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I hope you have had a wonderful week!

January 11, 2014

Mine has been rough, but……

God loves me unconditionally.

The love of my life is still the love of my life.

Every time my doggie comes to me, she is happy to see me.

The stillness of the day reminds me of quiet naptime in kindergarten.  I loved that time.

The glass chimes barely move but resound sweetly in my ears.

I heard my granddaughter burst into laughter and then yell loudly “I love you grandma”

I remember nestling my children in my arms.

Do I have regrets?  No.  Regrets are the past, and I am grateful for lessons learned.

The past cannot be changed and so I look onward and upward.

The sixth was my birthday and I do not feel my age.  Not even on bad days!  This year has been a year full of bad days and pain, but I am grateful to have lived so many lives, and made it through -landing always on happiness and peace.

I am so grateful for all the love that comes to me, and for now having to have the wisdom to know – there must be a reason.  I always felt, from the time I was a child, that I was born to LOVE and have FAITH.  I knew that was why I was born.

 It is so easy to love, and so easy to forgive….I have been forgiven so many, many times!

I am grateful for learning to laugh in the womb with my twin brother.  He still makes me laugh.

What a gift it was for me to, I think, be born happy.  It was not always easy to stay happy – but I am grateful I knew the choice of pursuing it, and making it grow and blossom was mine. 

There is NOTHING wrong with aging.  There is nothing wrong with claiming the prize that comes with the trials.  There is a peace within me. That “peace beyond understanding” permeates my Spirit.

So I claim my age, in time and space – whatever that age may be!

Judge me if you will, we all are flawed in and disrepair,

We all can improve…..if only a hair.

I find it hard to believe, but I know it’s true, for my brother, my twin, is aging too!

Our age seems a fine number to be.  

My mind feels like thirty, I still have that eight year old trapped somewhere inside, I love to play and do so each day.

I stand before God and thank him still – I “could be” an old sourpuss,

with a negative will.  But I am not.  I am happy and have a soft heart, and still seek all the answers with a strong and fierce intellect.

 The only thing missing is a good pan of fudge! Ahhhh, but that can be fixed!  CREATE a beautiful day, and a beautiful life.

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Today is my birthday – and I am still grateful!

January 6, 2010

This is not in perfect order as I have too many blessings to take the time to alphabetize!

I am grateful I woke up this morning. I still have hope.
I am grateful for being able to forgive and for being forgiven.
I am grateful for the health and wholeness of my children and grandchildren.
I am grateful for the love of an honorable and wonderful man who adores me still after twenty-two years. Grateful for a man who calls early in the morning on a break from driving heavy equipment, just to sing happy birthday to me.
I am grateful for food on the table, a bed to sleep on, and indoor plumbing.
When the earth turns and the sun bursts into view I am grateful for it’s warmth.
I am grateful to know I can energize my life by breathing and changing my thoughts.
I am grateful for faith. Believing in that which I cannot see, but I know is there, loving and patiently waiting. Grateful I was born in a country that allows me to choose my spiritual beliefs and support my rights.
I am grateful when I stand on a hill and feel the wind push my hair away from my face and flying behind me.
The sky is still blue and stars still wink at me in the deep of night. I
pray the very same wish on that first evening star that I did when I first remember doing it as a child.
I am grateful for the knowledge I am attaining, as I grow in wisdom.
I am grateful to finally forgive my own sins and poor decisions that affected others.
I am grateful for my animals over the years. They have been unconditional friends and companions.
I am grateful for a childhood filled with love and laughter, and that I can still quite often see the funny side of everything.
I am grateful for good friends that have come and gone and those who still remain. The good times shared, the sad times shared; friends are joy.
Hugs, eyes that see, books to read, music to fill my ears, clouds and the clap of thunder and heavy rain, trees that burst with green anew each spring, and flowers of unending beauty, color and fragrances.
I am grateful to have been able to sift sand through my toes as I watch sea gulls in the air and listen to the crashing of waves over and over again.
I am grateful for the smell of the pine trees and quiet after snowfall when everything is white and pure.
I am grateful for my physical endurance and the gift of the love of writing.
I am still here after all these years, and I’m not done yet!

Enjoy the moments of your life and remember all that we take for granted.