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Third time is a charm

February 10, 2014

I do not know why but today I am having trouble posting.  So I will practice my patience and stick with it.

Yahoo, I have a few minutes to write a bit again.  I have been doing my exercises two times a day (no one ever gets better by “thinking” about doing exercises), so I am highly motivated!

I hope you are “CREATING” a beautiful day.  Remember, no matter what happens to you, you always have one hundred percent control over your RESPONSE!  Take a breath before you speak, and remember YOU ARE in charge of your response to ANY scenario.

Never let life drag you to a pit – at least, if you wind up in the pit, start the ladder upward by being in charge of you!  Trust me, I have been to hell and back (more than once), and when I finally realized I was “in charge” my life began to change.

If someone flipped me off, I just said a prayer for him/or her, because they probably needed it.  I kept my happy feeling, and in turn, my day was not diminished!  No matter what happens….YOU are the most important boss in your life.

I tried being miserable.  It sucked, so I literally gave it up!  If I have a pity party or am down, I allow myself those emotions, then I switch from emotion to intellect, and move onward and upward.

I know you can change your life just by being the kind of “boss of you”, that you would be for someone else.  You are a very important person!  You are a one of a kind.  Now hug yourself and smile!  All is not lost!

Here is a fact that we all should know:  if you have just one latte a day, in three hundred and sixty five days, you will have eaten thirty-nine pounds of sugar!  Use moderation and you can still enjoy the things you like.

Will close this post now with a reminder, you REALLY can turn your life around just by the CHOICES you make in response to life’s mountain that challenge us all.  Take a breath, and God bless you!

A Couple of Relationship Tips for Men and Women

October 23, 2013

I’ve had good relationships, and relationships from hell!  My husband and I are still in love (a great relationship) after twenty-five years. M&M Christmas 2010

By the way…since this photo my husband and I have both lost weight, therein our double chins!  We are on a mission, together, to NOT GET THINNER, but to get HEALTHIER.  Much easier when you work as a team.  My vanity (what I have left) made me tell you this!

So here are a couple of tips I wanted to share.
They are valuable, and I care!My husband and I have been married VERY happily for twenty-five years.  Part of the reason is communication.  Not just that either of us talks – but we LISTEN to each other, and actually are open enough to assimilate shared thoughts.

Here is a tip for you guys.  WATCH your words to your lady, wife, girlfriend, guy friend, partner – whom ever you are in a relationship with, and one that you want to last.

Women (and I truly don’t know if gay men think in these terms, so you’ll have to know your mate to decide) LISTEN TO EVERY WORD THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH.  They don’t just listen.  They REMEMBER.  Even if you immediately say

“Sorry” or “Didn’t mean it”, whatever – it stays with women for a long, long time.

You know you don’t want your words imprinted on her heart, or dissected like a frog in a lab, or worse yet, thrown in your face a thousand times.  We can’t help it.  We listen, and most of us have just a tad or jealousy, or perhaps insecurity, so we tend to believe what you say.

That’s why women are said to “hear what they want to hear”.  Women can be gullible too.  That’s why some con artists are able to worm their slimy way into a woman’s heart.

It’s as simple as that.  REALLY.  THINK before you speak, and no matter how difficult it may be at first, WATCH YOUR WORDS…particularly if you love this person!

You do not want to scar her heart.  You do not want to wind up saying, “Oh I knew you’d bring this up again, and again, and again. 

Just pick your words as you would pick a weapon.  Make them appropriate and use them with decorum.  Just get it the habit and you will reap the rewards!

Here is a tip for you gals.  When your dispute is over, DROP IT!  Goes back to that elephant like memory we have sometimes.  DROP IT.  Get over it.  Let it RIP.

A guy hates to munch on what is in the past, and for a guy, when the dispute is over – it is OVER!  Let it go.  You are not only “bringing up the past” (even if it was just solved), but you are racking your relationship over hot coals.  It doesn’t prove anything or make you the winner if you can’t “get on with your life”.  It makes you waste any chance you have to really start working on your relationship in the current state.

Besides, if YOU don’t let it go, long past the fight, long past the time of dissention, YOU will be the one who is suffering.  Guys really do let it go, and move on.  My husband taught me that, and it is a lesson that has been invaluable in moving forward.————————————————-So CREATE a GREAT relationship.  Just practice these simple tips in your relationship and you will see WONDERFUL results.  Just get in the habit of saying and dong what is right, in these two instances, and you may be headed towards peace and good communication…. and communication is everything in a relationship!  Have a beautiful day.

BTW, if my posts are not “beautiful” it’s because after over 500 posts, I am still an internet “visual” baby!  I just hope the words are beautiful for you!  Now get to it.  Smile and go hug somebody (well, somebody you won’t get in trouble for hugging!)



True Story!

October 1, 2013

I tried being miserable.


So I gave it up!

Today is very busy but I have two important posts to share.  I will try to get back later, but if not, tomorrow for sure!  CREATE a beautiful day for yourself and those in the circle of your life.  I do really care.

Here is what I really enjoy about getting older

August 9, 2013


1.  When I feel some detachment to something – it is not indifference.  It means I have lived and suffered, and having suffered, I can draw back and see with my heart – not raw emotions.

2.  I can be honest and not play “games” any more because I know honesty is always the best response.  You can never get caught when you are honest.

3.  My tongue is my sword, and I have a well-honed blade that cuts with love.

4.  Because I am true to myself, others resonate with it, and I ring a tone of truth in peace.

5.  I have nothing to loose, but much to share with whomever chooses to ask or listen.  I will not volunteer to speak unless it is a matter of life and death; otherwise I wait to be invited.

6.  My personal demands are no longer of great importance.  As long as I keep my attitude positive and my heart true, whatever I need comes to me.

7.  My faith is enriched and I truly do hand my problems to the Lord in prayer – and then release them to show my faith.

8.  I have no reason to try to persuade anyone of anything.  I am happy in who I am, and only want to share love, understanding and joy.

9.  I have seen enough to separate irrelevance from essence.  I have neither the time nor the energy to wast on superficialities.

10. I do not seek to usurp power from anyone.  I have unlimited resources from within and I know it.

11.  I do not envy anyone of anything.  I enjoy others success vicariously, and applaud their luck and efforts.

12. I take most of life with a grain of salt, as it truly is a divine comedy, if we see it as such.  As mama said, “the party was going long before I arrived and will be going long after I leave.  I will just enjoy it.  The most important legacy you can leave is the legacy of love, and faith in the fact our Great Spirit loves us each individually.”

 Lastly, I am grateful for a mind that is still sharp, an enduring and healing body, and the love that people share with me.

Create a wonderful weekend and know you are worth loving…you are perfect just as God created you – accept you as you would others.  I truly care!

Choose your vision – Choose wisely

August 7, 2013

ImageWhen I photographed this flower I did so because the color was vibrant and I thought the flower such a lovely creation.  When I took it off the camera I noticed something else.

Did you see it too?

I see a Happy Face.  Sometimes our vision of things around us is clouded by emotions and prejudices.  Open your mind to clarity and choose the character of what you face, clearly.  Your choices will meld into your life….whether positive or negative.  Remember also, you cannot judge a book by its cover.  Apply this to “first visions” and keep your mind pure in thought, with judgements reserved until a time you may be called upon to decide “with knowledge”.

I immediately saw a Happy Face, and I hope you did too.  Keep those visions positive and pull that positive “power” towards you.  Your life will blossom like a flower – I promise!

Jonathan Livingston Seagull and more….

July 30, 2013

“You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way.”

“Break the chains of your thought, and you break the chains of your body, too.”


“To fly as fast as thought, to anywhere that is, you must begin by knowing that you have already arrived….”

                                                     From Jonathan Livingston Seagull

“Act enthusiastic, and you’ll be enthusiastic.  Even if you feel uninspired, act as though you were overflowing with enthusiasm.”

                                                       Dale Carnegie

(When you take on an attitude-when you become it-it then becomes you.)


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

                                                        Ralph Waldo Emerson


Find something today to nurture your enthusiasm.  The word enthusiasm comes from the Greek entheos, meaning “to be filled with God”.   Be a kind human being and find that enthusiasm about something….even something you may take for granted.  Then give it a big “yahoo” and hug yourself and have a beautiful day!

I am fairly sizzling with zeal and enthusiasm!

July 28, 2013

I have a long way to go in the “healing arena”, but I am on my way.  God bless you all and God bless God!

Never give up, and never give in.  Even when you feel the best is over – it’s not!   It’s a choice.  A new way, a new day, a new time to adjust your thinking to accommodate room for all the wonderful things that may happen, all the new challenges you will have, and all the surprises along the way.

You KNOW it’s not getting to the top of the mountain that is exciting, but the thrill of the trail winding to the top that is exciting.

I am as sure this morning, as anyone can ever be, I have great times too come.  As a matter of fact, I am pulling them towards me by keeping my faith, using prayer as an ally and being willing to work hard enough to feel the sting of “positive pain” in healing.

I am also of a mind that if you do not allow ANYTHING to pull you down, except for those times you allow yourself to mourn a loss, or even times to feel sorrow or sadness,  you will hang on to the hope of a new dream – maybe more than one!  Allot time for human emotion to wrench your heart, and then  onward and upward, my friend.

NEVER let fear or pain take charge.  You are in charge.  When the winds of change are raging, keep your faith – and if you haven’t used the power of prayer or faith – why not try to pray now.  If that just isn’t your bag, well, I promise, if you keep a positive attitude, are kind and work hard…..good things will come to you.  You are rooted with divine love and if you keep on “keepin’ on”, divine love will bring you to a new place in your life.

Dare to be what you are meant to be and do what you are meant to do, and life will provide you the means to do it and be it.  It is never too late to rephrase your thoughts, refine and correct your words, and take the first steps to reactivate dreams for your life.  Don’t forget, either, age has nothing to do with it at all.  Late bloomers flower bigger!

The most important and first exercise to do in order to change your life and manifest your dreams, is to exercise your intellect.  Work on patience, drop those negative words and thoughts, and every time you are about to step into another deep hole, take a breath and stop.

It is ALL a choice.  Every moment of your life is a choice.  Don’t think you have control over anything that happens.  Mostly we don’t.  But you ALWAYS have the choice in how to respond to life.

We each live in a world of our own thoughts………….by altering your thoughts, whenever YOU REALLY WANT TO,  you will change your life.  It will take practice, but if you choose your thoughts carefully, and change your consciousness,,, you will find there is no limit to the heights to which you can climb.

CREATE a wonderful day full of each moment having relevance and I will do the same.


By the way, an update on my accident and healing.  I am WALKING with a walker.  I hit a milestone yesterday.  I can drive (safely) to physical therapy.  I will be going under intense physical therapy three times a week for three months, and then we’ll see about the walker!  And, even though my left ankle is still paralyzed, I was given a gift.  My right foot is numb on the outside rim (and all the way up my leg), but there is enough feeling in the middle of my foot, and my ankle works, so I can really drive safely!

I would never drive were there a doubt in my mind.  Remember, three months ago I couldn’t walk!  I am so excited to find out where this new path is leading me.  I have cried, and mourned, and now I am a happy puppy taking baby steps.  Yahoo.  God is good.  God bless you all, and remember: It’s a choice.”

Choose life.  🙂

I took this photo on photo booth right before my last doctor appointment.  I no longer have to wear this hot and heavy turtle shell brace.

Photo on 2013-07-01 at 15.42 But I am grateful for the safety it provided me the first three months.  The photo below is the first one after learning I no longer have to wear it!

Photo on 2013-07-25 at 21.47

Good thoughts to make your day, your holiday, your life, BETTER!

July 3, 2013


After studying stress management for over thirty years, I have some simple but life altering techniques, observations and realizations I hope to share with you.


We all have the power to transform the natural stress that comes from living into energy capable of improving our physical and spiritual health.


Secret number one is that the essence of life is transformation. These simple words hold the key for changing your life for the better. Join me and see if it is not so.  These are thoughts for the day that can transform your life and the lives of others.


Cherish your pets and the lives of all animals.  They are gifts to us and can be dear friends.


When someone asks for a donation, try to give with whatever you can – So many people have been left homeless-and we are not their judges; just their brothers and sisters.


Remember to look for all those blessings we take for granted.  The breeze in the trees, the sound of singing birds, the laughter of a child, these are all blessings we can enjoy!


Take a walk. Crunch leaves as they begin to fall from the trees. Watch the changing colors…it’s AWESOME.  Sit in the sun. (using sunscreen of course!)  Appreciate the warmth of it.Be loving!


Humble beginnings or wealth from the start, what truly matters are things of the heart…..


Take your family for a walk, or just do something spontaneous for fun together.


Don’t keep yourself in a prison.  Take a break from your electronics and refresh the memory of talking to a real human, or sitting in the sunshine!


Take a breath.  Stretch.  Smile.


Make a point of actually playing with your children while they are small. Catch a fish, catch a ball, catch precious moments  that are only there for a short period of time.


Watch the sun rise as darkness lifts, watch the sunset.  How many times have you left to see the stars at night or revel in the full moon?  Not enough in a lifetime for me.


If you can’t leave – take a mental vacation.  Even if it’s just for a minute or two, visualize a favorite place.  Listen to the sounds of nature.  Take a breath and use your mind to renew your zest for life.


Cherish the earth.  It is our home. 


Cherish your body.  It is the only place your Spirit has to live!


Don’t let the sour expressions or negative attitudes of people affect your day.

It is a choice.  Let your light shine through and be grateful for small miracles.  Start a cycle of sharing smiles and positive thoughts.


ImageI  Be happy! It’s your choice.  This is a photo I took on photo booth – to show you the “real” me in my brace!  I will work hard and keep a good attitude, and before you know it – I will be walking on my own!  Be happy!

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful men who know how important this job is, and made it a priority!

June 17, 2013


“Dad-father-daddy-pops” are just a few of the names used by the children of the world.  Though I know there are families who make it successfully without a father figure in the household, you guys who have made a difference in the lives of your children —-give yourselves a hand!  SERIOUSLY

Parenting is probably the toughest job ever, and there is NO MANUAL to follow, for each child is unique, If you have stuck with it and tried your best, then God bless you!

Women are pretty competent at handling sixteen different things at a time.

Men generally, on the other hand, prefer to do one thing at a time.  Children demand so much, without even asking. They just have so many needs, and they are geared according to each child – Geared to emotions, intellect, overall health, and so forth.


No need to be specific about all the DEMANDS a father may find himself in the middle of, on a single day.  A good father shows kindness and love,

but firmness in decisions that benefit the children.  He must have patience with the repetitious demands small children requires.  The list of “requirements” to fulfill the position of GREAT DAD goes on……..


So if you’ve had ONE person say “Happy Father’s Day” today, then you probably are one of the “good ones”.  CONGRATULATIONS…. it is the most demanding of positions, and the job with probably the least rewards; that is until one of these things happen:

1.    Your daughter climbs on your lap and hugs you and says, “I love you daddy.”

2.    Your son says, “Thanks Dad for always being there for me when I needed you.”

3.    Or you look at your infant grandchild and remember the first time your son swam on his own, or the time your daughter showed you her prom dress and you realized she’d become a woman……….


HAPPY FATHER’S DAY GUYS!  If the family forgets to thank you every day for all you do, just watch them grow into fine young men and women, and know the JOB YOU DID was one of dire importance in the success of the future of our civilization and the planet earth.




Today is a good day

May 18, 2013

I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy; for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities.

Have mercy upon me, o Lord, for I am in trouble: mine eye is consumed with grief, yea, my soul and my belly.

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Psalm 31: 7,9, 24

Today is a good day.  I can see and read.  I can speak.  I can communicate via the internet and the cell phone.  I can wash my face with a warm wash cloth, and I am nourished with fresh fruit and juice and water.

hi all!

Today I will keep the faith I profess by leaning on the Lord with my anxious thoughts and deep desire to heal.  I will then show Him I trust Him by leaving anxiety, fear and tear- blow them into a balloon, float the balloon high in the air and then leave it there for another time.

If feel I must become most  human and need to have a moment of unbridled emotion.….but one that is  reasonable, I will pull the balloon towards me. Then I will release those emotions.  I can let them fly out my fingertips and into oblivion, and slowly loosen the string to fly the balloon high above me.

I will not spend my moments weary and weeping.  I will trust in the Lord, and my balloon will ultimately diminish in size and my faith will broaden my thoughts onward and upward.

Today is a good day.