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EV – D68 ( Virus) : Children

October 7, 2014

Here is the latest update on EV-D68 (virus) It has now been recognized in forty-states. Please be sure to watch your children closely. The first signs mimic the common cold – (sometimes fever, runny nose, sneezing and coughing).

EV-D68 has many strains. In the fifties and sixties, it was the cause of cases of POLIO, though, it only recently has become a problem associated with serious respiratory conditions – particularly with those with asthma and those prone to breathing issues.

The virus mimics the common cold initially. The cough can be intense, and it can cause difficulty in breathing. Many children have neck or back pain or pain in the arms and legs (muscle and body aches). Listen to your children – they probably won’t read “what the symptoms are!”

As recent as within the last week, some cases are causing paralysis!!

If your child is sick – keep him or her at home! The virus passes from person to person, with a cough, sneezes or even touching surfaces. Sneezes travel at over 65 miles per hour.

The best defense is to have children WASH his or her hands vigorously several times a day. Not the kind of washing that water passes over, a dribble of soap, rinse and done!

Wash clear up to the wrists, and thoroughly. This virus is not restricted to the USA. It is MANY places in the world, so please care for these blessed little ones.

Show your children how you want them to wash. Show them how to cover their mouths, with bent elbow, when they cough. Be vigilant. One child has died in the United States. He was four years old.

God bless you and God bless all the children!

Cough it up! Let’s See a Smile

May 28, 2013

Hey, if I can do it, you can.  Been out and about for a month (emergency room, hospitals, etc.)so I haven’t been writing regularly.  Hope to do so now.  Since I have to learn to walk all over again, I think I may have time to plunk the keys of the computer a bit more regularly.

I hope you all are remembering that there is no guarantee in life.  Just when you think everything is perfect (or a big mess) – everything changes.  Be grateful for all the big and little moments that are wonderful!  Evaluate what is really worth getting upset, fearful or angry about, and then toss them in the trash can – mostly!  CHOOSE happiness.  I am going to even though my wonderful little life has turned totally upside down.  I get to create a new life.

I also am not just forgetting that my disabilities right now affect others too – my husband, my family, etc.  I will forge ahead and work to create this new life into a positive and loving one.

Hug someone right now.  Jump up and down for me.  I will think of you all and prayers will be coming your way.  If you would say a prayer or two for me, I will feel it, and thank you now.

God bless you and all your loved ones and families and friends!  More soon.


May 26, 2013

If you’ve NEVER been a “people person”, NOW would be a good time to try to get in the habit of at least being amiable with other fellow human beings.

There may come a time, and I certainly hope not, that you will be totally in the hands of others – and mostly strangers.  My time is now.

I had two unexpected severe spinal cord emergency surgeries and a 20% collapsed lung.

I was in ICU for two days, the hospital for several more, and I have been in the rehab hospital for almost two weeks now.

It’s been quite an education and an ongoing one at that. I learned that sometimes when you are going “under” with drugs – you might say things you never would otherwise. I did.  Those failed people skills are not good – but acceptable.

As a child, I was taught to respect others and to say thank you and please.  Sometimes I think those skills are almost forgotten today.

Yes, I am naturally a people person, and yes, I can handle quite a bit of pain before coming unglued.  One thing I knew instinctively when I first awoke from the surgeries is that my problems are NOT the fault of those serving me- such as RN’s LVN’s and CPA’s.

When you are in pain the most important thing you can do is to BREATHE! It will help you relax, and allow your emotions not to be entangled with your intellect.


Also remember, as this is important, no matter how much misery you feel, BE WISE, do not be nasty to the folks who are caring for you.

  1. They did not put you in the hospital or at the doctor’s office.
  2. They are in charge of your moment-by-moment care.  Though I have found ninety-nine percent of those working in this hospital CARE, you might just bump into the one who will therein make your life a lot harder than it should be.
  3. If you have to “wait” for your pain pills, or have to hold your pee longer than you think you can, it does NO good to yell at the people who are there to help you.  They are humans who have to sometimes do and see terrible things.  Be as kind as you can – even if you cuss inside and have to pretend temporarily!

4. Remember the saying “ as you give, so shall you receive.”

People in these fields can be ANGELS of Mercy – Be grateful they are there to do the jobs you need done.

So start right away to exercise your ability to change your perspective a bit.

You don’t have to turn into a different person – just hone your skills!  I hope you never have to have any emergency ANYTHING!  Blessings and love to you and your family.