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INSANE Florida pastor

September 7, 2010

This INSANE pastor who plans to burn the Holy Quran is just that……INSANE! He DOES NOT represent the voice of Americans. We honor the right to worship freely and his actions are TOTALLY NOT accepted, nor endorsed!

Whatever he does is NOT approved of by one single person I know or have discussed this tentative action with…….he is a total disgrace to what he calls his form of Christianity. We are fighting with Muslims in Afghanistan, and truly endorse FREEDOM of religion.

The problem is that this country is based on the rights of individuals to do what they choose-but the bias media only reports what is inflammatory. Please pass this on to as many people as you can! The idiot would have a cow if someone threatened to / or did, burn the Holy Bible. I am a world Christian and it sickens me to hear of his ridiculous actions.

We have many Muslims in this country and anyone who does something like this is most likely less than a small fraction of a percent in radical judgment. Unbelievably ridiculous. If you don’t agree with the Holy Quran or Muslim beliefs – as decent human beings we need to accept the right each human has the right to choose what they believe. I would bet this jackass hasn’t even read the book! What happened to honoring and respecting others rights? He is an INDIVIDUAL.
He DOES NOT speak for the people!

For any Muslims reading this – please do not think this man speaks for a majority by any means. He is an idiot!