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Car seats for infants and toddlers – WHY are they so important?

October 2, 2013

This is why you put your infant or toddler in the government approved car seat.

I am all for government in LESS of our business, but when it comes to our children and grandchildren, I am one hundred percent for whatever it is that makes them safe.

Saturday my friend and I went to a yard sale in the “country.”  The road

was a main road, and usually busy, but on the outskirts of town.  It is a two-lane road.

We saw a yard sale sign and signaled a left turn.  The sale was the first house on the right, so we parked and walked in.  There were quite a few people chatting and lots of goodies on tables and the ground.

Within just a couple of minutes everyone heard a VERY LOUD BANG.

Right there at the turn was a white van that had been going very fast on the road.  The little red car was exactly where we had been a couple of minutes ago – but now it was CRUSHED.

I didn’t see the person in the front move at all.  Then she turned her head briefly and turned back and it seemed to drop.

The van was crunched, but much less.  The driver of the van was sitting in her seat with her head in her lap.

Within a few minutes the fire truck pulled up and a couple of ambulances.

All we could do was pray.  I am still unable to walk fast, but my friend (prior to the emergency vehicles arriving ran out to the vehicles).

As she was arriving at the front car a man walked back and said, “I couldn’t believe it…I looked in the car and saw two big eyes looking right at me.

There is a baby in the backseat.”

Everyone started praying and saying “Oh God, no.”  The tangled mess just looked like the baby must have been crushed too.  There was no room at all.

While he was telling us this friend spoke to the woman in the car. She told her not to move her neck, as she was wedged in and afraid of neck injuries.  The woman asked her to please take her baby out of the car.  Which she did.

NOW THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS IN THE PROPER SEAT…the eighteen month old was totally unhurt.  Her little feet were about an inch from the front seat, but the seat she was in had kept the car from crushing her!

I was unable to find out if the mommy was okay, but I am praying that she is.  Life can change in a moment.  Please protect your children, and hug and love them every moment you get a chance!  They are precious gifts from God.