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A Dream

February 8, 2018

I had a dream, and then another and another – night after night, month after month, year after year. Years turned to decades and I found myself dreaming, still.

Life changed the dreams from beautiful flights of fancy to tears sometimes. Everything in my waking hours turned to dreams. All memories bound together by darkness and restless eyes.

Dreams turned to acknowledgements, wisdom, wishes and the still hope lay in the path to fly again. I saw the future of the core of humans still aspiring, and of those who lost their way. I saw minds turn to stone and move like robots over the dying planet.

I had a dream. All the youthful errors were brought to light and the heart of my heart shone above all others on the browning planet. He was stable and like a rock. He was true, and I was his child and Spiritual friend. All others dissipated like fog in late morning.

I was old and disabled. I passed by a woman who scowled and resented everything. I told her to try to smile. I told her it would make all easier and love would come to her.

I watched young and robust and healthy young woman pivot and turn, with grace and ease. I cried for the exchange of freedom in movement to truth coming. I knew.

I dreamed of the multilevel domes they called stacks. I could see everything outside from within.
Across the glass bridge, everything was transparent and I ran and skipped across it and back to the dome.

Within the confines, which felt limitless, I found myself turning like the tiny ballerina on the music box, again and again I moved with the music in my mind. I spun around the top level of the dome, never faltering, never less than steady. When I stopped I looked at the sky outside and knew I would fly again soon.

“If I could just remember how”, I thought. “I would gently lift, and with my head tilted towards the sky I would put my arms back beside my body. then back further, with fingers together and hands relaxed, still parallel to my body, but behind it now, I would pick up speed and gentle altitude – between the old buildings, now higher in the sky.
Above the empty cities, turning with arms out to my side, above the mountains, above where the green and blue once joined in gentle landscape.”

I remember once I lifted and rose and left the earth.  I flew over the pasture.  I looked down and I was above the goats and cows, and the small farmhouse.  I could smell the fresh green grass and hear the creek below.  I could feel the breeze.  I don’t remember how I came back to my body, but there I lay, still awake in the bed. I listened to the barking of dogs. There were no drugs, no alcohol, yet I had, while fully awake, tasted freedom –  from a time I was restricted to bed to heal from injuries when I had been hit in my car.  I think it was a gift to still my restless heart and strengthen my faith.

I knew I would someday remember again. I was there already within my mind. I flew over small institution cubes where the workers could be monitored, and the core of the common man now lived. Everything had changed. I could see it was near the time.

I lived my life and learned all of it. I did not choose an easy end. I fulfilled my time with grace and still a soft heart.

I awoke and was glad my dreams had finally left me. For so many years in waking hours my mind lived in both the awake world and the dream world. I could not forget either.
But I was meant to learn my lessons and I was tenacious and hungry still for adventure.

I slept and dreamed. I awoke and the light was brilliant. I had seen so many faces in the walls, and floors. I could not be alone and awake, and daydream for a moment that the faces of multitudes did not appear to me.

I was glad to forsake my day on planet earth. I was glad to give up the freedom and treacheries of my dreams. I was glad to be without form in Spirit alone. I knew I was dead. I was finally “as it should be”; as it will be for all – as it is destined to be.

The sky was blue. The stars were really diamonds shining in rainbows of colors, and I could rest and bounce from cloud to cloud. I saw Spirits that had left me. I knew there were Spirits to come. I saw the Man of Sacrifice and Love, and He was the light, and His father still watched over it all. I knew it had been worth it all and I could not recall the time of pain and suffering.

I felt snuggled in love, embraced with truth. I could fly again. Home at last.

I awoke.

What do you think of when you awake?

May 15, 2016

I wake and my brain begins to think of everything! Why does bad things happen to good people? Can we turn things around just by thinking differently? What makes me care about people I don’t even know, that are half way around the world? Why do we always try to pigeonhole a person before we know the real person? What makes us keep trying when everything has gone wrong? Have all people thought of suicide at least one time? If someone told me they would kill me would I really stand up for what I believe? Are puppies just a beautiful gift from a creative creator? Dreams are so real. Is this life really real, or are my dreams real and this is just a manifestation of my mind?

Then I get up and head for the coffee. In five minutes of lying in my bed and trying to wake up, m mind has already asked hundreds, not just a few, questions about it all!

My best bet, and this is the truth, is to drop to my knees before rising, and give thanks for another breath, and lay the concerns in my brain before my Master. I know I ask more thank I give thanks, but thanks is always on my mind, and when I sway just a bit off my true path, my life begins to diminish in small currents of unrest and dissatisfaction. It always happens. I just don’t always recognize it until I am bursting into tears and wondering why good things happen to bad people.

It is like a cycle an alcoholic follows. Don’t drink. Just to ease the concerns of the day.

If one made me relax, two will help a bit more. The increase of alcohol is in small increments. It may take days to reach for and consume “more than enough” to be drunk and disoriented. To be waking the next morning with regret and sorrow and no memory of the horrible things someone says you did. It may happen that same hour. Open your eyes and your life is passed by. It could have happened to me. Don’t drink.

Without God there is a hole in my heart that cannot be filled. Without God there is no peace beyond understanding. Without God love diminishes and that empty space becomes filled with treachery and evil that lurks everywhere to snap you up and eat you alive.

With God, all things are possible.

Therein, I will forgo the second cup of coffee and make my way to my bed and carefully get to my knees. I love to pray with surrender and respect, and when I get on my knees I feel I am honoring God a bit more – though I know He accepts prayers at any time and anywhere. He loves to hear from his children…even if they have yet to learn they are His. Even if they hesitate to use His proper name, as a parent hearing his child say “daddy”, and though he may be far away, the child’s daddy will hear the child’s call.

Love one another. Forgive one another. Love your Creator. Remember these are our tasks. We are not here to judge one another. Ease your mind and let the Spirit fill His home made within our early bodies and mind.

As we think so shall we become.   Mind over matter. Be grateful for each Nano second and waste them not!

You might this this photo isn’t related to this post – and it really isn’t – but I wanted to share something I snapped while out running errands a week or so ago.  These are my favorite type clouds, and for a moment they took me to a dream state of peeking out from between the clouds to check out earth!  I moment of fantasy and pleasure out of no where.  They are abundant – just open your eyes and have a blessed day!

cloudsCulumus clouds                                             Splendid, eh?


A strange day takes a Holy turn!

March 16, 2015

I had absolutely NO intention of writing this. NONE at all. I lay down because of the weakness of my back, and I needed to put heat on my back because the pain is overwhelming. I was feeling terrible and thought about the meaning of hope. With all sincerity, I put the laptop on my lap, and the words below just came tumbling out of my head. No forethought, no thought at all of what to write in this post….except to write what is posted below: Verbatim.  I haven’t even re-read what I wrote – 100% honestly!  I will later….

No wonder we cannot understand why God allows terrible things to happen. It’s all a dream. From a perspective that assumes I have an inkling of really KNOWING all about God, I think I get it.

We are God’s creations, but in order for God to understand the human being, mind, body and soul, He sent His son to see if we are worth all the trouble. Jesus knows a great many of us are, and just needed a teacher to show the Way.

Jesus knows. He understands everything is REAL to us. He knows that pain and torture are real to us. He knows that the suffering of man is almost unbearable – enough to ask God Himself NOT to follow through with the plan. He was also afraid and did not want to face the torture man can inflict upon another. He saw the pain the death of others caused those who truly loved each other.  He saw the questioning of God’s existence when a child was lost…

He had an edge. He could have used his power, as the ONLY begotten Son of God, to perform a miracle and not sacrifice Himself. But He also understood the power of CHOICE that man has within himself.

He chose to take on “the world” and all the “sins of man” to become the ultimate mentor and advocate for God Himself. He died so that when our earthly death comes to take us, we are not lost forever into oblivion. He chose to be our Shepherd and guide. He was and is, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He took upon Himself, within His mind and body, ALL of our mistakes, and the evil behavior of many of us. He carried the burden to His death….and Resurrection.

Here is an absolute post script. I didn’t remember this even until I had written the post, and then the preface. It just came to me. One of those epiphany moments. I had gotten out of bed this morning (and I confess – I have been on a spiritual low for a while) – and I got on bended knees next to the bed. That’s no easy trick for me since my back surgeries. I simply asked that the Holy Spirit be activated and fill me.

I feel at peace right now, and I am breathing easier. Sweet!  I also just read the post, and it is exactly what I do believe but more in terms the common man (myself included) can comprehend.  Sometimes the Bible is a tad difficult and confusing.

A strange day!

March 16, 2015

I could have given up as my keyboard has been turning off and it is kind of distracting – HOWEVER, this has been such a strange day thus far, I need to share it.  There will be two posts today.

The first one was my dream last night:

I saw the large pool and it was so clear I could see how deep it was. No one was swimming in the pool, no one near except a man and a woman who stood near the side of the pool in the shallow area. They spoke softly. As I walked the far edge of the pool I could hear his voice, now gruff and much louder. I could also hear the shrill and obvious displeasure in her voice. Both were talking at the same time.

I walked to the concert area and the group of women who had been practicing for weeks were arguing with four members of another group. I understood after all the practice they dedicated, they wanted to present their interpretation of the play.

I also knew the members of the other group, far more experienced and professional, and they were simply trying to offer suggestions to refine and excite the performances. Everyone was chattering loudly and defensively at the same time.

No one understood the others motives, really, they were just trying to hold on to what was so important it wound up in an arguement.

As I left the hall one frail girl asked a man of questionable character, if he could score any drugs. I walked by them quietly.

I entered the door to the left and saw the group that had been in the concert hall. Don’t know how they had gotten there without passing me in the hallway. The experienced and really good group were discouraged. They were talking about how they had spent years on the road working hard and still were left with a pittance and no place to go at the moment.

Somehow I knew the person who usually occupied the opulent and airy room. The bedroom had been neat, but once I spoke to the owner, and asked him if they could stay the night, and they knew it was okay, they began to drop their bags and instruments and sit or relax, one by one on a bed or chair.

The once attractive woman, now worn and exhausted, began to sing softly. Her sweet voice sent chills through my body as I recognized the words, “how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…”

The words faded into silence as she wearily closed her eyes and her constantly wringing hands and body relaxed into a deep sleep. She was oblivious to the world around her. I could see her as a beautiful young woman. She still was beautiful in an ethereal way.

I knew they needed money and I opened my bag to find lots of money. There were rolled bills, a stack of flat bills – topped with a hundred dollar bill. There were several rolls of money and a heavy bag of change. I peeked in it and there were only quarters and half dollars. I had no idea where the money came from but felt pressed to count it.

I looked around and everyone else was either resting on a bed (or sitting)  with a laptop near by, or one form or another of the almighty iphone. Each donned tiny earphones placed carefully at the lobe of their own ears. One man both looked and listened at two different electrical appliances at once, with the seriousness of someone trying to do the impossible “perhaps unboil an egg” I thought.

I remembered going to an enormous “event” earlier. The top of the building looked like the striped and vibrant design of an old time circus. Everyone had prepaid to enter.

I looked around and thought, “I am in the midst of so many things that mean absolutely nothing. Everyone works so hard and pay with the hours of their lives, and then they pay to enter this place and spend all of their money on things that mean NOTHING.”
It seemed preposterous to me.

I came back to the present moment  began to count the cash. The bound stacks of money were different. Some lighter in tones and some quite a bit darker. I thought it might be counterfeit. Then I thought, it’s all counterfeit anyway…bills made of paper that purchase things that mean nothing. I thought of my home. Modest, sturdy, a place to sleep and be tied to day after day. – I paid almost $700.00 in interest alone. Everything seems to be counterfeit. “You pay to live and it’s all meaningless,” I thought.

$5,500 thus far. I knew it all was placed before our eyes (technology, things and money) to snare us into the trap. The almighty we dedicated our lives to brought distance and arguing between peoples. It took without return, except what “appeared” to be a fleeting moment of worth.

I thought all the beauty and things of actual value given to us freely, and how we all seemed to push these things aside for the shiny gold coin. I thought of God and opened my eyes and realized I had been dreaming.


The second post will be after I grab something to eat.  I felt my stomach hurt.  God bless all those who find themselves hungry with nothing to eat.

You may like “Family Guy”- But “Cosmos’ is hardwired to delete God

March 18, 2014

I love having a blog to voice my own thoughts.  I was mad after seeing Cosmos.  I choose to stand up for what I KNOW is TRUE.  From  miracles wrought in my lifetime, from the surges of power I have been filled with from prayer, from the connection and bond believers keep strong around the world – I hold hands and hearts with so many who now find that the “media” (in one form or another) is trying to halt OUR belief in God, and anything we hold sacred.

The stars, the universe, and our magnificent world have always fascinated me.  Innocently I recorded the “Cosmos”, which aired in my town at 6PM on Sunday evening, for all the children and all the families to see!

Seth McFarland and his cohorts presented a show, to wit, the purpose of it was ultimately to push the minds towards the big bang theory.  It was cleverly disguised and even had animated characters within, to press forward to explain “in the beginning”…for them, it was the big bang theory and we came from fish and small mammals.

You can stop reading if you do not agree with me when I say HOGWASH.   I could have stopped watching this show.  My feeling was, if I do not know what the children are being fed, I cannot give the remedy to keep them from getting ill and dying!

You have to listen to the words:  “…there is strong observational evidence to support the big bang theory.”  Of course, the universe just emerged in cosmic fire and gave birth to everything, and I am twenty-two years old, have long shapely legs, and am intelligent and funny! (Well, the intelligent and funny part is true).

There were so full of it they gave specific dates – oh yes – November ninth, life was in the water; microbes.  December seventeenth, and that last week in December, all evolved.  The first flower bloomed on December twenty-eighth.  Of course this was billions of years ago (Seth must seen it in his dreams.

His ancestors may have come from small animals, but mine did not.  Be careful world – those who have the loudest voices are trying to take God away, and that my friends, will be the true beginning of the end.

I do not base my life on strong observational evidence, nor the convincing of the creator of Family Guy.  I do not base my life and my beliefs on the theory of those who make a fortune dumbing down the people of America and the world.  I do not believe there was a “chance nature” that led to existence.

What a crock of garbage, and like so many other pieces of trash presented to millions on television, now it has become a series so they can try to weaken us and fill our little heads with trash that makes them millions and millions of dollars.  Classless, Godless, trivial, dark, spiritual illiterate pieces of the worst kind of fecal matter and garbage, rotting the minds of children and those who have not been enlightened AS YET.

I cannot remember when I have seen something so obviously against God, or any spiritual belief. It was subtle and I will give them that. There are lots of trashy shows in cartoon form, be aware, as they are tapping into the minds of our children.  If you have not yet taken the time to see what your children are watching, or really listened to the words presented in educational form, or in the form of cartoons, you had best be on your toes.  Evil can disguise itself as an angel of light, and you’d better believe it!

Photo Fun

May 28, 2013

I thought it would be fun just to publish some photos that I’ve taken over the years – a few of them…I have hundreds, so it would take a while to post all, but thought you might enjoy some of what I see in my eyes as exquisite miracles still available to all of us on this old planet earth. We had a cool day yesterday with a bit of rain.  My favorite kind of day is cool with a very blue sky and clouds heavy with rain – a heavy downpour – then maybe a brief clearing for another peek at so many different kinds of clouds, and the rain settling in on leaves and flowers.  To me the smell of everything after rain is so fresh and wonderful.  Enjoy!  CREATE a a beautiful day, and for heavens sake, find some natural gift we’ve been given, and “stop to smell the roses”, as the saying goes.






duck-familyLooked up to see this beautiful sightdakota sleeping on desk chairredd,yellow florersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA great idea shared by speciesbridge 3A Reflection of GodOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAburney-falls-5

Fires in Northern California

August 22, 2012

“Happy Birthday to me,” he thought, as the alarm woke him, with a startle.  He’d worked all weekend on the fire that had begun with a single strike of lightening.

It grew from five hundred acres to over nineteen thousand in less than three days.  The fireman told him it usually takes many days for a fire to grow with such viciousness.  An unwilling, evacuated participant in this event said, “It is just evil, that’s all!”

He agreed.  Today he was not driving his mechanic’s truck, and doing the repairs that were needed.  He was waiting for assessment of the fire, and the plan to quell it’s unquenched need for tall pines incinerated by giant walls of flame.

It was three AM and he’d had a restless sleep.  He thought of the firefighters on the job – always ON the job. He pulled on his boots and kissed the wife goodbye.  He smiled as he went out the door.

Scorching heat, and that was just another summer day.  As he reached the point that only special personnel could pass, the smoke lay on the floor of the valley but it was gaining momentum in the air, like a bank of fog rolling in at the coast.

His nostrils began to close up, and his eyes burned from the smoke in the air.  He thought of the firefighters.

Briefly he was told what was happening, and then put on the dozer.  Down in the valleys he went, and up the hills.  Hour after hour, sweat pouring like the summer rain that didn’t come.

In the late afternoon he got a call that a fire truck was stuck  and unable to move. His job was to pull it out, and fast.

‘Where is it?” he asked.

“Down into that valley that is ahead, and then up the hill.  They should be there.”

But they weren’t.  He reached the top of the hill and looked all around and no one was in sight.   A muffled sound entered his right ear and instinctively he turned that direction.  There on the next hill over was a fire truck with several men all on top, waiving frantically.

He hovered on top of the rough terrain, and made his way to the truck.  Relieved, the firefighters were more than willing to help, if they were needed.

They looked ragged and dirty, but were outwardly still enthusiastic about putting this fire in its place of containment and then ending it once and for all.

He’d been given a gift.  A gift of being able to visualize how anything mechanical should be, in order to work.  He could see a resolve in any mishap of anything that needed to be fixed, or moved or rescued.  He was a binder of that which needed to be bound.

Within the hour he had the truck up out of the mud, and up and running.  A quick and sincere thank you from all concerned to the others, everyone made tracks to get this evil under control.

After sunset, after supper, after any time or desire to celebrate his birthday he’d totally forgotten, he came in the door.

He still had the love respond to the dogs joy to see him, with patience.  His wife kissed him and told him to get off his boots and she would get his supper.  “Happy Birthday” she said as she rushed to fix him a plate.

He was filthy and weary.  He washed his hand, and he sat in his shorts, in his big blue chair. He waited for – he wasn’t sure for what now – he was so tired.

She asked him all about the day and he was ready to share then,only resting for a moment to take an occasional bite of the overcooked supper she’d kept warm.

He said, “I thought I was going to loose it going down the hill in the dozer today.”

“Was it exciting?” his wife asked.  He rarely had fear.

“No.  It was scary.  I thought I was going to totally roll the dozer and me.”

She stared and gulped and became frightened for the first time.

“It was a good day,” he said, as meandered down the hallway in his shorts barefooted, boots in hand, and headed for a shower.  “It was a good day.”

“Amen” she whispered.


Unbridled prayers, love, and appreciation to the fire fighters who put their lives on the line for us and the lands, and to all those who are a part of this endeavor to stop the fire in it’s path.  It is a task that is daunting, to say the least.  We all thank you with all our hearts.

By the way, the man is my husband, Michael – my gift from God.

The Tree

August 8, 2012

It’s strange what may trigger a thought or a memory.  This morning I am saying good-bye to an old friend, a tree.   During the heat of the summer this tree offered me shade and kept me cooler, every single day.

As fall came, the leaves shimmered and shook the rain off of its leaves, while glistening in the occasional burst of sun.

I remember the sound of the leaves blowing in the wind, again shimmering with each movement.   I will miss this friend, but the time has come for it to be taken down.  The roots are rotting and the tree leans more every day towards the heat of the sun in the afternoons.

Soon, I am afraid, if it were not cut down, it could fall and perhaps hurt a passerby.



So this morning I await the tree cutters.  I have already sat on the porch and looked at it

for a time.  I took photos, and will remember “the good times”.  But it has to go now.

I have other trees planted that will support my breath, and provide so much joy and cover me in times I need refuge.  I know other trees will come to me, by the wind and seed, or because I know the importance of keeping greenery in our lives.  I am grateful for these green beauties.

After pondering all this, it came to me, that the life of this tree rather resembles my own.

There is a time for all things, and some things may be beautiful and enhance my life.  I treasure those things.  But there is also a time for letting go – a time to say good-bye to the natural loss of loved ones, and also the loss of those whose presence in our lives have changed.

What may have been good, even great, at one time, may be totally changed today.  I have been forced, in my life, to “get rid of that which is harmful to me” and my loved ones – whether it be a person, a habit, or even a change in environment and friends.

Though these changes can bring fear to the forefront, sometimes they MUST BE MADE….to refine the quality of your life, to protect your safety, to bring in the new.

Those times I often fell to my knees and ask God to direct my path.  He has never

left those that ask for help and “keep the faith”.  Our Father wants to be alive within us.

Dash the fear.  Ninety percent of what we dread actually never comes to fruition, so if you need to make a change, remember, THIS IS YOUR LIFE and no one expects you to forge through it in misery and fear, particularly if you are able to muster up your courage, and take a step forward.

I did it MANY times, in MANY scenarios, and I am here to encourage you and love you and say, YOU CAN DO IT!  Don’t forget the power of prayer.   EVEN if you don’t know it’s power – what harm can come to you by trying it.  Try it more than once – try it often.

Going outside your own mind, even in just the thought of prayer, will begin to empower you.

I really care.  I had no idea this post would take this turn, but it must be for a reason.

Create a wonderful LIFE for you and your loved ones.  Snub your nose at fear.  Mama always said, “If you can look at the worst scenario and figure out a way to deal with that, you can do anything.”  I did.  I believe you can.

It is a stellar day to be alive!

July 28, 2012

Of course, any day I wake up and open my eyes, I am so glad for another moment or two…the chance to love, to enjoy the earth, to share a kindness, to cry with someone, and to rejoice.  It means I can be in my “Too much Fun Club” again, and go for the gusto!  I am the only formal member (but we all can be members).  I refuse to let life turn me sour or get me down.  It is a power we have from within to make that choice.  Surely it makes life just so much better.

When we pray it is sacred, and when we open our hearts to pray for others we hold humankind in our hearts.  We are one.  Each person is my brother, sister, a loved one.

Prayers span our earth and they are powerful.  Praying elevates thought, and as we pray, I believe a symphony of prayers reaches our Great Spirit (or however you address the Creator).  If I were God, and since I believe God is solid love, it would thrill me if my creations played this symphony – particularly when it includes prayers of thanks.  I thank God for everything good….

Create your day in the image of this solid love and you will enjoy every choice you make.  I will write more soon; I am off to spend the day prioritizing my efforts.  Of course this one is very important to, because I love my cyberspace friends and family!  Aren’t these clouds unbelievably wonderful?

Almost forgot, my stressmanagementmagic is not “up” as it was, but soon.  Thanks for visiting!

A Blue Sky for You

June 8, 2012

After the thunderstorm I looked up and saw the most incredible blue sky.   I thought perhaps there are those of you who may have never, for some reason unknown to me, seen a true blue sky – directly from God’s pallet.  Please enjoy and I send you love and blessings!  Didn’t use photo shop, change colors, no fancy camera or settings…beautiful isn’t it!