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August 25, 2015

When I first got our new puppy, at 9 weeks old, our five year old was very jealous. She still may be at times, but she also loves Axel, and worries when he isn’t with us…I know dogs aren’t supposed to think like us, but since I broke my back (and before) I have spent 24/7 with my Dakota and the puppy.  They have wonderful emotions and understanding English too!

Back to the photo.  Axel is now 8 months old and they are inseparable.  This is how the puppy got to Dakota…..I call the photo “Bonding”.  I love this shot of Dakota.  She was never a mommy but she is a tender spirit.bonding

A few thoughts about prisoner model, Marky Mark, consumerism, America’s Got Talent, my dog (not in that order!)

July 7, 2014

I do not like the prisoner who has recently signed a modeling contract – that should NOT be allowed from prison. He does not look handsome to me – but on the contrary – quite monsterous. Some women can be blind, and sold by the media’s portrait of what is handsome. Don’t forget, this man is EVIL. I can see it in his eyes. He is not a handsome devil – just a representative of him. He is a gang member and an evil man – how sexy is it when you picture him murdering or raping someone? That is what gang members do!

Crudite pronounced crude-de-ta)-it’s French. Why do I mention it? Several reasons!
I heard it and was curious what it meant. When I don’t know a word, or can’t spell it, I use the computer to help me out. My curiousity just drives me nuts if I can’t find out what something means.

I must be a peasant (that’s not pheasant-my father used to hunt those little birds☺. I am a commoner. What it means is this: Vegetable platter.

Come to think of it, I heard it while watching “America’s Got Talent”. I am quite selective about the television I do watch, but this show is really “entertaining”. The judges are quite likeable because they seem to get a long well, and give the personna of actually caring about the talent.

The hour is loaded with some very talented individuals, and also some who I think are on there just to be on television. It is a great diversion from the trials and stress of everyday living – and about ninety-nine percent children friendly.

Used to hate Howard Stern as he had a radio show / television too, I think – and he was a nasty woman demeaning pig. He used filthy language and was pretty disgusting. omen to him were just playthings and he was quite negative (it’s been a while) He seems now earnest in his honest and nice demeanor. But then again, we are fooled every day and in every way – aren’t we?
I am becoming way too attached to our Rotteweiler. When I was injured she stayed with me, and the only time we have been separated is when I go to the doctor. In cool weather she goes in the car, but when “the heat is on” she stays home. (Are you old enough to remember that song: “the heat is on”?)

She layed on the bed with me from the moment I came home from the hospital. She is gentle and watches me carefully as I work my way from room to room. She actually has become my “baby girl”! OH NO!

Purebreds have a shorter life span and hers, if I am fortunate, hopefully she has another five or six years.

I know when she dies I will have to go through a rough period of time – but I also know it is the natural way of things.

We in America love our pets and really, for most, they become a definite part of the family. My daughter (in law) from Morocco, had never been in a home with a dog.
She was very frightened at first, but now loves her and trusts her gentleness.
Have you ever seen Marky Mark His name is actually Mark Wahlberg, now a well known actor. Check him out on you tube, in you are so inclined, and see if you like him as a rapper. I don’t care for rap (mostly), but he is like watching dessert! Now was one kind of sexy to me there (and we do each have our own tastes). He actually has become a good actor, is very funny, and also a producer. I am not “entranced” by “stars”,
however, I do appreciate anyone with talent.

Keep in mind ADVERTISING is alive to make corporations and individuals rich. There are no miracle drugs to keep you young, vitamins are in question, and every workout created may help you to keep fit, but years will take a toll anyway – that is the way of life.

Advertisers are made to make us consumers. They want to capture our “collective” heart and imagination, and sway us to their products.

Big Brother wants us so connected to our technology that we are afraid to turn our machines off, or not have them with us. Look around you. See the separation of man and woman, mother and child, and human to human. We have all been sucked into the “need” to be connected to technology. Here I am writing on my blog!

But I have “technology free time and space”. Everyone should. It will enlighten, relax, and help you keep your sanity. That is absolute.

Dog – Pup – Pet – Animal – FRIEND

July 14, 2013

I played with my dog with the hats and such, but now that she is four the play is over (well, that kind of play).  She is rather dignified…trained and such.  She will defend me, but she is a gentle giant with the little ones.  Her first lessons were to be gentle with children and not to even bark at them.

She’s been a real friend and a great dog for four years.  I firmly believe anyone who has a big dog, should be responsible enough to train them.  Also, anyone that has a pet should be respectful enough to carry bags and pick up poop.  For those that allow their cats to wander at night – that might be okay, but they should have a litter box outside so neighbors don’t have to wind up with the bushess in their yards smelling like litter boxes.  It’s just respecting others.

So out of respect for my girl, a few photos to show you a little of her growing from a pup until now.






Dog vs. Porcupine – Dog looses!

June 24, 2010

I don’t know who’s photos these are so I can’t give credit, but they are amazing and mind/and heart wrenching.

These photos make me kind of ill with pain for the dog. My friend sent these to me (she got them from somewhere on the internet). I thought them worthy of posting because I had a malamute that did the same thing…quills on the tongue, in the mouth, in the ears. It was awful. She disappeared for a couple of days and I went in search of her. I carried her down the mountain (can’t believe I could do that) – and she also went to vet and was put out in order for the vet to remove all the quills. What I wanted to mention was that I’ve heard from many people that once your dog goes after a porcupine they will DO IT AGAIN! So be careful. This just makes me hurt – but at least both dogs were okay in the long run!

Oh, by the way, the reason I post my writing to so many categories-sometimes-is because I feel the material may be important or helpful to someone reading that is really in a different category. Information is power if it’s TRUTH.

Lastly, this is a great sight for PARENTS:

We all need to know what acronyms the kids are using to communicate on line. (Acronyms are words formed from initials of other words)

Happy Day!