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Movie Reviews

January 9, 2018

I began this post simply to remind all of us that the things we see and hear, AFFECT our brains, our thoughts and actions.  Young minds need to be fed the best of the best….particularly in this day and age.  Don’t fall into the pit allowing these minds to just watch whatever is on television or the computer.  You wouldn’t hire a babysitter that had the characteristics of some of the people in hollyweird’s productions.  Don’t allow garbage to be fed to anyone in the family.


“Brimstone”- brutal, sadistic, child abuse, rape, sexual abuse of women and children. The man was representing a preacher, thusly giving bad vibes to religion – physical violence – tongues removed, hangings, cruelty, prostitution, murderer incest-obsessed pervert associating violence with sex. Released this year. Denmark origin, “western- horror”…..2 1/2 hours of unrelenting…..CRAP you wouldn’t feed to a pig!

“Jungle” – an exciting true adventure of surviving the Bolivian jungle alone. The cast will be unknown to you, as it was to us, but it held my husband and my attention the entire time. I would recommend this for almost everyone that is thirteen or older.

“Temple Grandin” – Claire Dane is an amazing actress portraying a young woman with autism.
This is an HBO movie, and one we happened upon accidentally. It is a surprisingly heart-warming true story, and opens a door to a bit of knowledge about the subject of autism. Kept our attention and opened our eyes to the struggles of a mother of an autistic child, and the success this child earned.


This is what happened because I wasn’t able to kayak for eight months…..

September 15, 2013

kayak apple

I just thought I would get my kayak “bag” out and clean it out and see what was still in there from the last time I kayaked.

Whoops!  I forgot I had an apple still in there.  Hahhaha .  It made me laugh so I thought I’d share it with you.  I can’t wait to be able to get out in my little boat again.

There will be a day – in the meantime, it’s physical therapy 4 days a week, lots of prayer, and gratitude for being able to have access to share a bit of my joy in living.

God bless.  Have a beautiful day !