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Tips for a Great Day!

February 24, 2017

These are a few of my favorite things anyone has said to me in my entire life. I have tried to base my actions and my days on these things.

Someone once told me I have the faint cracklings of a healer. I loved that. I would love to heal everything – people, scenarios, reasons for war and discontent, communication between people. I cannot of course – but I can keep trying.

My daughter told me once that I channel what I believe…I channel God. Now I know I have not always, for sure, been a true reflection, but it surely inspired me.

I was told that my presence at that particular time, to that particular person was that of an angel. I have been told that several times, and I loved that to aspire to…Wasn’t that lovely? Of course I know I am not – but I fly in my dreams – and I know I could in this life, if I could just remember how!

My son told me he was sorry for all the times he had been mean to me. I was shocked. I never thought a thing of it because we all have our “growth” spurts, and love is unconditional and forever. He said he guessed he was because all through his life I had always been there – in the good times, and in the very bad times. It touched my heart though love never runs away because of fear or distress.

More than once people have said, “I like your smile. It made me smile.” Cool. Less wrinkles to smile, more fun.

I have had a full life thus far, and though most of it is behind me, I look forward to seeing what is next. I want me to be my best ever. I have learned from a thousand mistakes and poor choices, and from that which was not even my fault.

I prayed for guidance last night and woke up to write. I allow myself an hour to pray, read and write upon waking. It is a delicious time.

I could tell you so many terrible things I remember in my lifetime, but the thing about being human is that if we focus on the GOOD – look upward and move onward – and LEARN, we will blossom like a flower. I’d rather be a flower than a prickly cactus. Smiling is so much easier.

Do something for someone today (something little or big) and don’t tell a soul! It will be tempting to talk about it, but it is so much more exhilarating to have the deed between you and whomever you believe as a creator. The Creator watches.

If you don’t believe in a higher power, then silently think about the deed and be proud of your choice, amidst all the tension and delusion that is happening around the world. It will bring a smile to your face sometime-probably more than once. It’s good to share love.

And if you think of the horrible days and comments made to you, then STOP IT. That was then. You can’t take anything back, so pass the good forward.

This is now. On your mark….get set….go!



A Tad of Negativity – only a tad (small amount)

August 13, 2015

Aren’t you excited? Everything must be okay – isis  (I never capitalize anyone or anything I have no respect for)  must be under control! Why would the president be in Martha’s vineyard playing golf, otherwise.
Is the one year anniversary of the death of a bully, who beat someone up that day (did you see the video), and then stole, and really was the bad one, a celebration or a mourning? The officer was doing his job. I know there are some really good officers, and some corrupt, as within every area of business. (Politics, for instance.)

Let’s go a week without ANY police on duty in the country. What do you think? It would be a good eye-opener for sure.

Another celebration here in CA. If you are a prisoner and you decide you want to be transgender, no worries – it will be paid for completely. Then of course the jail will have to transfer the transgender to an appropriate facility. A judge in San Francisco decreed that law into life.

But let a senior citizen try to live on social security, or pay for their own glasses and teeth (because these things are not covered), and the point of it all becomes mute. Except for the evil laughter of the few who govern us all.

I know we are all supposed to cut down on water. Do you think moonbeam (the governor – what’s his name) does? How about prisoners? You know they have more rights and benefits that senior citizens, many whom who have dedicated their lives to working hard and being a good citizen. Does that make everyone happy….not from what I hear neighbor to neighbor, and in the markets, and all around where the peasants live.

You know why Trump is so popular now – don’t you? You do, I know it. He is not a political mastermind (thank God) – he just knows he won’t back down or take any BS from anyone. He doesn’t have to curtsy for those who donate money to campaigns. He may not be “politically correct” but he is refreshing and I cannot help but like him.  He can’t be bought, and obviously thus far, he can’t be hushed into submission.

Please – I lived through the Kennedy clan rule – think about it before you vote for another Clinton or Bush.  Enough is enough.  I would RATHER have the Donald before either of them – even Donald Duck would do.

Regarding Megan Kelly-she did attack him and it was not a question that was anything but aimed at making him look like a fool. I don’t know any man who hasn’t said something about a woman at one time or another – that doesn’t mean he is a woman hater. Frankly I don’t know any woman who hasn’t said something negative about a man at least once. Comes with the gender differences……..

OH THAT’S RIGHT – a few people complained and now Target no longer has a boys section and a girls section…..every thing is going to all be mixed together to be neutral “to be fair”.

Throw-up, puke, hurl, vomit, yuk, I am so sorry to enlighten these folks – but really (with rare exceptions) humans are born BOY and GIRL, with matching parts. Let’s REALLY confuse the little ones. If they aren’t “different” let’s mix them up so much they don’t know who or what they are – for sure!

There is a bit of boy and girl in all of us!  DUH!  I am a peasant princess but I loved to climb trees and play hard.

I remember in the old movie with big brother – 1986 (written way prior to that) – all men and women had cubicles to work in and they all dressed in a neutral kind of gray color. They all were separated by big brother making sure they were so busy with work and then drinking booze to relax – no relationships were bonded.

Lastly, I just want you all to know I should have copy written the name YEARS ago when I began to write my blog. If you just look up “Relax, it’s just Life” – a man has written a book (think 2012) and has taken the name as his own. Oh well no one REALLY owns anything except their own thoughts and actions.

So OWN yourself today, and as Dan the Man says, CREATE a beautiful day for you and those in your circle of life…be it a small circle or a large one. A small light in the darkness can change everything.  Insist of a great day and small through all the BS…all of it really isn’t important in the long run.  Insist on FUN.  My sis and I used to pretend everything was a Saturday night live skit.

It really does put most things in a better prospective!

Addendum:  I am terrible at using tags and categories…I just seem to go blank when I do that! I know it is important.  I will work at it!  Now a lovely Hawaiian Orchid for your pleasure.



Hello and Hallelujah

July 1, 2012

I am returned from my fourteen-day adventures and now it’s been almost three days trying to catch up, unpacking and moving forward here at home!  Gosh, I was hoping someone would have washed my windows when I was away!  (Ha ha).


Did you know Hallelujah means “Praise God”?  I didn’t for years,

but now when I say it the word has so much more meaning for me.


This will be short as I have yet to clean or do some things that require immediate attention, but I just had a lovely experience and wanted to share.


I took my Rottie to the lake to swim as it’s in the low 90’s, and the asphalt is just too hot for her paws to exercise.  After she fetched a stick MANY times, we got in the car and I got on the road to drive home.


I saw a yard sale sign….I had little money and never intended to stop at a yard sale.  Happily, I have health, and love and everything I need to thrive.  Bless those who are less fortunate.  I really mean it too.  Would that I could, I would help…alas, and we can only do the best we can do.


I had a feeling. I drove up a little hill and stopped at a house where most of the items had been put in the garage because of the heat.  To make a long story short, the woman operating the yard sale was from Lebanon, and said she would be returning to take her mother for her dwindling years.  The mama was sitting in the back of the garage and I smiled and waved.


We chatted for a few, and  alked about how wonderful moms are, and how important it is to treat them as very important people – because they are!

I bought a small key chain and asked if I could hug her before I left. 


She smiled and said yes, and I said “perhaps we’ll meet again in this lifetime – and if not this one – the next one.”  She looked so surprised and asked me if I believed in the afterlife.  I told her, of course I do.


My dog was getting hot,  and though I left the car running with the air conditioning on, I knew it was time to go.  I paid her fifty cents and waved good-by.  As I was almost to the car she ran up to me and put a bracelet in my hand, clasping it, and said, “This is for you.”


I was so surprised.  It was lovely. I told her I would treasure it.  I will.  I have no idea why she did that, but can only believe she felt a true kinship with me, so unexpectedly.


What a lovely exchange of human caring and love.  It was spontaneous and real and one of those moments that make you recall again…..we are all human beings on planet earth, and we can and should LOVE ONE ANOTHER.


Have a beautiful day.  Hug someone.  It felt great!  More soon – love and blessings to you all.




May 29, 2012

Often we find ourselves in the midst of spiritual mountaineering, where the slopes are sometimes like glass.

When our feet slip, and they will, we must reach for even the smallest branch that will stop us in our slide.

Steady now.  Once we are stopped…then we plan how to climb again and move upward.

The warmth of the sun above the mountain touches us, and  the glass transitions to grass.


Superficial answers do nothing more than provide a temporary relief.  Our goal is not to live our lives amidst illusions.   Be true to yourself.


Why should another man’s scruples apply to us, and our liberty of action be determined by another man’s conscience?

If we are true to our own deepest thoughts and beliefs, our paths will become steadier as we go.

Do not use superficial answers to problems that do nothing more than provide a temporary relief.  Do you want to live your life amidst illusions?


The following words are not mine, but I wish they were.  They are mine to pass along and they are important:

“WATCH your thoughts because they become your words.

WATCH your words because they become your actions.

WATCH your actions because they become your habits.

WATCH your habit for they become your character.

WATCH your character for it becomes your DESTINY. ”

author unknown


“As ye think, so shall ye be.”

The Bible


Create a brilliant day today, and build your dreams on a solid foundation, with you being exactly who you are!  Get over self-criticism and pick out your good points and dwell on them!  Give yourself the thoughts you would give to others.

I Saw God

May 20, 2012

I looked outside the window this morning, cozy in my soft light blanket.  I opened the window and the leaves in the trees glistened while being gently moved by a breeze, I couldn’t see.

I heard the Mockingbird sing the song of ten birds, all in tune, and proudly as if the whole world could see and hear his songs.  I couldn’t see him.

Doves have nested somewhere close by, and throughout the day I may see them, if I look quickly, dart to and fro, and talk to each other with a melodic “coo-coo”.

The shadow of a cat walked on my fence and my dog ran quickly to the edge, fierce and ready to attack.  I doubt that she would know what to do if she caught up with the cat.  She is gentle and a love to everyone.  I would have it no other way.

There is a crisp  about the air, though the heat has already begin to settle in comfortably.

When I sat outside to have my coffee I wondered how many people are not privileged to have such luxuries.  I felt blessed. It matters not how much money I have, nor what the future holds.

This moment is golden and this morning I saw God, once again, in every wonderful touch of nature and it’s creatures; the sights and sounds.

If you haven’t seen God yet today.  Look around.  Look at a child, a puppy, your hands, your eyes, your heart.

I saw God….you will too, if you only look.