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May 28, 2009

-com┬Ěpunc┬Ětion audio (km-pngkshn) KEY


1. A strong uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt.
2. A sting of conscience or a pang of doubt aroused by wrongdoing or the prospect of wrongdoing.


you have done nothing wrong if you have love and are able to forgive

with hands to my heart I, in the depth of my being
I still love and how can I not forgive having done so much to be forgiven for in this life.

pain is not an enemy. it is a warning system in the fine tapestry of human majesty and beauty. You know when it is coming on and you can feel it intensify. Use innate compounds of human anatomy to prepare and strengthen response. You feel it coming.
You know you will be struck soon or you will be in this moment. I was. It can happen and you’d be forewarned to prepare for the ultimate test in Spirit tenacity.

Pain. Breath. Pain. Pray. Pain. Dissolve that which is past.
Pain. Open your chest to breathe and your heart to accept what is to come.

Lift your heart, lift your eyes, lift your spirit, lift your love and compassion. Stay soft
in your deep rivers of life. Be hard not to scatter who you are to lesser expectations.

Be kind. Be at ease. If you don’t know further than a moment – you join the ranks of us all. We would be lying, children, if we let a moment to fade – without saying: I love you.

What if I never said these things. Freedom is in America to say whatever you think.
There is just nothing you can do about all the rest except choose wisely!

Spirit of Power

March 21, 2009

Spirit of Power
Spirit of Joy
You move me

My attraction to you
My love for you
My longing for you
Was born in me
Oh Great Spirit

I rejoice in being
I rejoice in thoughts of higher notions

When I close my eyes I see a path
before me and next to me
and blue sky above and in front of me

Always the view looking way down the road
Always changing
always the same

My heart pants
Spirit of Kindness
Spirit of Compassion

You are in me and I in you
Kindred for all time
Elevated in love

You sing to me
You touch my living soul
Spirit of Love
I love you forever