Each moment is an opportunity to begin again, no matter what may seem impossible.  We are given life, and it is a wonderful gift.

Don’t diminish your spirit by dousing yourself with man’s enemies –

alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, hatred, vanity, and over-indulgence of anything that can harm you.

Time and circumstance happens to all men.

We have no real control over our lives, though we like to think we do.

The ONLY thing we have control of one hundred percent of the time, is our response to circumstances that come to us.

One moment I was thanking God for the blue sky, stars, my husband, the health of my children and grandchildren, and within a moment my life has changed forever.  I thank God all those awesome things I was thanking Him for have not changed.

I am working hard to recover from something I NEVER thought would happen to me.  For those of you who are following this blog, I will expound tomorrow, but for now I must rest.

God bless you and your loved ones.  God bless us all.  Now go hug someone or tell them you love them!

Never let your pain change who you are!

March 14, 2013

NEVER let your pain, or the challenges of  life, swallow you whole!

Stand up and shout, “I’ll never let go”.

I have love to give, and life to live, no matter

the challenges are before me.

I will hang on with my fingertips, or my toes if need be,

To move onward and upward and claim  – “I am free.”

Free to choose to follow the direction from Spirit.

Free to sing prayers of praise to our God.

Free to heal and be happy, consumed by the power of love!

CREATE A BEAUTIFUL WORLD FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES (and even strangers-we are supposed to love one another).  Rest and recreate with your children.

Hug your mama and daddy for their times are limited.  Be a NICE human.  The word nice is quite underrated.  I have been married to the nicest man I ever met for almost twenty five years, and we are still in love!

Do something kind for someone today.  If you are in pain, dire pain, take a breath.  Think of the oxygen healing from within.  When you exhale, release all the negative feelings into oblivion.  YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW!  My love and blessings to you all.

Please also remember there are many kinds of pain – physical and mental.  Never “judge” that you understand another persons pain until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.  The Cherokee nation suggest that, and I affirm, until I had suffered the same problem as my mama, I thought I knew what she was going through.  I really didn’t understand the depth of her pain.  So be patient with people and pray for them.  Be kind.

Say a prayer for those in need – for there are many……Sad photo

Homeless and "stuff"dumpster diver

That was then….

April 28, 2010

You must live your life IN THE NOW, for the now, this moment is all we have left.

Keep your thoughts sweet in anticipation of the good yet to come, and it will come to you.

No regrets. No sorrow. Have steel to protect you in your heart, but keep it tender and true, for today and tomorrow.

Truth never ends and forgiveness is required; if you’ve been in frozen in time – look to the blossoms and flow in life’s rhyme.

This moment is all. Love is now. Forget the pittance of then and its sorrows – live life right now, for time can’t be borrowed.

I am reaching upward and onward

April 26, 2010

Trials come to us all, and if my posts are sparse momentarily, it is because I am rising above what I consider a great loss in my life so I offer something I love to you:
“Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance my head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears looms but the horror of the shade, and yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find me, unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of muy fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

I come to you God, humbly when I am distraught, when I am alone with my thoughts and my behaviors that have dishonored you in the midst of my days of life, this brief moment of time.

I come to you at a loss, and with loss, for I can tell no one else my heart’s distress and my sorrow. No one should be, nor can be burdened with remorse of my own making. Whether yesterday, today, or tomorrow, I appeal for forgiveness and the forgiveness in the cause of those I may have injured in the error of my days. I humbly pray for guidance and the return of joys you desire for the creatures of your making. I thank you now for your enduring love and the forgiving kindness you offer to the undeserved. I thank you for the healing of my heart…

“The light of God surrounds us all. The love of God enfolds us all. The power of God protects us all, and the Presence of God watches over us all. Where ever we are, God IS.”