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Inaugration , money, poverty and hope

January 20, 2013

Since the inauguration is today, I thought I would bring up a few controversial things to ponder.  First let me say that I did relax all day and all evening, said prayers, enjoyed the beautiful day, and regenerated as best I can with this compressed fracture in my back.  Here goes:

1.  Many people I know swear they won’t vote next year as the election was decided even before anyone west of the middle of the USA got to have a vote counted…the electoral system.

2.  I don’t know why all the inaugural fuss – obama has never stopped being president!  Why not just donate the (minimum estimate) of thirteen million, six-hundred and seventy-five dollars to the Red Cross.  Why actually we could not send Egypt the billion plus in “aid” and perhaps do some of form of REAL help for the working people, and for people around the globe!

3.  Perhaps a twenty million dollar vacation to Oahu is a bit pricy considering Michelle alone spent ten million on vacations, and the president took forty-seven vacation days last year (those costs not included).

Come on, it really is a travesty when I can drive to town and see people with signs on every corner, and a few days ago, this woman. 


Is this the “new America” – I pray not.  I love my country.

God bless all those in real need in the USA and all around the world.

Now perhaps would be a good time to take a breath, say prayers of gratitude for all the small blessings as well as the large ones, and send a prayer to all those in need.

Now I offer two flowers for you to remember we always have hope and perhaps “the spring” of a new time will come upon us.

God help and bless us all!


How to “materialize” money

October 29, 2010

1. To date the USA has spent 55 billion dollars to rebuild Afghanistan.
(Hmmm. What about the USA’s needs?)
2. There are 11 million illegal immigrants in the USA. (If you think this has no cost to the USA, think again.)
3. The federal government is going to initially spend 2.4 billion dollars on high speed trains. (Got to keep up with China – here’s an idea: let’s bring all the work we shove their direction back home, and we will support our citizens, and then they won’t have the profit margin to keep building their high speed trains!)
4. Since Nancy P. has been “in charge”, the amount of money spent is 5 TRILLION dollars.

So where does the “How to materialize money” enter this post? I am just asking…..does anybody know how to do it, because to keep paying for all these things, the government is going to have to know how to do it!

Did you see obama on the Daily Show? J. Stewart was on a roll….he called the president “dude”! I actually liked him.

EXCEPT MAYBE, VOTE for REAL change…..otherwise, have a wonderful evening!

California Governor’s Election…

October 26, 2010

DO NOT VOTE for Jerry Brown (that is my opinion). If you are not old enough to remember his last stint as governor of California – I will tell you I am. Remember, I am not Republican or Democrat – I simply KNOW from seeing the horror that was Jerry Brown the first time he was governor. For eight years he lied. He was a TERRIBLE governor – and the people paid – literally! That is all I have to say about that.
As I’ve said before I am a political atheist. Yes, I do vote, but I reiterated, I am not affiliated with a particular party. It really makes me mad that the president of ALL citizens (Republican, Democrat, or whatever), is spending taxpayers dollars to promote the Democrat party. That to me is really not right. Does anybody out there have any idea of the cost to the taxpayers?

Just another poor representative of ALL citizens, by a non-bipartisan president…..ha
Big brother doesn’t have to knock – he’s already “in the house”. There was a teamster work building a stage for an obama rally, who was wearing a Bush hat and tee shirt, when he was told: Turn the tee shirt inside out and take off the hat….he didn’t, and was fired!

He does not blame the obama team (to be clear) – but the teamsters! Ironically, the “Bush” that was represented was the aircraft carrier that his son has been deployed on for three individual tours-I am not certain where, so I won’t presume to say, but I did hear the man tell the story himself, so I know it is true.
I heard these words on a television show (Channel 10), as I was looking for mindless humor to watch: something about a woman, a guy said “… have to kiss a pussy’s ass”.” I am sorry, but this is regular tv at 9:50PM . I am angry that crap like that is on all the time now. I am not big brother (or sister), but have we, as a people, forgotten who we are and decent words and behavior?
Silly question. Sickens me though.
One thing I think television teaches the viewers is to trust no one, and to argue about almost anything. That’s why the race card has been brought up in the election. “A house divided falls.”
Enough of this rattling. Have a wonderful evening. I will. My hubby can’t work tomorrow due to rain, so we are going to enjoy it while we can.
Blessings to you all. Enjoy the moments – they are fleeting!

Quran, Infrastructure and Refinance Horror

September 8, 2010

Did you know there are several different publications of the Holy Quran? Have you read even one of them? No? I haven’t either. I’ve read the Bible and thoroughly “get it”. I haven’t read the Quran because I am not of the Islam faith. I think this idiot that declares God has spoken to him is nothing but an instigator who now loves the publicity.

If he were truly a Christian he would know in the Bible it says “Each man must choose”; he would also favor the forgiveness and love Jesus showed….he would be a man of peace.

His church is a total of FIFTY people. He DOES NOT represent AMERICA.

“It is the duty of Muslims to react,” said Mohammad Mukhtar, a cleric and candidate for Afghan parliament.
“When their holy book Quran gets burned in public, then there is nothing left. If this happens I think the first and most important reaction will be that wherever Americans are seen, they will be killed. No matter where they will be in the world they will be killed.”

So there it is. A nat’s ass of a man who calls himself a Christian is instigating violence all over the world because of his stupidity. Who will suffer? The INNOCENT PEOPLE that always suffer…..

Just as I believe the Muslims should show “respect” and build elsewhere than at the 9/11 sight, I think Jones should show respect and back off of burning the Holy Quran.

He is NOT my representative of Christianity, nor of my beliefs. He is ONE MAN and FIFTY people – for the sake of millions he needs to be stopped somehow…
obama, wasn’t the first offering of billions of dollars given to the banks and who knows where else (I understand there are still unspent billions) – supposed to include money for infrastructure projects?

Of course obama was talking to unions about another fifty billion dollars to stimulate the flailing economy and repair highways and railways (what about bridges and levees?). They donated billions to get him into office and this is part of their payoff. What happened to the last stimulus money and jobs?

A world class train to keep up with Europe? How about food on the table?

I have an idea. Let’s bring all the jobs that are in India, the Philippines, etc.etc.etc. home. It would be employment for many Americans. Let’s insist manufacturers leave China and Mexico, and other countries, and come home to make things in America.

I am so sick of picking up ANY object and seeing the “made in China” – a reminder that almost everything is made in China. Don’t dead dogs, paint on cribs that make infants sick, toys that are toxic, etc. etc. say, “Made in China is crap”.

I am tired of NOT being able to understand an AT&T operator because the call is routed to India. I am NOT opposed to having a difficult time understanding someone who is from India, but let it be AMERICANS that hold the jobs….India’s citizens IN AMERICA.
Here it is. The last complaint of the day.

My husband has been working out of town for 1 1/2 years in order for us to exist. We pay two rents. We pay our bills on time and our credit scores reported from all three agencies are between 789 and 800. That’s very, very good.

We WERE middle class Americans. We have never been late on a mortgage payment. We tried to get a refinance at the incredible interest rate that is happening now. Guess what?

Because of the foreclosures and folks having to sell cheaply just to get something from their home they can no longer afford – WE DON’T QUALIFY. Our appraisal
(because of the activity of the homes surrounding us) is too low. We are dead in the water.

So WHY are we working so hard to be good citizens? I am not sure. The people behind us only pay $80.00 because they are in HUD housing….they party all the time and get drunk and wasted, and get medicade and food stamps. Yahoo.

I also find it sickening that EVEN AFTER heart surgery or any medical service given to those on medicade, they still are allowed to smoke!

Here are another couple of ideas:
Drug test those applying for HUD housing. Make it a stipulation that if anyone has a medical problem that can be caused by smoking – they can only get the service if they quit doing it.

It all makes me feel frazzled!

Hmmmm. This week my husband and I are rethinking our lives. We are not criminals or evil people. We are good people – but something has to change. We are throwing away our time together working for NOTHING..
we pay illegals, prisoners, users, indigents, and drug users. What is wrong with this picture????

Can you relate?

Phew. Time to reheat my morning coffee, step out into the yard and count my real blessings…love, health, a cool morning, and hope!

I vow to find humor somewhere in the day and I know it will also help to get me back to my old self!

Feels good to release my thoughts from festering within.

Remember: No matter what happens or what you fear, you have the CHOICE to create each moment of your life.
Choose carefully as there is no guarantee of how many moments any of us have left.

Oh, and remember to vote. I am a political atheist, but I want REAL change…yes I do!

Who is REALLY the “black” person?

August 6, 2010

You tell me. I have no problem with black / or white – I just wonder why obama can’t just say – “hey, I represent two peoples – the blacks and the whites”…oh sure. I
just forgot his 20 years of “church” training.

Did you read this article? Elena Kagan tied to Obama’s birth certificate……
– think there is a reason she was selected?

I have no problem with “personal choice” – but my bitch about the overturning of proposition 8 in Ca. and the Arizona law is this: Do the voters no longer count?
The judge in Ca. is openly gay. His verdict went against TWO individual votes on the proposition wherein millions of voters decided NO! The majority of Arizona’s LEGAL citizens are for the checking of those that might be here illegally.

So many countries in the world ABSOLUTELY won’t let you step into the country without checking…..a terrorist can now just go to Mexico and enter illegally.

Next – This week 19,000 more filed for unemployment. Over 40 million unemployed and foreclosures still increasing and obama’s wife takes a trip that costs the taxpayers about $75,000.00 just for the plane. Add in security, etc.etc.etc. and poor taxpayers are footing the bill. Can’t find out if she’s paying for the 40 close friends that are with her.

Did you know mortgage rates have dropped to 4.4 percent? We tried to refinance but with excellent credit, and not being behind in payments – the best we could find was
5.6 percent and a $4,000.00 fee.

China is working on a bomb that can be sent from land and directed to a carrier, and will penetrate the entire ship – thus sinking it. This is really in the working and a real concern….but along with suitcase nukes, terrorists allowed in with a red carpet, economic woes – social security working in the red, and cuts coming for medicare,
what difference does it make.

I heard one state has declined obama health care and is talking about seceding from the Union. Meanwhile obama continues his touring and what?

I think the only thing we have control over is our power to pray (I’m praying for the sweltering heat to drop for the scorching souls living in it)- and our power to stay positive and keep the world around us upright and honest. Don’t forget to keep the love alive!

Did you hear social security will be running in the red for a few years? I want to know what happened to the money that has been collected every payday from citizens.

I feel better. How about you?

The TRUTH about ILLEGAL border crossing

July 17, 2010

I could not resist posting this as it pinpoints the problem. My son spent two years legally getting his Filipino
wife into the country – for all those who do it legally, the illegals are making a mockery of them. Bravo to
Arizona’s governor. It’s only right to “check” questionable people. Do not know the author, but I checked and the information is correct. Self-explanatory.
Subject: US Versus Them–Border Crossing

If you cross the North Korean border illegally: you get 12 years hard labor.

If you cross the Iranian border illegally: you are detained indefinitely.

If you cross the Afghan border illegally: you get shot.

If you cross the Saudi Arabian border illegally: you will be jailed.

If you cross the Chinese border illegally: you may never be heard from again.

If you cross the Venezuelan border illegally: you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.

If you cross the Cuban border illegally: you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get:

* a job
* a drivers license
* social security card
* welfare
* food stamps
* credit cards
* subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house
* free education
* free health care
* a lobbyist in Washington
* billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your language
* the right to carry your country’s flag while you protest that you don’t get enough respect
* and, in many instances, you can vote

COME ON NOW – admit we need to do something – you think?


June 20, 2010

Here’s the deal in my prospective. Big shock, the media shows bias towards the reigning king and his court of czars.

However, please note that I think it very un-presidential to say (and this is not exact, but close enough) -” I can’t go down there and suck up the oil with a straw”.

I also think that the CEO of BP has been cooperative, apologetic and sincerely regrets this tragedy. It was an ACCIDENT. With over three thousand wells in the gulf alone, and over forty years of this type of drilling around the world, it’s a miracle of technology this is the first accident of this magnitude.

So on the ABC World News tonight they reported how terrible it was for Tony Hayward (CEO of BP) to be out yachting off the coast of England. They had reporters show photos to those in the gulf and ask if they thought it was right. Of course they responded with No…well, two people that were shown photos.

It was a BIG deal! However, they did take note, for less than thirty seconds, that the president and biden flew to Andrews Air Force Base for a golf outing with a few “stars”. (Hmmm. Isn’t it amazing all of Hollywood’s normally judgment, and loudmouth stars are silent!)

Didn’t he recently, during the last sixty days, have a big show with Paul McCartney, and do quite a few other activities to “relax”?

I would have run away days ago for a little R & R if I had been Tony Hayward. Why aren’t all these people pointing the finger where it belongs? If it were Bush (and I am not a Bush fan) – all hell would have broken loose by now!

I am going to take a breath and enjoy a movie with my husband. Have a great night and when you awake in the morning find something right away to be grateful for….like being alive!

Ridiculous things and Good things

June 13, 2010

I find it ridiculous that our president says things like “I’m ready to kick some ass”, “plug the damn hole”, OR “Ride the herd on BP. Oh I know, he’s “gettin'” down to the peasant level ’cause we’re all pissed! Think he’s ever kicked anybody’s ass or been on a cattle drive?

Also loved it when he said, “This situation is unsustainable. Israel should find another way; Israel needs a better approach to the three year blockade.” (I think this strife between Palestine and Israel has been going on for decade upon decade upon decade…still going on. Then he gave another $400 million in US Aid to Gaza (Isn’t Gaza under Hamas control?). Where does all this money the government is spending come from if we are so far in depth our grandchildren and their children won’t be able to see clearly!

It’s ridiculous that the Catholic Church is going to pay a convicted pedophile $90,000.00 retirement.

Also kind of ridiculous politicians can buy elections. Meg Whitman has already spent $70-91 million dollars of her own money to get the governor’s election won. This election for California’s governor is predicted to be the most expensive one ever.

Next little bitch? The FDA is reviewing a little pill similar to Viagra, only for women. It’s called Flibanserin. The problem? Even the scientists admit they don’t know what is “average” in the sexual drive for women. I heard a physician on a news case how awful it is that pills and “disorders and diseases” are created purely from greed! She said, “What’s the matter with a glass of wine, or a massage?”

Now to the good stuff……..personally, my kids are healthy. Stars still shine and as the earth turns the world is still warmed by the sun. I can still hear kids laughing and see the lovely innocence and truth in their eyes and spirits. Shhhh. Don’t let the younger ones know the turmoil we face.

It’s summer again and that means lots of watermelons available! My husband and my puppy love me even if I am “off the wall” at times! How great is that!

My son and his new wife sent photos of their Sahara Desert Wedding….everything fit beautifully!

And I have the ability and access to write to my heart’s content and make friends via the internet all around the world! I still know God is there and and whatever the horror of the world seems to be now…..this is just a classroom and the best is yet to come!

CREATE a wonderful morning, afternoon, or evening. It is a choice!

Illegal Immigrants and obama conversations

May 27, 2010

FYI – I know obama isn’t capitalized. It is a sign of disrespect on my part. My right.

What is the problem with checking to see if a person is an illegal immigrant anyway? Yes, this country is made up of immigrants (about 90% originally) – but LEGAL

Other countries ALWAYS check passports. I’ve been to Mexico, Canada, Singapore, China and Japan, and my citizenship as an American was always checked – via my passport. I didn’t feel racially profiled. I felt they were protecting their citizens and making sure I was legal.

I believe where there is no actual border it is imperative to check whomever authorities think might be here illegally. There are seventy three million illegal immigrants in USA from Mexico. Illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, they send billions to Mexico, and they also get medical help at hospitals and doctor’s offices, housing provided, and help with food for their families.

Again, I don’t want any child going hungry, or not able to get medical treatment, but many of our LEGAL and NATURAL citizens are not even privy to those things. Our elderly doesn’t even get a “cost of living increase” for social security this year.

Racial profiling? Give me a break. We have a responsibility to check for illegal immigrants. Just because they can walk across the border doesn’t mean we should have to pay all their expenses. That’s wrong. Plain and simple. California is going down the trash can providing all these things for illegal immigrants….if you think I’ve made a mistake here, you do your own research on the cost to taxpayers who are legal citizens. I did mine.

By the way, did anyone ever see the president’s birth certificate?
Don’t be fooled by all the hogwash being fed to us by obama. He was a champion debater. His talent abounds in being able to take a question and respond with twenty minutes of words that in actuality mean nothing. He makes listeners believe he’s said something. He can’t give straight and short answers. He talks until listeners have lost even what the question was, and they are so bored they don’t care any more.

His response to all questions never ends up being more than a fine mix of words that win over many “folks” (a term he loves to use). Have you ever noticed when he’s talking to the American people he speaks more casually – such as “I’m talkin’ to you” – kind of leaves the g off of words to sound cozier with the common folk people.

He received the biggest donations from an oil company for his campaign from BP. Perhaps that is why he was slow to do ANYTHING! His “people” have to review the offers of help from 17 countries, and the folks who have boats and are ready to work. Makes me want to puke.

Those are my bitches for the day, and legitimate ones, I believe. If anyone has anything to add, or different thoughts on the matters at hand, please feel free to comment. It’s always good to get others opinions.

In the meantime, I am going to have a cup of coffee, enjoy the last spring rain, and think a few prayers for all the peoples of this planet earth. I am going to enjoy these moments as they are fleeting. I hope you enjoy your day too!

The President’s words, Bret Bair, Barbara Boxer, and my thoughts on this big fat mess!

March 19, 2010

FIRST LET ME SAY THIS: I am a political athiest. I vote but I belong to no party. I think the system is corrupt and ninety-nine percent of politicians are corrupt. These are my thoughts simply as a human who has lived long enough to have seen our government in action over and over again. I wish I could be more positive about this.

I am REALLY rushed this morning so if there are typos I apologize right now. Also, if you disagree with the facts I’ve written or have your own opinions about all this, I would LOVE to hear them!!!

Obama: “I don’t know where you get the notion it’s one-sixth of the economy.” (then in the net breath he said,)
“Yes, it’s one-sixth of the economy, but…..”
Obama: “The vast majority of people will be able to keep what they have because they’re getting’ a better deal…”
Then what is the nearly trillion-dollar bill about, and why do they have to VASTLY reduce Medicare for the elderly? Why will we be taxed for ten years and yet the program won’t “activate for four years,) I am a bit confused.
Even if you are liberal REALLY check out the Bret Bair interview with the president.

I love the way when obama “talks to” the people he drops his correct diction to get folksy – such as: “gettin”, “fixin” and “loosin”. In his interview with Bret Bair he didn’t directly answer one question; using debating tactics he side-stepped around and went into a blather of words. He kept saying “let me finish my sentence,” but what I noticed was he wouldn’t let Bret finish a question, really…he just kept “talkin”.

I loved the fact that if families earning under $88,000.00 a year had a hard time paying for the insurance or the fine if they don’t get it, our corrupt government would kick in a “supplement” to help their deficiencies. Where does that money come from?

Here are some interesting numbers. There are 304,059,724 people in the USA (not including illegal immigrations – whom by the way, often get medical help, food help, and more – but they don’t file income taxes. The census bureau’s form for this year doesn’t even ask if you are a citizen or not…

Out of 133 million income tax filers (yes 170,059,724 don’t file) 40 million of those filing DON’T pay taxes, but often get refunds. So that leaves only 93,000,000 who pay ALL THE INCOME TAX…..hmmmm. I think I know many of these hard work peasants. I think I am one. That’s a pretty heavy burden with all the job losses and foreclosures, and Wall Street and the banks keep on ticking on with multi-million dollar bonus packages!.

I wrote Senator Barbara Boxer my thoughts about the health care fiasco. This was her response. This is, I am sure, a form letter for all of us peasants who are just too stupid to be written to in an intelligent manner. So let’s be condescending and reiterate what all the politicians always say:


All this letter says to me is blah, blah, blah.

“Dear Mrs. O’Brien:

Thank you for writing to me about pending health care reform legislation. I appreciate hearing from you.
There is widespread agreement that we must reform our health insurance system, which is a huge financial burden on our families. The status quo is no longer sustainable. Thousands of Americans lose their insurance every day while thousands more are denied coverage. If we do nothing, 45 percent of an average family’s income will go towards health insurance premiums in 2016. And without action, Medicare will be broke by 2017.
On February 25, 2010, President Obama held a summit on comprehensive health insurance reform. I was pleased to see members of both parties participate in this frank and forthright exchange of ideas.
I strongly believe that we must seize this opportunity to move forward on health care reform, and I hope that we can. I will continue to fight for health care reform for Californians and all Americans.
Again, thank you for writing to me. Please feel free to contact me again about this or other issues of concern to you.

Barbara Boxer
United States Senator”

DON’T YOU LOVE THIS? I don’t want to go to her website and fill out another form. Wouldn’t an email be simpler? :☺

Please do not respond to this message. If you would like to comment on legislation, please visit my website and use the correspondence form at


My gut level feeling is we will be “screwed and tattooed” if Obama and Biden and their cronies manage to pull this off.

Medicare will be depleted of millions and millions of dollars, we WILL BE TAXED HIGHER TAXES (for ten years – though the implementing of the program won’t start for four years!) and from what I’ve heard – the almighty health care won’t be available for four years!

Excuse the hell out of me – “ALL AMERICAN FAMILIES WILL BE REQUIRED TO GET HEALTHCARE, AND IF THEY DON’T THEY WILL BE FINED”. How can you fine someone who has lost their job and possibly their home?

I want Obama, Senators and Congressmen to have the same plan the peasants will be offered. By the way – what about the care of indigents and illegal aliens?

I don’t feel a bit badly about the president putting his trip off anyway. He was going to Indonesia(where he lived as a child) – to enjoy celebrations of him. What was the reason citizens would be paying for the Australia trip?

Did you see the woman whom the president was dedicating his trip to support the bill? She has cancer and her insurance will no longer cover her. HOWEVER – she is being treated in one of the best cancer care hospitals in the USA and will not be charged for her care. (I am HAPPY for her), but I thought Obama was there to stand up for her not being able to get care because of no insurance.

It’s all such a bunch of bolony! The only change that will happen if it passes is that you and me, our kids, and grandkids will be paying forever on this with higher taxes.

Social Security taxes will go up. Did you know that before you get social security every paycheck is taxed? (of course you did). I bet you might not know that when you get social security it only covers the hospital? You are required to pay over $100.00 a month to get physicians and prescriptions covered – that is taken out of your social security check. Then you need to get a supplement to cover expenses that’s are NOT covered! Did you know after you start receiving social security as your earned help, it is taxed again-considered with “income”. Even our tax consultant said that’s double taxation.

If the bill passes healthcare benefits for seniors(Medicare) will be reduced by millions, and I’ll say it again – TAXES WILL INCREASE.

Did you know social security doesn’t cover glasses or teeth? That is horrible considering the seniors whose teeth need work, and whose vision is poor.
Why does this concern me? My parents were seniors, I hope to qualify by living long enough, and even if you are eighteen now, you may live long enough to be a senior! It concerns us all.

Oh I know the bill is under a trillion dollars – by a pittance.

One last kind of negative comment: I would love to backhand Nancy Pelosi. She can’t decide for us all. Arrogant bitch. (Wow – is that me writing that? Yep. ☺

I know, “Relax, its Just Life”… and I will! I have aired my feelings on this and used my oxygen to empower and relax me, and now I feel better. What other good choice is there, but to choose to be calm and happy, no matter what. Ruining my own mind and body won’t change a thing. My attitude will! ☺

I will assert my power in a positive way. I would be interested in your thoughts on this if you care to share.

If you get overly concerned, close your eyes for a moment and go within. Take a few cleansing breaths and try to let any sense of fear or burden to melt away for now.

At least it is still a country wherein we can voice an opinion. It may not mean anything in the process, but it’s a great relief to me to get this all out. 🙂