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Good Day!

April 16, 2014

I fell yesterday.  My feet did something out of my control and down I went.  The tile is hard, but at least I was able to hit with less impact than if I were unable to think!  I laid there and didn’t move for a bit.  I burst into tears and they fell until I had lines of tears across my face.  Then I turned, got up and got the ice.  I rested on it for thirty minutes or so, and then continued making dinner.

I wasn’t happy, but I was able to get up and I knew I would just be sore in the morning.

This morning I awoke and opened the door to let my dog out to say good morning to the world.

I looked and the trees moved gently swaying to the rhythm of the wind. The cross between the chil of winter and the entry of mild spring days made the air perfect and I felt grateful still. The fragrance of the orange blossoms is lush and soft to inhale.

Glass chimes welcomed the breeze and ever so gently they swayed with the new green dotted across the yard. Even the wild weeds were graced with flowers and had a place of beauty and importance in my view.

An orchestra of birds sang a song of newly found places to build their nests. I am seeing through the eyes of the child still within me. Though I have seen it many times, I cannot crease to find the beauty of what I see so intense.   I want to run and lay in the grass and look into the trees from a different view.

I thank God for every little leaf and flower, for the mocking bird, who is not mocking – but singing the song of every one of his neighbors. He sits and proudly fills the air with music. Every once in a while a burst of wind comes, and the rhythm of the branches and the sound of invisible wafts of wind fill the air. It seems the birds stop to listen too.

I may never climb a tree again, or stand at the top of a peak with arms out praising God for His majestic gift of this world. I may never run in the sand and pull a kite behind me, with the longest tail I can make. I may never again spin in circles and move across the floor with grace and elegance.

But I can IMAGINE. I can remember. I can still see and hear. I can still raise my hands and thank my God for all the beauty within my very reach. I can still raise my voice and sing my song of words.

And who knows. I believe in miracles. If I can just remember how – I may fly again!

I would like to thank you all who have been with me since I began this adventure so long ago. I particularly would like to thank my family in India for the prayers, and thoughts, and constant support. It is still, even though I am no longer physically one hundred percent – a wonderful world, and a beautiful day! I will walk with my ever so wobbly gait and use my legs to celebrate for someone without legs; I will be grateful. I will never sour, nor be hard of heart, and I will love, love, love, as long as I am able!


May 29, 2012

Often we find ourselves in the midst of spiritual mountaineering, where the slopes are sometimes like glass.

When our feet slip, and they will, we must reach for even the smallest branch that will stop us in our slide.

Steady now.  Once we are stopped…then we plan how to climb again and move upward.

The warmth of the sun above the mountain touches us, and  the glass transitions to grass.


Superficial answers do nothing more than provide a temporary relief.  Our goal is not to live our lives amidst illusions.   Be true to yourself.


Why should another man’s scruples apply to us, and our liberty of action be determined by another man’s conscience?

If we are true to our own deepest thoughts and beliefs, our paths will become steadier as we go.

Do not use superficial answers to problems that do nothing more than provide a temporary relief.  Do you want to live your life amidst illusions?


The following words are not mine, but I wish they were.  They are mine to pass along and they are important:

“WATCH your thoughts because they become your words.

WATCH your words because they become your actions.

WATCH your actions because they become your habits.

WATCH your habit for they become your character.

WATCH your character for it becomes your DESTINY. ”

author unknown


“As ye think, so shall ye be.”

The Bible


Create a brilliant day today, and build your dreams on a solid foundation, with you being exactly who you are!  Get over self-criticism and pick out your good points and dwell on them!  Give yourself the thoughts you would give to others.