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Here is the Confession

September 6, 2016

Here is the confession. Since my accident and incidents therein,

Too often I fall into deep depression.


I know in cyberspace there are fellow humans of like mind,

sometimes we search for answers, but answers do not find.


There is nothing shameful about having depression you see,

It happens in this lifetime, next door and across the sea,

It happens to us all -to you, and even me.


We are human. We feel love, terror, and pain, trauma.

Depression can hit us all – depression is not drama!


I awoke this morning covered with sorrow like dense fog.

Unable to find the departure, chained like a wild dog.


“What is the purpose of life?” I thought. My life is changed forever, and not for better.

I had a pity party – a pitiful one – no one came.


It was only I, raging like I was waging a war against myself.

Then praying, while rather insane, I placed my mind upon a shelf.


At last I thought, I knew what to do. Divert my own attention to something else……and maybe you should too.


So I left the room I was working in, took a breath or two and dropped to my knees.

“Give me help dear Lord, I prayed, let my heart feel at peace, if you please.”


Here I lay in bed, with laptop resting on my legs.

Writing simple poetry, trying to turn a phrase.


If I dwell on my sorrow, and cry and whimper, I will to hell cross the line,

Then I won’t smile or have joy in this moment of time.


All we have is this moment to live,

I must turn my thoughts not to get, but to love and to give.


I lay here and realize I still can write.

I can see in the daytime, and find rest at night.


Within there is a flicker of my light that should shine for many reasons I know.

I will find a few to jostle my memory, and wrestle depression with strength just to show….


I can DO whatever I think I can! My sorrows are few compared to many a man.

I do not know how much I time I have left to look at my life – nor days to enjoy.


I want to be an example of faith and of love,

I will keep praying for power from that of above.


I AM better already, can you read and see? Like I would with a child who needs help,

I diverted my own attention, and the task set me free.


Change your thoughts, change your emotions.

Use your wits to climb from the pits.


You may think this a silly poem, and some might think it not a poem at all.

But by taking the time to write it I kept myself from a major fall!


Do not stumble, do not muddle your thoughts to far worse than it is!

Now what was the stress management technique I used?

Ah, yes,….this is a quiz!


Simple and easy what to do – divert your attention – and God will bless you!








Actors, Emmy’s and the Media

February 2, 2016

If the media would either SHUT UP or GET IT RIGHT – I will guarantee there would be more peace in the world. They stir the cauldron and write a potion that incites, aggravates, and puts fear in the hearts of men.

Just a bit of a correction concerning the Emmys, which honestly I hate and don’t watch. It is a group of people giving awards to other people who are already placed on pedestals and earn WAY TOO MUCH money.

First, do not tell me that Jada’s husband, Will, did not know she was going to film and post her complaints…. I have been married 28 years and even for non-stars (well, my husband is still a shining star to me), we could never keep that kind of thing from each other. My oh my, was her poor husband surprised when he saw her video. Baloney.

Secondly, she was wrong. Here are a few facts:

  1. The Academy has a larger percentage of American-Africans (note the order) than other branches.
  2. In the last few years best acting Oscars have gone to Forrest Whitaker (King of Scotland), Mo’Nique (Precious), Viola Davis (The Help), Lupita Nyong’O (12 Years a Slave), and a nomination to another actor in that movie, Chiwetel Ejiofor.
  3. Beyond that, 12 Years a Slave won three Oscars in 2014, Selma nominated for best picture 2015. A few months ago the academy gave Spike Lee an honorary Oscar for his contributions in the field.
  4. Mexicans (who are still a minority) count. Alejandro G. Inn won a directing Oscar last year, and is nominated again this year for Revenant.


I just think they were being infantile because (waa waa) Will didn’t win! Are Oscars about diversity anyway? – Or talent and excellence in acting and directing?


Jada’s innocent plea made me want to throw up. I wonder what she would look like with no plastic surgery and no makeup….poor multi-millionaire / or billionaire.


ANOTHER thought. Actors have money. Actors seem to “adopt” a lot. Actors always seem to adopt from another country – Africa mostly. I thought the biggest stumbling block for people to adopt here in the USA was the cost……what about the DIVERSE number of children in America’s orphanages?????


Holly weird and the Media – two evil representations of who is important, what should be worshipped, and everything we should shame ourselves for doing….but we can do EVERYTHING!


I got it out. The truth reigns. Now I have to brush my teeth and wash my face – after I throw up about all the crap – including this IOWA gar-baagge’. (You know – garbage!)


An Eclectic Post

July 7, 2015


6 weeks old – Axel Bear

big eyes 4 months

4 months old – Axel Bear

Cherish your pets. They are gifts to us and are really great friends. They depend upon us. They are precious.

If something breaks don’t sweat it. Material things come and go. Our human counterparts are the “things” we must take care not to break with our words, or our actions.


Material things can (and usually are) replaceable. Even if they are a cherished item that gets broken – just look in the eyes of the person you are upset with and remember words are like double-edged swords-they go directly to the heart. For women sometimes they remain there for years. It is sad, but true.

Here is the tip for the day. Don’t forget to pierce the potato your are going to bake. Just a few with a fork or small pokes with a paring knife. If you do that your potato won’t blow up! (I forgot!)

potatoPlease say a prayer for those who are homeless because they are just unable to do anything else – no matter what the reason.  If they are on drugs they need prayers.  If they are “takers” they need prayers.  If they have lost everything in a fire or flood – they need prayers.  Be generous with your prayers as we all need them and there is absolutely no charge to pray!  Remember with time and circumstance it could be any one of us in need.  Be grateful for every moment and every thing!


Create a beautiful day for you and your family and friends. Does anyone remember the song “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine…..”?

We all have that light within. Just prompt it to release in the form of a smile, a kind deed or word, or better yet, a great big hug.

Cherish yourself!  So often it takes years to really learn that one!  Somehow I felt cute as a button a few days ago, so I took my first selfie.  (heeheee ) Felt kind of silly, but I hope you can see the joy in my heart.   1st selfieIt still seems really TOO FUNNY to take and post a photo of myself – but I did it anyway!  Pheww! That’s off my bucket list now.  LOL  I know – must be a pretty dumb bucket list!

I can’t stand it.  I have to tell you.  I stood in front of a fan to have that wind blown look.  I don’t know why it still makes me laugh!  That is the silly child within me.

I send hugs and love and blessings to all my family and friends. I don’t take the time often enough to tell each one of you individually how much I love you – so here it is –

I love you! You KNOW who you are…now let’s have a giant air hug!