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Human Intelligence or Not?

July 11, 2017

Human intelligence fluctuates with habits. We become what we hear, see, and are told.
You have to dumb down to be fixated on what the advertisers are selling. The perfect face, the perfect body, perfect sex, the perfect home, the perfect toy, the perfect wardrobe, perfect furnishings and electronics, the perfect car, and so forth.

Really? Do we really need to buy because the money machine tells us to do so? Buy it all and then die young from the stress in trying to pay for everything. This is not a joke.
Stress kills.

Do you really think it is entertainment to go to the mall with your children? Where is the hell did you get that idea? Oh, never mind, I know.

Black Friday – REALLY? Grey Thursday? Let me grab my wallet and go buy a bunch of prettily packaged up JUNK made IN CHINA. It will last long enough to get the next model of stuff out so your new purchases will be outdated.

This year, just for fun, I am giving some of my FAVORITE things to my family. Why wait for them to get it until I am dead? Of course that may be years (I hope) – but I want them to enjoy some things I love the most NOW.

Material things come and go. Love is forever.

This is not a UNISEX world.

August 28, 2015

I know the percentages of those unique humans who actually do feel differently than most men and women. Each of us is unique in our own way, and we are supposed to believe, in my estimation, everyone has a right to choose, and a right to love!

However, I won’t shop at Target any more. Because of “complaints” from a minority, Target is now putting merchandise into a unisex product arrangement. Give me a break. Whether some have forgotten, the MAJORITY of humans were born either as a man or a woman – in mind, body and spirit. There is a definite difference in the two characters.

I fear now with Hollyweird and the media, a little boy might think “I must be gay because I like to play with baby dolls and house.” What about a little girl thinking she might be lesbian because she thinks other girls look so pretty and she loves them.” Or a little girl might think, I must be a transvestite because I like to climb trees and dress up like a princess.”

Granted, each person must choose – and I am no one’s judge, but there is an evil force in the world that is trying to tip the scale to make us all upset!

Don’t you think the EVIL in this world loves to CONFUSE US? I don’t care what you call that spirit – there is a cover of evil that is enveloping this planet and the humans that reside on it. In my heart I believe there is a straight line from Hollyweird to Washington, DC. (I am not saying everyone in both areas is corrupt, but think about it).

There isn’t one thing you can’t see in a movie. Not one thing. Murder, deceit, perversion, torture, rape, theft, and the list goes on and on…alcohol being pushed, not as a drink, but as a glass with two straight shots. Cigarettes, visual on how cool it is to be drunk or shoot up. Think about it. I am right on this.

The line shoots directly to our politicians and leaders. Cheating, lying, and all that Hollyweird offers is done by our leaders (and most leaders around the world). They promote racism, division among the commoners…that’s important. Plant seeds of hatred and jealousy.

The one percent – the rich – why they all must be corrupt because they have money. Whether they earned it or inherited it – they have to be evil! If it were YOURS would that make you evil?

I could spend the day pointing out where they have subdued the passions of right and justice; but I count my days as precious. Just keep in mind, as wonderful as technology is, it has separated families, presented pornography to everyone who can run a computer, and through the addictive nature of it, keeps people from enjoying nature, enjoying others, and even those closest to them.

Picture a street filled with people and 95% are on their little phones. They sit at a park bench and pull out their laptop or ipad. When they go to the office they sit in front of a computer all day, or manage to be “connected” on some kind of technology – like your arms are to your shoulders. What the hell is going to happen when they drop that bomb….you know the one I am talking about don’t you?

People will freak out. Unisex started this rant, and I could go on. Why do I write instead of “going outside or doing what I suggest?” I will. After breaking my back and my neurosurgeries, it is necessary now to put heat on my back and elevate my feet until my pain subsided, and now I am able to enter the world I live in now – it’s much smaller – but I will, trust me.

Trust God too or we’re all through. I will never deny what I know to be true, but I will stand with others who share a love of God, and together we can put on the armor of Him who loved us first.