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A funny tale about a sweet tooth.

April 9, 2010

I’m trying to be good and not eat junk. Nothing “bad” in the house.
But at a certain point, devastation and I must have sugar.

I reach for the powered sugar and butter. I have graham crackers.
I know I can make a little sandwich loaded with icing (and when it’s cold it’s delicious) – and so I go for it.

MMMMMM. Melt the butter. Mix with milk and the sugar….a bit thick, but I am salivating. I have a sneak preview. YUK.

It’s FLOUR! It’s not sugar at all. I could throw up. One little sneaky bite before it’s cooled and I realize I am a total pig.

So I stopped to write this tale of woe. Now I am going back to satisfy my sugar need (it’s an addiction you know)…Lord help me. I know no in between; no restraint – it seems.

Ymmmm. I ate them all. 6 grahams with powdered sugar icing bulging from the center of each of the little cookies. I even licked the platter.

Oink oink. At least it was a sugar binge and light on the fat. ☺

A new day today.