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September 19, 2016

I recently saw a movie entitled “Equals” – my husband slept through most of it, though it rang several familiar bells in my head.  It was okay, but just gently interesting and and basically a love story.  It reminded me of a book I had read years and years ago – “1984 (better remembered as “Big Brother).

I actually followed up on that thought and found the director or producer of this filmed had pretty much followed the books theme.  As many current movies do, an older book or movie is picked clean and presented to the multitudes as a “new and spectacular” themed movie.

The Bible says:  “There is nothing new under the sun….” What it means is that anything we experience now has already been experienced and to believe that you have a fresh new idea, way of thinking, activity or anything than you are mistaken. Everything that can be thought of already has – only much of it is lost in history. It is not referring to reincarnation – however, that is another discussion altogether.

So I post today something I dreamed sometime in 2013.  I was recovering from two major spinal surgeries, so my dreams and my writing exploded.  I couldn’t do much else at that point.  But most of the things I wrote were just filed in a “writing” folder – with the intention of completing them at some point.

My mind was imploding we thoughts and feelings, and in that situation, if I had not written them down I might have blown at any moment!  As I shuffled through the file this morning I found this dream that I  experienced.

I say “experienced” because if you have read any of my prior dreams posted you would know my dreams are my “other life”.  A life I remember, and actually often can close my eyes and begin again at the same place!

So here it is :


The devils come out to play at night,

You must usher them gone in the light.

Inescapable, something written in the stars,

Not from Neptune – or Jupiter, – or mars.

Thwart their moves and push their plots away.

In Jesus name you have control

Today and every day.

You know who the devils are.


It never occurred to me that I would one day push a little girl off a ragged cliff and send her tumbling down into a rapidly flowing river. I had to do it. She was going invaded and consumed by satan.

It all began after the irreversible vaporization of much of the common population. No one knew if they were next. The thought police had begun the task years before, but the commons were transfixed with self and possessions. They hadn’t a clue they were already doomed. It began in mid century of the twenty third century. The Watchers knew as they listened past the inconsequential affair the commons seemed to have with the Leaders. Some thought it was impossible not to be caught up in the faces and folly they professed to the Commons. Watchers knew differently.

Dwellings still had the appearance of when they were all free, but we knew. We knew we were being scouted and appraised every moment of the day. We knew we could be plucked from our lives as easily as one plucked a petal off of a flower – in the day – when flowers were fragrant and followed the natural way to death and rebirth.

My days had been filled with Addison. Thoughts of rolling over and over with him in the sand, hot on our bare bodies, took over any sense that remained in my intellect.

If I wasn’t in the midst of remembering torrent love making, I was planning on our next encounter with thought, and thinking of our last.

When the three women moved into the stack below us, a chill ran across my back.

It wasn’t their appearances or demeanor, but something from within my gut told me these women were more than trouble; they were possessed.

Demons found it easy to disguise and enter a pure soul. There were still many hiding. People had been deceived for so long, the Quiet People found it necessary to begin to hide in more unusual ways. All a demon- plagued humans needed to do was offer a drink of devil juice, and gently nestle into the pure spirit from within each person. Once the spirit was diminished it was easy to guide these persons into a corrupt morality and vision. Once activated in a person, it was then his or her thought could find a no way to recover from the loss. Of course evil was still in control of most of the people of the planet and even those untouched were forced to go into hiding – at least their true knowledge.

It took re-education to train the untouchable ones. Thought police were everywhere and also were easily disguised. Untouchable ones were forced to stay in the hollows most hours of the day. The longer they remained in the Light from the Light, the stronger they became and the more resistant to tamper and experiment with “the juice”

There were ways to connect, but always with caution. Addison and I had known each other before the day of vaporization. We had a small circle of friends who were able to manifest the hollow mode and enter the hollows until they were certain those new were cleared.

No one Quiet people drank any form of devil juice. Thought police were aware of this and so it was urgent that they maintain neutral and hollow positions now, for most of the time. Night was of specific danger as the pathway to destruction widened and anyone who wanted to drink was able to get it for free. Laws regarding age limits, and any limits on the juice that had been active for years, were disregarded as soon as the earth turned to the point of darkness.

For that time it was best for all untouchable ones to lock themselves in their stack and simply withdraw until dawn. It was as easy as that, and as difficult. The temptation was always there as the noise of the night was not monitored or curbed in any way. The only way to close out the outer world was to play loud music – which of course -all untouchable ones did.

Addison and I did not live together. He had been discovered dead five years earlier, however, the death was planned and though I was not aware of it, he actually survived in the hollows without contacting me until a few months ago.

I opened my eyes sitting up.





February 8, 2010

Hysterectomy and Stress – Consider first, it doesn’t matter how old you are 20 – or 70, if you MUST have a hysterectomy, and consider all options prior to surgery, and it still is eminent, then chin up and realize it may be the best thing for you in the long run.

I have picked this subject as I am headed for surgery Wednesday morning, complete hysterectomy. Oh boy! 🙂 I felt it important enough to share. I may not post a week or so….then again, you never know! 🙂 First of all, never let anyone judge you, “Oh she’s old”, or “She’s not whole now”…..etc.etc.etc. It’s no one’s business but those with whom you CHOOSE to share the information! (My specialty as a personal trainer for twenty years+ has been “Stress management and relaxation techniques”, so I am good).

If you know anyone who needs help I write a website: I don’t sell anything there except health (and ads to help with cost). It covers a variety of stress related problems. My goal is to help anyone who needs that kind of help – and I think most of us do!

Hundred’s of thousands of surgeries are done successfully each year.
When you find out that you or someone you love, needs to have a hysterectomy STRESS will begin to compound.
“Hysterectomy, the surgical removal of the uterus, is a procedure surrounded by controversy – and for good reason. Hysterectomy is the second most common major operation performed in the United States today, second only to cesarean section. Approximately 600,000 American women have a hysterectomy every year…. By the age of 60, one out of every three women in the U.S. has had a hysterectomy.

(Excerpts from “A Gynecologist’s Second Opinion” by William H. Parker, M.D.)

No one wants to “go under the knife”. Misinformation and all sorts of things will begin to slap you in the face mentally.
“Will our insurance cover this? Will I still be a woman and have sexual feelings? Will my wife ever be the same or will she change? Will I gain weight? Who will take care of me? Will I have to take time off work to be a caregiver?”
These are just a few of the legitimate questions that may plague you initially. They all need to be answered. They will all be attended to in time.

First you need to take a breath. Take it right now. Inhale slowly through the nose, and exhale slowly through the mouth. Do it again and deeply.
As you inhale think: “I am bringing in healing oxygen to relax and think optimally.”
As you exhale think: “Negative thoughts and worries are leaving me now as they are of no use.”

Use your oxygen often and mindfully. This is a gift. It is a magical technique to really assist you in dire circumstances. As you practice, when times of urgency arise, you will find yourself using your oxygen as really a personal way to empower your mind and truly affect your physical being.
Thousands of hysterectomies are performed each year safely. The instances of calamity and extended troubles are not frequent. What is frequent, is successful hysterectomies.

There is so much fine information on the Internet alone. You will need to do your homework. Get a second opinion. Inquire as to the possibility of natural solutions instead of surgery. Sometimes women are able to use natural methods to get a handle on the situation. Sometimes surgery is the only option.

Whatever the decision remember this
YOU CAN ONLY DO THE BEST THAT YOU CAN DO IN RESEARCH AND MAKING ARRANGEMENTS. THE “BEST FRIEND” YOU CAN FIND IS ACCEPTANCE OF THE SITUATION. GO FORWARD WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. You may have no other choice in the matter, and ultimately, if you find you or someone you love needs the surgery, it may be the best thing that can happen for your good health.

If you believe in a power beyond yourself, start praying breathe, and try to relax – it will be okay!
A few great websites for women/ or interested persons are: Stress