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Do You Want Changes?

August 29, 2016

You may have heard “status quo” during this time of heavily pumped politics. In case you don’t know the definition of it, it means “to stay the way things are”…”keep the current situation the same”.

Apply it to politics. Of course no career politician wants anything to change. This is why some republicans are fighting against Donald Trump so hard. If things change then ALL THE MONEY that goes for their pleasure, the planes, the trips, the expensive clothing, and the perks that go along with being a politician…might be taken away! Things might change and all that makes them want to be career politicians might go away! democrats are concerned too.

I am neither republican nor democrat. I am an American. I am neither conservative nor liberal, but a fine mix of both that upholds my personal beliefs and philosophy. I am neither rich nor poor. I am white and was born into a middle class family (it would be poor now). My son said I was beautiful. I don’t think so.   I believe it was my heart and positive attitude that made me liked by many different types of people – White, Mexican, Black, Asian, American Indian…. whomever I got a chance to share time with was to me, was a human being worth getting to know. I was taught I am NOT the judge of humans. I was born to love God and others.

I was also taught the difference between good and evil, manners, and given the patience to get to know someone before deciding whether I wanted to continue as friends or not. I was taught NO ONE HAS THE CHOICE OF WHERE THEY ARE BORN, WHAT COLOR THEY ARE, and OR WHAT CULTURE THEY HISTORICALLY ARE FROM. NO ONE HAS A CHOICE IF WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE, IF THEY ARE GENETICALLY HEALTHY OR NOT, AND WHAT HIS OR HER PARENTS FINANCIAL STATUS IS! That’s the truth!

Of course we all begin adapting to life reflecting the values and thoughts of our parents, and other family members and those who participated in our lives often. But there is a point wherein we must decide for ourselves what path in life we will take…the high road or the low one.

I have separated from the initial thoughts that made me begin to write this morning. I don’t write every morning “just to write”. I write when I have passion about a subject, or feel it is God-sent, or important enough to take the time to sit still!

This started off with the intent of stating as citizens we have little real choice about anything expect on a personal basis within our minds and choices. We are presented with whichever multi-million dollar candidates “they” (not positive who they are) hand over to us peasants.

So to decide whom to vote for this year for president is simply a choice between one millionaire and the other. A man or a woman who has already been selected for us. for us. Someone who wants to keep the “status quo”, or someone who wants to upset the apple cart and make some changes (that may seem frightening to some individuals, and career politicians, for sure!)

I won’t vote “just because” one of the candidates is a woman.   I am a friend snob and only hang out with people who I believe are quality and truthful. I tried hanging out with “questionable girlfriends” – I couldn’t save them from themselves, and I couldn’t stay out of trouble! I would rather hang out with ME than people I cannot respect. (Doesn’t have anything to do with money or race!) As far as hillary.

I am old enough to remember everything from Tennessee to today, and the clintons are soooooooooo NOT as the media and the way they like to portray them. So she’s out! Her motto should be “I will LIE and DENY, unto death do we part”.

I liked lots about Bernie Sanders, but in the end he sold out.

I am reading everything I can get my hands on about Donald Trump. I do like the “tentative” cabinet he has selected…or at least the one mentioned on line.

The truth is I am favoring Donald Trump thus far. So many are afraid he will be radical and things will “topple”…. I don’t think that is a bad idea. I know there is a silent majority who have been not voting, and hold back about the fact things are not better – they are not better at all!

For as many “accolades” as obama lovers give him (and I really tried the first four years) I have seen a radical increase in racial tensions…. I am old enough to remember that the racial problems for many years have been on the decline until a few years after he actually took office. If you think about it, “tension” in many areas has increased in the last eight years.

I will always be upset with him for not declaring, he is not black – he is mulatto. I have no problem with black! I have NO problem with mulatto! I have two EXQUISITE grandchildren who are a mix of two cultures…. I love their mothers and am proud of them. I will defend them to the death! As well as my mulatto grandchildren – and all those I love! I just think if he were truthful it might have shown he is NOT RACIST against white…he never acknowledges his white!

Enthusiasts listened to him speak and he did speak eloquently. He promised change. People were tired of war and he made promises that sounded as if he would unite the country. Think about it. Do you really see unity within the country?

He did pull troops out of Iraq, but only to loose footing in that county. Strife began again within the borders. All those USA patriots who died, died for nothing.

His accomplishments include releasing long term prisoners; over 500 of them. If you know anyone/or have friends who knows anyone that has been in prison long-term, you know they are changed forever. They are institutionalized. That is not to say some can’t make it, but the majority (statistics show) are still recognizable as a poor sufferer of a system that really doesn’t want changes, and back in trouble  within months, if not days.

In California (I only know about my state in this area) the federal government mandated releases from prisons because they were overcrowded. Well, AB109 has released over 30 people from prison a month in each county, and in my town the crime rate, violence, theft, rape, and a multitude of horrific crimes has increased substantially.

Giving Iran a stack of millions of dollars cash was simply an invitation to critical problems for our children. They did admit it was done about the same time as four people were released! I remember the last releases – for five criminals, we got one traitor!

hillary, as Secretary of State was equally as bad as obama. The discord in the countries she visited is horrendous, and the money she has taken from countries that believe in the abuse of women is substantial.

I hadn’t thought about it for years, but my mama was very interested in politics. At the time I was raising three children and dealing with an abusive husband. She had a scrapbook with all the incidents that the clintons were involved in from Tennessee forward. She told me that they were criminals before I knew anything about them.

Good grief. I didn’t intend to write this book. I just am sharing where my thoughts are and asking that before you cast a vote this November, THINK. STUDY. PRAY.

We really have two candidates…any other good person would not be able to have enough votes to sustain themselves at this point. It is the electoral votes that count anyway. That’s another story. We are a country run by millionaires and billionaires.

I know one thing I don’t want – I don’t want to be a part of the “new world order”. That signs a DEATH warrant for the United States of America – my country. I love being an AMERICAN first (my mutt historical information is secondary in importance.) BTW, I am proud to be an American Mutt.

Remember, THINK, STUDY, PRAY. Use the gift of intuitive feelings. We all have been given this gift. Recognize it.

Addendum:  if you think I slipped and didn’t capitalize names that should have been, please know it is my choice, and I will never capitalize a name of someone I do not respect.

Also, I am not pushing you for one candidate or another – simply expressing MY FEELINGS, and what I know to be true.  God bless and help us all, and all those around the world who are in need.







This is what I think today

July 20, 2014

This post is my stance on what is happening in our society in the USA.

If I sound, in length here, wild and ranting a bit, I very well may be. I am fairly- no totally disgusted with so many things I am not sure where to start.

If you watch ANY news you will find the media pitting one country against the other. The horror of those killed on one side – the horrific splay of missiles being shot at the other.

Give sympathy to both and encourage then instill the hated and anger with each other.

Who shot the passenger airline down? Biden jumped the gun and with his hollow and unintelligent mumblings saying Russia blew the plane out of the sky. The “U.S.” concluded this. No, no, no…. those in “charge”, our rich and poorly representing government officials concluded this and the media assertively (but with obvious bowing to them) headlined it.

Russia against Ukraine – the United States against Russia. Sorrow, discontent, anger and then hatred.

Strange how hated is building for Russia since it gave Snowden asylum.

What happened to the Marine who accidentally went into Mexico? Where is the traitor Obama traded 5 terrorists for now?

Wow. One Marine accidentally goes into Mexico and is jailed?

62,000 children (and many mothers) come across our borders and our beloved obama makes sure he gets (I figured this out from the amounts obama requested) $25,000. per child to house and feed.

Problem with that is these children and mothers are being placed all over the country and they will be untraceable, melding into the 11 million illegal Mexicans already here.

Children are often are brought here by criminal enterprises that smuggle them through Mexico and into the United States. When they get across the border, the children often seek out American border guards. They know the Americans will help them and send to a facility with food and other services.

However, that being said, it is amazing with the violence in Mexico and the Cartel and terrorist criminals, that the children arrived safely – no kidnappings, no beheadings, no murders, rapes or forced child labor. Thank God.

Of course no one wants a child hurt ever, but still – how they got here is a wonder! Many have scabies and lice, and many have not had MMRV vaccines, thus possibly spreading disease ( if they enroll in school or are around children) to the children whose families questioned vaccinating their children.

Welcome to NLA (North Latin America), or MexiAmerica where Christians and white people are bad. I wonder how many of the south American mothers entering are pregnant? How many will land in rich households to be maids and gardeners for government officials and CEO’s of companies.

Some are being housed in L.A. and homeless are protesting because they are citizens and no one is providing housing for them. There are thousands on the streets.

It would be a good idea too, as a special amount of water in this drought, is being saved to wash urine and fecal matter from the homeless off of the sidewalks.

obama is a racist. He denies his white all together. If you wonder why I don’t capitalize obama, it is my way of showing disrespect.

Now to the latest fad-smoking the HOOKAH- 1 hour’s worth is comparable to smoking 200 cigarettes! Yuk. Slow suicide.

Much is made of cyber-bullying. I am sorry deaths have been reported because of this phenomenon. To me this says children and teens are spending way too much time on line, and on their phones. Duh!

Bullying in schools has gone on as long as I can remember – and I have a great memory and a few decades to have learned one or two things. Bullying is cruel. Where there are growing young minds, there will always be the mean ones! They are probably the ones who turn into bad adults. But my generation handled bullying in person, with people when it happened. There are some terrible things about technology, along side with the good, and I wish it weren’t that way, but it is.

Also the illusion that on line a child can have hundreds of friends is dangerous and a flawed misnomer. Much of what is on line, in magazines, and presented to us is simply lies promoting SALES! Also, of course, racism, anger, judgments, smoking, alcohol use,jealousy, and violence are condoned and promoted through movies. Holly weird loves to pass its messages on to the public.

Fact. Did you know only three percent of the population is actually gay or lesbian? Did you also know many state courts have turned the decision the people voted on (several more votes than one), to keep marriage sanctioned only between men and women, to accommodate the voice of the gay and lesbian community? The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

We live in a toxic, desensitized, technology-addicting environment. Some of the top shows are the sleaziest, most violent, depraved, and self-deprecating pieces of work ever presented to the public. Big brother is controlling the minds of all ages – has been doing so for years.

I know love and Spirit and God are still alive and well. I know that the USA has millions and millions of citizens that are still rooted in moral principles, and want peace between citizens and other countries.

I just wish everyone around the world would not “clump” the “people of the USA” with the government, politics and the media. That is the biggest lie of all. I know the heart of the people has hope and cares about other real citizens of this country and other countries I would love to see the “people” of all countries be represented fairly instead of by the corrupt behavior and greed of so few in charge.

There will be a time.

Forgive me if there are errors. I broke my wrist a week ago, had surgery to put in plate and screws day before yesterday, and I am typing with my right hand. (I am left-handed.)

Stay strong. Keep your line of demarcation for your principles and life’s direction visible and guarded. God bless us all!

Edith / Gay Rights / Supreme Court

June 28, 2013

Edith Windsor you have successfully taken away the rights of millions of voters, along with the fat cats who hold life-long positions as Supreme Court judges.

As of two days ago, my country gave unelected officials the right to overturn the will, and the vote of the people.

California voted two times, and two times the state’s people voted against recognizing gay marriage. Thirty -three states still refuse to recognize marriage as anything except the union between man and woman.

I don’t care what “choice” people make for sexual orientation, or life partners. Just because I hold to my own beliefs doesn’t mean I am anyone’s judge. I respect each person’s right to choose.

That isn’t the point of this post! Today big brother won a victory that will be one of the bigger steps in the downfall of this great country.

I do care about my VOTE meaning something. As far as I am concerned now – we are all on our own. It is horrifying to my that millions and millions of citizens votes mean nothing.

God help us.

“Tenacious (t-nshs) adj.”

January 23, 2013

1. Holding or tending to hold persistently to something, such as a point of view.

2. Holding together firmly; cohesive.

3. Clinging to another object or surface; adhesive

4. Tending to retain; retentive:


I think I am one tenacious little woman.  Could be melded with stubborn too, but there are some things I am simply tenacious about. There is no other way to explain it!


If you don’t know where I stand on some issues, and care not to, NOW is the time to stop reading and continue on to creating a beautiful day.


Here is a partial list of those “things” I am tenacious about:


My faith, without question or doubt.


My view that the Bible was actually the inspired word of God to give us rules and good advice to live by.  Though written by the hand of man, if you read it often enough you will keep getting those “ah-ha moments – I get it!”


My endeavor to keepLiving the best life I can, while following the teachings of Jesus.


I will do whatever it takes to help my husband, children, grandchildren, and family members – no matter what the circumstance.


I will be kind and loving to other persons, even strangers, when I am able.


I will only raise my arms in a warrior sense to protect my family and myself from grave harm.  I believe God has warriors


A media that tells lie will not sway me. Nor will the seductive appearance of material possessions and the drive for money become my gods


I know now that some persons were born with evil dominating them, with no hope of changing through simply counseling and psychological help.


I believe the company we keep affects our lives more than even the environment we happen to live in.

I believe alcohol is the absolute worst drug on the market because it is legal and acceptable.  It turns memory to mush or killed altogether, and it turns nice people into monsters.


  I do not have to agree with someone or accept his or her philosophy to be politically correct.  I can respect individual choices, and I will judge no one – it is not my position; but because I don’t agree don’t move my own life of demarcation it does not mean I am fearful or have distain for choices different than mine.


  No one had the choice of how they looked or what color their skin is, or if they are deformed, retarded, intelligent, rich or poor nor how their internal chemistry is made up.  We have no right to lessen the value of human being, as we are all brothers and sisters.

Our job is to praise God and love one another.


 I believe firmly that our dogs were a gift – to teach us to be loyal, a good friend,


I could go on.  I guess at this point in my life I am tenacious about a whole bunch of things!  I say, good for me for sticking to my personal philosophy!


Please take a moment and share what you are tenacious about – you can write a page or a sentence, but I would be very interested in seeing how my other brothers and sisters feel about things. 


BE WHO YOU ARE!  Be proud of what you believe.  I always have an open mind to listen to others positions, but stand firm on the things you KNOW WITHOUT DOUBT from the heart!  You will gain new respect for yourself and others!


Thank you for reading my blog and putting up with my blunt and often FIRM opinions!  Have a beautiful day!

Marines in trouble

January 14, 2012

I know this post is going to cause some problems- but I want to post this as a human being occupying the world, not an American, not an Arab, not a Chinese, not anything but a human being.

Right now the media is slicing the Marines who “relieved” themselves on the bodies of deceased enemies, into tidbits as horrible persons, horrific acts, bad, bad Marines. Excuse me. As a human being, if someone hurt my family or loved ones, and I was able to find and punish them, I might “relieve” myself by doing the same thing – if I were a man. As a woman, I probably would not do the same thing.

These MARINES are trained to hunt down and kill the enemy, as all soldiers of the world are. Have you not heard of someone beheading a dead enemy? Have you not heard of horrific things done with the bodies of enemies by all “troops” in the world? These men are YOUNG men, TRAINED to hunt down and kill…..PERHAPS in that mentality, you would piss on the bodies of the enemies.

Is it politically correct? Maybe not, but review the people who have raped and killed and are now treated for being “criminally insane”…
they are given treatment and forgiveness for their actions. Think about the child molesters who are given minimal sentences and are let out to roam the streets.

Can we not step into the shoes of the Marines and NOT follow the media by condemning these men? If an Iranian (simply as an example) killed the enemy, would the men perhaps do the same? Or worse? Who knows….

But if we condemn the young men we train to KILL to protect us – what are we doing? Think about it. It’s not a perfect world, and these are humans WE’VE trained!

Have mercy and understanding. These are men in their 20’s and 30’s and we’ve expected them to kill to keep the peace. Come on…..If it were your son and he was forced to kill….would you condemn him?

How to “materialize” money

October 29, 2010

1. To date the USA has spent 55 billion dollars to rebuild Afghanistan.
(Hmmm. What about the USA’s needs?)
2. There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the USA. (If you think this has no cost to the USA, think again.)
3. The federal government is going to initially spend 2.4 billion dollars on high speed trains. (Got to keep up with China – here’s an idea: let’s bring all the work we shove their direction back home, and we will support our citizens, and then they won’t have the profit margin to keep building their high speed trains!)
4. Since Nancy P. has been “in charge”, the amount of money spent is 5 TRILLION dollars.

So where does the “How to materialize money” enter this post? I am just asking…..does anybody know how to do it, because to keep paying for all these things, the government is going to have to know how to do it!

Did you see obama on the Daily Show? J. Stewart was on a roll….he called the president “dude”! I actually liked him.

EXCEPT MAYBE, VOTE for REAL change…..otherwise, have a wonderful evening!

California Governor’s Election…

October 26, 2010

DO NOT VOTE for Jerry Brown (that is my opinion). If you are not old enough to remember his last stint as governor of California – I will tell you I am. Remember, I am not Republican or Democrat – I simply KNOW from seeing the horror that was Jerry Brown the first time he was governor. For eight years he lied. He was a TERRIBLE governor – and the people paid – literally! That is all I have to say about that.
As I’ve said before I am a political atheist. Yes, I do vote, but I reiterated, I am not affiliated with a particular party. It really makes me mad that the president of ALL citizens (Republican, Democrat, or whatever), is spending taxpayers dollars to promote the Democrat party. That to me is really not right. Does anybody out there have any idea of the cost to the taxpayers?

Just another poor representative of ALL citizens, by a non-bipartisan president…..ha
Big brother doesn’t have to knock – he’s already “in the house”. There was a teamster work building a stage for an obama rally, who was wearing a Bush hat and tee shirt, when he was told: Turn the tee shirt inside out and take off the hat….he didn’t, and was fired!

He does not blame the obama team (to be clear) – but the teamsters! Ironically, the “Bush” that was represented was the aircraft carrier that his son has been deployed on for three individual tours-I am not certain where, so I won’t presume to say, but I did hear the man tell the story himself, so I know it is true.
I heard these words on a television show (Channel 10), as I was looking for mindless humor to watch: something about a woman, a guy said “… have to kiss a pussy’s ass”.” I am sorry, but this is regular tv at 9:50PM . I am angry that crap like that is on all the time now. I am not big brother (or sister), but have we, as a people, forgotten who we are and decent words and behavior?
Silly question. Sickens me though.
One thing I think television teaches the viewers is to trust no one, and to argue about almost anything. That’s why the race card has been brought up in the election. “A house divided falls.”
Enough of this rattling. Have a wonderful evening. I will. My hubby can’t work tomorrow due to rain, so we are going to enjoy it while we can.
Blessings to you all. Enjoy the moments – they are fleeting!

Sometimes Life Sucks!

October 5, 2010

You know what I mean!
Here it is again. I haven’t placed pen in hand for a couple of weeks, and now the first day I do, it’s bitch, bitch, bitch!
Definition per Merriam-Webster
1: the female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals
2: a lewd or immoral woman b: a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman —sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
3: something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant
4: complaint

I choose the last definition. I am putting in my complaints about “stuff”.

Check this map out. I snapped a quick photo from the television a couple of nights ago. These are OTHER countries that are having immigration troubles!

It’s not just Governor Jan Brewer, in Arizona, who wants to halt illegal immigrants – some of these countries don’t even want any more legal immigrants! It is a continuing problem and I hold to my personal thoughts. It’s a slap in the face to the LEGAL immigrants to allow the illegal ones to just cross the borders.

Citizens that pay income and state taxes, pay enough to a government that is chaotic right now. It is just not fair to pay for food, housing, medical, and welfare to non-citizens! Kind of puts the old motivation in the trash can.

Well, other things do. You may remember when I tried to refinance and was told: “Your credit is great, your husband is working, and you’ve never been late on any payments. You don’t qualify.” I even had to pay $17.00 to get my own credit score! BS. Well, I’m finally over that one…..

Tried to “modify” our mortgage. Guess what the reply was to inquiry? You’ve got it: “Your credit is great, your husband is working, and you’ve never been late on any payments. You don’t qualify.” Oh they added one thing:
“Won’t even consider you until your mortgage is at least thirty days late!”

Unflipping believable, eh?
Here’s another unbelievable tidbit of information. I was waiting for an appointment the other day and picked up a magazine. Familiar with AARP? If not, it’s a magazine published for seniors.

This was an article on the health care reform. It was answering questions that might arise. Here is the answer to the question,
“What will it cost me?”

Verbatim: “It the federally run programs, you pay a $2,500 annual deductible (except for preventive services), a $25 co-payment for doctor visits, and 20 percent of the cost of other covered benefits. Some state-run programs are a lot more generous. Each state decides premiums, which may vary according to age and tobacco use. ”

As far as an answer to the question “I’m over 50, will I pay higher premiums?” The answer was PROBABLY.

Here is a bit of sage advice – When you hear statistics and poll results, don’t pay too much attention. Usually the results are “slanted” and are representative of a small minority SELECTED for getting “desired” results. Think on your own, and choose what you believe to be best.
If you know a Veteran, please tell them to check with the VA for benefits they may be missing out on. Pensions are available to anyone who served even a single day during wartime…don’t know anything more about this except it’s worth checking out!
I just despise crappy news and it’s all garbage. You cannot tell which one is lying and how much they are lying. I do know that they lie by omitting important information, and editing to fit their point of view.

I am a Californian and I witnessed Jerry Brown’s last stint as governor – YUK! He was a nightmare and a joke. I noticed ABC World news showed him in the debate scolding Meg Whitman for her hiring an illegal (I do not believe she did, by the way) – they simply omitted her saying – before his rebuttal that she was disgusted with the fact they would use this woman to further his campaign, and then will probably disregard the fact she will be sent back to Mexico!

Again, do your homework and don’t be snowed by the lying press. Whitman gets my vote. Jerry Brown was a horrible governor – how soon we all forget!

I am loving Oprah’s last season; her shows are great. I do have one complaint though. She was talking about how the people who were against gays twenty years ago have “progressed” to have a different point of view now…more accepting and tolerant.

Personally I think that is rather ridiculous. No one killed anyone during that show twenty years ago – they were simply voicing their opinions….isn’t that what America is still about?
We all have the right to our own opinion.

Of course we should be tolerant and not violent towards those with different viewpoints – that doesn’t mean we have to ACCEPT their view, or say it is right! I stand by what I believe and have the right to voice my opinion whether anyone likes it or not.

Spent over an hour today trying to pay my internet bill on line.
Have no problem paying anything else. AT&T sent me from recording to recording, and operator to operator, until I had really had enough. I hung up and quickly wrote a complaint to the payment center. I mailed it. I felt better, not that anyone else will care at all!

My last complaint: I hate paying corporations American high prices for “stuff”when they pay minimal wages to the Chinese people who stamp MADE IN CHINA on every single item. I am sick of seeing the crappy quality. Think of all the things sent from China (from bad dog food- to dangerous toys) – that we pay high prices to purchase. It makes me ill. I don’t think it’s fair to the Chinese workers either.

Okay this is the end of my negative post – though I don’t really mean it to be negative. I am just VOICING MY OPINIONS AND SHARING MY WISDOM (Hhmmm…some might question the wisdom thing) – Nonetheless…..

I am going to take a deep breath, and get up and stretch. I’m not even checking for spelling errors!
Then I am going to do something for fun! You should do something for fun, and love, as well! Much better than wasting moments on all the garbage we are fed.

The TRUTH about ILLEGAL border crossing

July 17, 2010

I could not resist posting this as it pinpoints the problem. My son spent two years legally getting his Filipino
wife into the country – for all those who do it legally, the illegals are making a mockery of them. Bravo to
Arizona’s governor. It’s only right to “check” questionable people. Do not know the author, but I checked and the information is correct. Self-explanatory.
Subject: US Versus Them–Border Crossing

If you cross the North Korean border illegally: you get 12 years hard labor.

If you cross the Iranian border illegally: you are detained indefinitely.

If you cross the Afghan border illegally: you get shot.

If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally: you will be jailed.

If you cross the Chinese border illegally: you may never be heard from again.

If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally: you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.

If you cross the Cuban border illegally: you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get:

* a job
* a drivers license
* social security card
* welfare
* food stamps
* credit cards
* subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house
* free education
* free health care
* a lobbyist in Washington
* billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language
* the right to carry your country’s flag while you protest that you don’t get enough respect
* and, in many instances, you can vote

COME ON NOW – admit we need to do something – you think?

Here I am again touching on various subjects….

June 15, 2010

Hope you had a spectacular day! I had a great day up until I passed the womens clinic and saw a group of MEN outside with their stupid “put together” and enlarged photo of an aborted baby.

I wrote about this subject before and I know it’s a touchy one. Yes I am a Christian. No I have never had an abortion. However, I did work in a clinic for six months as someone who held the hand of each woman and tried to relax and help her.

I saw six hundred women – none of whom (all various ages) – would have kept the child had they delivered. Each with her own reason, and her own regret or pain. No one could have talked any one of these woman out of an abortion… would have been coat hangers in an alley had not the clinic been available.

I felt these women deserved to make their own choices and also deserved to have someone support them in their decision, whether I thought it was right or wrong.

These idiots (who by the way, will NEVER carry a child – or not!) sat out there waving at passing cars and smiling. They (my point of view) have no right to say anything as it’s not their choice!

I wrote a contract and entitled it “A declined abortion contract”. Every time I saw people (usually men) outside heckling the women with “baby killer” or some other abuse, I marched out and said : If ANY ONE of you will sign a contract vowing to help a woman with the child – either with money, or as an adopted grandparent, or babysitting, or ANYTHING…you may be able to get one of these women to change her mind.

judging someone with empty words and nothing to back up what can be really done to help just ONE woman!

I believe in Jesus Christ. I don’t believe he would want these men tormenting these women, nor judging them. If it were a husband and he was privately speaking with his wife – different story.

I asked this guy to show me his face if this was what he believed and he was proud of what he was doing. If it were me, I would have done so. He just
said no and kept moving the sign to hide himself. Point the finger but hide behind a piece of cardboard.

If it’s not your business or your body – stay out of it! It says in the Bible,
“each man must choose”.
I have a huge complaint with everyone saying it’s “all of us” Americans that are causing the environmental problems. Pardon me, but it’s big money and big corporations! You decide about plastic. Okay there are millions of plastic bags (most which are not good and are recycled) – WE citizens didn’t put them at the end of the counters in the market and make them available other places.

Check this out. Look at the size of the huge plastic container – then notice how much product was in it when I had just opened it.

Check this out: A thick pill container. Same story. Half the bottle filled.

A different bottle of pills – half full, thick plastic.

This was the hummer of this tiny group of plastics WE DIDN’T design and sell:
Look at the thickness of this:
My husband had to use a saw to cut this in half for me. Not only was the plastic UNBELIEVABLY thick and hard – there was VERY LITTLE product in it for a big amount of money.

Okay now what have they been saying to the peasants? Oh I remember, “Bend over, this won’t take long.”

That’s all for today except to say – GET OUT YOUR FEELINGS. WRITE THEM, TALK THEM, PRAY THEM. Don’t let them rot you from the inside out.
I feel better and now I am going to do a five minute relaxation with some mindful breathing, and then have a great evening!