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March 1, 2017

Human intelligence fluctuates with habits. We become what we hear, see, and are told.
“They” have to dumb us down for us to be fixated on what the advertisers are selling. The perfect face, the perfect body, perfect sex, the perfect home, the perfect toy, the perfect wardrobe, perfect furnishings and electronics, the perfect car, and so forth.

Really? Do we really need to buy because the money machine tells us to do so? Buy it all and then die young from the stress in trying to pay for everything. This is not a joke!
Stress kills.

Should we really think it is entertainment to go to the mall with our children and friends? Where is the hell did we get that idea? Oh, never mind, I know.

Black Friday – REALLY? Grey Thursday? Technological what day? Let me grab my wallet and go buy a bunch of prettily packaged up JUNK made IN CHINA. It will last long enough to get the next model of stuff out so our new purchases will be outdated.

We need to open our eyes. Get out of the “habit” of buying! Material things come and go. Love is forever.

Pretty simple.


October 19, 2013

This is the email I got when my husband requested information about a truck for sale

This 1975 Ford F250 4X4 Highboy runs and drives excellent. It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained, hasn’t been involved in any accident and has a clear title. Everything works in the vehicle: lights, gauges, radio, seats, windows, locks, etc… It has no leaks, drips and does not smoke at all. Has no electrical or mechanical problems, damages, dings, scratches or hidden defects.

I bought it when I was serving in Fort Lewis, WA U.S. Army base and now I am deployed in London, UK. The vehicle will be delivered from Washington, US. I have dropped my price to $4,500 (purchase price) that includes delivery and handling to your address since this is an Urgent Sale! I need to sell it before October 19th, when I will be deployed in Afghanistan with my platoon replacing the troops scheduled to come home.

I have setup this sale with Amazon Payments so this deal must go through them. The transaction will be managed by Amazon Payments for our own protection as they act as a neutral third part, which means that you will have a 5 days inspection period (starting from the moment when you get it) before committing to buy the vehicle. If the vehicle is not in same condition as I said, you will ship it back on my expense and Amazon Payments will send you a full refund. But I assure you won’t be the case.

If you’re interested to conclude this purchase in a timely manner email me your Full Name and Shipping Address to open a case with Amazon Payments. They will contact you to explain the entire procedure without any obligation to buy it or fees.

I don’t want to offend you, but the vehicle is priced for a fast sale so if you intend to apply for a loan or financing please do not reply to this message.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Grace Reagan

P.S.: I have made a photo bucket album for vehicle:


(By the way – I asked if Grace was a male or female-no response. No permanent address)

This is the format being used by scammers!

I have setup this sale with Amazon Payments so this deal must go through them.The transaction will be managed by Amazon Payments for our own protection as they act as a neutral third part. In order to complete this deal the payment must be sent to Amazon Payments through bank transfer.

They will keep your money into a protection account until you get the vehicle and will release it to me after inspection period is over and you agree to keep it. So, this is not a blind transaction, you can see it before committing to buy and to eliminate any concerns you will have 5 days to inspect it . If you decide not to keep it Amazon Payments will refund you the money, no questions asked, and shipping back will be my concern. I think this is more than fair for both of us.

If you want to buy it please email me your full name and address for delivery so I can initiate the transaction through Amazon Payments.After that they will contact you with all necessary info—–rmation about this transaction(terms,buyer protection,payment instructions,invoice,etc.).

ALL BS – though there are legitimate Amazon deals.  You must do your research.


About Refunds

When you return an item, your refund and how your refund is issued may differ based on the condition of the item, how long you’ve had the item, and how the item was purchased.

How Amazon Calculates Refund Amounts

If you return an item using the return label provided in the Online Returns Center, and the reason for return is not a result of an error, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. If you choose the U.S. Postal Service option, the amount that will be deducted from your refund is displayed. If you choose the self return option, you’ll pay the cost charged by the carrier selected.

Partial refunds/restocking fees:

If You Return

You’ll Receive

Items in original condition past the return window*

80% of the item’s price

CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, video games, cassette tapes, or vinyl records that were opened (taken out of its plastic wrap)

50% of the item’s price

Items that are damaged, missing parts, not in the original condition, or have obvious signs of use for reasons not due to an error

Up to 50% of the item’s price

Open software for reasons not due to an error

0% of the item’s price

*For most items the return window is 30 days after delivery. To check the return window for an item you have ordered, go to Your Orders and click Return or Replace Items.

Note: Tax on restocking fees may apply to return items that were shipped and sold by for customers in CA, PA, and VA. Some products have additional conditions that may apply. For more information, go to About Our Returns Policies


BE CAREFUL WE ALSO BIT ON THIS ONE BUT GUT LEVEL AND RESEARCH SAVED OUR BUTTS!  Use your intellect and logic and DON’T loose your money.  We found out we had a friend loose $2,500. on a similar scam.

Inaugration , money, poverty and hope

January 20, 2013

Since the inauguration is today, I thought I would bring up a few controversial things to ponder.  First let me say that I did relax all day and all evening, said prayers, enjoyed the beautiful day, and regenerated as best I can with this compressed fracture in my back.  Here goes:

1.  Many people I know swear they won’t vote next year as the election was decided even before anyone west of the middle of the USA got to have a vote counted…the electoral system.

2.  I don’t know why all the inaugural fuss – obama has never stopped being president!  Why not just donate the (minimum estimate) of thirteen million, six-hundred and seventy-five dollars to the Red Cross.  Why actually we could not send Egypt the billion plus in “aid” and perhaps do some of form of REAL help for the working people, and for people around the globe!

3.  Perhaps a twenty million dollar vacation to Oahu is a bit pricy considering Michelle alone spent ten million on vacations, and the president took forty-seven vacation days last year (those costs not included).

Come on, it really is a travesty when I can drive to town and see people with signs on every corner, and a few days ago, this woman. 


Is this the “new America” – I pray not.  I love my country.

God bless all those in real need in the USA and all around the world.

Now perhaps would be a good time to take a breath, say prayers of gratitude for all the small blessings as well as the large ones, and send a prayer to all those in need.

Now I offer two flowers for you to remember we always have hope and perhaps “the spring” of a new time will come upon us.

God help and bless us all!