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Freedom and Choice

January 26, 2013

I am not helpless; I am powerful and free.  Freedom lies from within me.  It is mine to claim and with courage, energy, and divine support; I choose to use this power.

I will turn my back on negative influences and be liberated by knowing  I can CHOOSE my path.  I truly am free to RESPOND to life ANY WAY I WANT!

Have a beautiful day and LOOK AROUND YOU.  I walked to the back door and looked up this morning and saw a break in the clouds.  The sky was bright blue and there were bundles of  clouds nestling in the sky.  The oak, void of leaves, looked beautiful and artistic to me.


It is a good. Day.

A Blue Sky for You

June 8, 2012

After the thunderstorm I looked up and saw the most incredible blue sky.   I thought perhaps there are those of you who may have never, for some reason unknown to me, seen a true blue sky – directly from God’s pallet.  Please enjoy and I send you love and blessings!  Didn’t use photo shop, change colors, no fancy camera or settings…beautiful isn’t it!