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I wrote the Governor and several people regarding this horrific release of prisoners into the state…. God bless Doug LaMalfa!

May 10, 2021

I asked such questions as :Who will pay for housing and medical for them, are they going to ship them to different cities in Ca? Why didn’t we vote on this issue? Won’t this turn Susanville a ghost town if the prison is closed there?

Etc. Etc. Etc. I received from all the standard, “We will get back to you…..” with the exception of one person – our Congressman, Doug LaMalfa. He wrote a letter confirming his concerns too.

This will ruin California. We also support about 2 million illegal immigrants since we were declared a sanctuary state- I don’t remember voting on this issue. I am worried about my children and grandchildren, and ALL the children’s safety. This is Doug’s letter:

From: “Congressman Doug LaMalfa” <>

Subject: From the desk of Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Date: May 7, 2021 at 6:10:03 PM PDT


  Dear Mrs. O’Brien,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the closure of Susanville’s Correction Center. I appreciate you taking the time to share your views with me and your patience while waiting for a response.  As you might have guessed, I am extremely disappointed and concerned that the State CDCR, in what appears to be a surprise move made with no local or public input, will be closing the California Correctional Center in Susanville.  This decision comes as California is seeing a significant increase in crime due to poor policy decisions that have resulted in early release of felons and high recidivism. The reduced capacity resulting from this closure would require a troubling escalation in the housing of state prisoners within our county jails, further increasing costs on our overburdened local counties’ law enforcement. It’s already a crushing burden on the budgets of our county jails, which are ill-equipped to safely hold hardened criminals, as well as on our District Attorneys and courts.  As the California Correctional Center is a major feeder for fire camp trainees, our ability to train and make ready the crews to respond to future wildfire seasons is even more incapacitated. This closure would also hit Lassen County with a devastating blow by eliminating 1,080 high-paying jobs from the region. The California Correctional Center in Susanville and the trainees it sends to convict fire camps are an integral part of our public safety infrastructure, and I continue to urge state decisionmakers to reconsider this devastatingly poor decision. Since I am a federal representative, this issue falls outside of my jurisdiction, as CDCR is a state program. To that end, I encourage you to contact the state Assemblywoman, Megan Dahle or State Senator Brian Dahle, as they can advise you on how to help this cause so the CCC remains open.  Senator Brian Dahle                                                 Assemblywoman Megan Dahle
State Capitol, Room 2054                                          State Capitol, Room 4208  Sacramento, CA                                                          Sacramento, CA                                  916-651-4001                                                              916-319-2001     I appreciate the opportunity to be of assistance. If you would like to stay connected to our office with the latest news, legislation, and other useful information, please visit my website at Thank you again for writing to me. It is an honor to be your representative in Congress.
Doug LaMalfa
Member of Congress
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If you are concerned take a few minutes and with to one of the people listed above….or call. Write the Governor.

I do not have small children at home, but I have grown children and grandchildren, and I am deeply concerned about ALL the children! Please join with me to try to do something and get some answers!



May 24, 2020

Governor Newsom (California) is severely restricting the reopening of churches……don’t get too close / don’t sing or use religious materials much (paraphrasing) – it is garbage.

Bars are open.  Liquor stores are open.  The right to worship is one of our basic rights.

If this is sooooooo bad in California, then you had best keep the state all closed for the flu.  Also the increased measles problem – no vaccines for illegals and those who choose not to get them….

Bill Gates – you are a piece of trash too.  If you are not familiar with him, but have only heard great things about him and Melinda – do a thorough research on them.  He stands to make billions on a potential vaccine.  He is also supports something permanent put into every human being to monitor them.  HA!


I’m done.  Now back to happiness…no one can steal the time of my life for more than a few minutes.  It just isn’t worth it.  Besides, I know the truth.

Are you a boy? A girl? or a third gender… a “non-binary gender”?

October 24, 2017

We have been “primed” to be tolerant towards those holding “other opinions” regarding personal makeup as a human. “Don’t be a bigot”.

We have been forced to accept that which goes against our own personal beliefs, in the name of understanding. For instance the plight of all homeless and former prisoners. “Its not their faults. They need help.”

If we hesitate to accept the things pushing us together for a different agenda, we are guilted, blamed, punished, condemned and told we think we are better than others!

The governor of California has gone too far this time…at least for me. I try to listen and be open to the stories of those who are lesbian, gay, and transgender. Though I know (I have done the homework) that the percentage of lesbian, gay, and transgender people is minuscule in comparison with the entire population of citizens of the USA….Just a tad over 3.5 % (11,270,000 )in a population of 322 million people! … That leaves 310,999.730 people who are supposed to accommodate the demands of that 3.5%. Really?

Are the rest of us to set aside our time, energy and beliefs to accommodate this? All right, let’s say we try to mind our own business and “accept” the rights of other humans. Fine. But personally, when an owner of a bakery refuses to decorate a wedding cake for two men who are marrying, should he / or she should not be reprimanded? What happened to the business owners rights? What about “I have the right to refuse the use of my business to anyone I choose!” Do not the 332 million people who are sited as “normal” not have any rights any more?

The icing on the cake, so to speak, governor brown, of california, has gone too far this time for me. Along with two liberal senators, one from San Diego, and one from San Francisco (the freak capital of california, he just put through a law stating it is okay now if “someone who does not know if they are man or woman, to put that on a drivers license, or identification- as a non-binary gender.

In otherwords they have “created” a “third gender”. Who in the hell do these people think they are? gods?

There are a VERY RARE FEW cases who have been born with one too many, or one too little of the x or y chromosome. Meaning they TRUly have a physical problem that will require attention in the lives of these people. These cases, let me repeat, are RARE!

They (those who are extreme liberal, rich and powerful) are bending the minds of all who listen and accept this. I call BS. All they are doing is creating total confusion in the minds of young adults, and really in the minds of children. Humans tend to form thoughts from what they see and hear. With media acceptance, and legal acceptance – why it must be true…we have a third gender. (God might have missed this in creating us!). I am appalled!

This is being taught in many pre-schools…if you don’t like being a girl you can be a boy. Acceptance is being taught in schools. The media, some very big liberals in politics, and hollyweird are promoting how this is okay….it’s NOT. Teachers and retail stores are being told no longer call students boys and girls -no longer have separate sections: Call them children. Have no division in children’s clothing.

Moonbeam was a piece of garbage his last “reign” – so was his father before him!.. Really? A third gender? I THINK NOT.

I will not accept a third gender as commonplace. I will not accept training our young people that they can change genders if they like…until 7 or 8 they really don’t understand all the concepts of their physical bodies.

The TRUTH is: Boys have balls and a penis. Girls have breasts and a vagina. I HAVE DONE MY HOMEWORK.  I have read percentages, reports of psychologists, all about genders, etc. etc. etc. The incidence of this happening as I wrote before, is RARE.

God help us all.