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March 27, 2018

Would you like to come to my pitiful pity party.
You don’t need be strong, you don’t need be hearty.
They’ll be no refreshments served, no cupcakes or treat,
This party is strictly for those who are sad, mad doesn’t count,
don’t kick up your feet, this pitiful party is just for the weak.

Those who are healing and can’t get outside,
those disabled souls still filled with false pride.
Walk on those crutches, push that sweet walker,
Think “healing is now” – don’t rush, don’t be a sucker.

Takes a minute to damage the one place you live –
Now use time to “catch up”, to to think and to pray,
Take a breath and think “healing” – it could happen today.

If not, if its longer and seems like a life time for you,
Then keep your wits about you and do what you do!
Write out the bills, organize files, sit in the sun,
Stay loaded with smiles…

Think of this time as a rest, a vacation from stress;
Pluck your eye brows, put on a mud pack, and do all the rest…
Things normally crammed into “when I can do it”,
Be positive and pray, and you will always get through it!

Just to let you know, so you don’t feel down and alone
I’m healing myself – slowly each day, and living my words,
So now what can “WE” say? It is a short time, a little rhyme;
An avenue to a whole new experience WE see NOW.
Let’s be an example, while doing our best, to help others to heal,
Take a breath, a “forced” rest isn’t really all bad.
I see others and know some wish that they had…
A minute to rest.
A minute to write.
Just relax in the day,
And sweet dreams at night.





Everything Physical

May 23, 2017

I awoke this morning after my horrific awake/dream (yesterdays post), and my first thought was a song “I have Jesus in my heart – you take Him too”. ..Well that was my first thought…so I climbed out of bed singing as I got a big drink of water and now a cup of coffee next to me.

My husband told me my struggle waking yesterday morning may have just been a continuation of my dream until I sat up. It is a possibility, though I firmly believe I was awake going from dream to physical reality.

My second thought this morning was physical…my back hurt and the pain (which is with me now until I pass on..) just is the way it is, so “boo-hoo”, everyone suffers. I will try to handle this within me. Why pass on the pain? I would rather pass on the joys and revelations of life.

The thought was not actually about my pain, it was about how physical pain transfers to mental anguish.  And that isn’t “just mental?,” you might think . Systems in our body function as a finely tuned violin. When one system is amiss, it does affect all others. Perhaps not immediately or constantly, but when the blood flows differently (say a blockage, or damages to the nerves that sit in proximity to the blood flow and the muscles) – You may realize Mind / Body / Spirit is not just a clever word mix, it is the absolute truth!

Sometimes I can actually feel the blood flow in my head or other parts of my body. I am in sync with feeling (or not feeling because of nerves) certain things that are happening to my body.  Listen to your body. Work with it.

As a former personal trainer and dancer, the fact that most of both my feet have severe nerve damage as a residual from breaking my back, is paramount to me. Aside from pain, numbness and a clumsy attempt to walk (as if I am actually able to balance without a cane 🙂 all affect me mentally as well….I don’t mean my mood, but the activity of my brain and other parts of my body.   Poor activity in my feet- unable to feel, blood flow perhaps, numbness in various parts of my body TRULY affects my mental state (as in “boy am I mental” (haha – that’s a given!)  and my physical state – because things don’t work properly -my entire being, is actually affected. Hence, Mind/body/spirit.

Somehow in re-reading that last paragraph, I think it might need changing…hope you find clarity in my meaning.  I am scattered today.

Think about it. Cut yourself some slack if you just don’t feel as good as you once did because of injuries or accidents or the aging process. Its probably not your fault…so don’t fret about it. You STILL have 100 percent. choice of how you respond to all these life altering events…..that is a huge gift!

Choose happiness always. Choose patience and understanding of YOUR OWN plight. Choose to understand that probably few really can step into to your shoes, though there are some that absolutely can physically! Wherein, you can excel until the day you die, and that is the use of your POWER of choice to behold life still in the best of terms. I have an advantage because I have a hidden source of constant help with the Holy Spirit within…seriously my best friend and help mate.

USE the magical gifts you perceive, dream of and pursue….All can STILL be achieved if you are “Mental” like I am. My husband says I live in Disneyland….join me, it is just a heck of a lot more fun, and WHY NOT? It’s just life!  Of course I can’t do everything I’ve always done, but it is fun to meet and rise above any challenge that faces me.  At least try!

Please take in a deep breath. Shout out an Amen (it means “so be it”) and now a BIG SMILE – just because you can! Back at you…..

Car seats for infants and toddlers – WHY are they so important?

October 2, 2013

This is why you put your infant or toddler in the government approved car seat.

I am all for government in LESS of our business, but when it comes to our children and grandchildren, I am one hundred percent for whatever it is that makes them safe.

Saturday my friend and I went to a yard sale in the “country.”  The road

was a main road, and usually busy, but on the outskirts of town.  It is a two-lane road.

We saw a yard sale sign and signaled a left turn.  The sale was the first house on the right, so we parked and walked in.  There were quite a few people chatting and lots of goodies on tables and the ground.

Within just a couple of minutes everyone heard a VERY LOUD BANG.

Right there at the turn was a white van that had been going very fast on the road.  The little red car was exactly where we had been a couple of minutes ago – but now it was CRUSHED.

I didn’t see the person in the front move at all.  Then she turned her head briefly and turned back and it seemed to drop.

The van was crunched, but much less.  The driver of the van was sitting in her seat with her head in her lap.

Within a few minutes the fire truck pulled up and a couple of ambulances.

All we could do was pray.  I am still unable to walk fast, but my friend (prior to the emergency vehicles arriving ran out to the vehicles).

As she was arriving at the front car a man walked back and said, “I couldn’t believe it…I looked in the car and saw two big eyes looking right at me.

There is a baby in the backseat.”

Everyone started praying and saying “Oh God, no.”  The tangled mess just looked like the baby must have been crushed too.  There was no room at all.

While he was telling us this friend spoke to the woman in the car. She told her not to move her neck, as she was wedged in and afraid of neck injuries.  The woman asked her to please take her baby out of the car.  Which she did.

NOW THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS IN THE PROPER SEAT…the eighteen month old was totally unhurt.  Her little feet were about an inch from the front seat, but the seat she was in had kept the car from crushing her!

I was unable to find out if the mommy was okay, but I am praying that she is.  Life can change in a moment.  Please protect your children, and hug and love them every moment you get a chance!  They are precious gifts from God.


Go to a post on – for an “update” on my back injury.

February 6, 2013

Just an update on my “back” condition.  I know each of us has his or her own challenges, but I just want to say you can get through whatever it is – and YOU WILL FIND happiness and peace at some point.

Look at your challenge like a “course” on managing life – no matter what happens.  I am upbeat and intend to stay this way!  It’s lots more fun and good for healing!

God bless you and all your family and loved ones.