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January 25, 2018

Here is a thought on understanding. No one person has more pain than another. We all suffer in this life-time. Mental anguish, physical pain, both can be staggering, and both can disable a person.

Try as you may,  you will never be able to get directly into the mind of someone else, and have the same trials that they may face. We are all human, yet we are all different. We need to join together in understanding each person handles pain differently.

Some people can tolerate pain better than others, and some people may have no knowledge of the power we have within our minds to bear the burden and help heal our own pain.

Some pain will never diminish completely, and therefore we must adapt, we must use our wits about us to find acceptance and a way to handle it.

After all we are the ONLY one who knows our suffering aside from God. He will always help you to find a way to grow beyond your limitations, and still become that wonderful person from within.

Pray. Think in terms of “I am healing”, “I am doing the best I can”, “I can handle whatever happens”, and so forth. My mama gave me a great reason to keep going.  She said, “I must be strong for my children and my grandchildren.  I will make them proud of me, and prepare them for what may come.” She showed me by carrying herself with the strength of a mighty warrior, and rarely complaining.

Breathe. Think about your breathing and use this gift. You will create energy and relax simultaneously.  You will create pain medication from within, and will find, with practice,  you are able to divert your own attention from the pain, even perhaps, helping someone else who may be suffering.

Remember when you see someone with a weakened body, or injured, give their mind another reason to try….share a smile with them. Talk to them. Understand they may be struggling.  For as you give… SHALL receive.!  Create a day worthwhile with love and understanding.

Take a breath slowly in through the nose. Hold it. Visualize it helping you, and now exhale through the mouth slowly, visualizing pain and negativity dissipating as you exhale. Repeat this often. When you feel overwhelmed – breathe! Share the knowledge with someone and you will reap the rewards as well.

You are loved!

Go to a post on – for an “update” on my back injury.

February 6, 2013

Just an update on my “back” condition.  I know each of us has his or her own challenges, but I just want to say you can get through whatever it is – and YOU WILL FIND happiness and peace at some point.

Look at your challenge like a “course” on managing life – no matter what happens.  I am upbeat and intend to stay this way!  It’s lots more fun and good for healing!

God bless you and all your family and loved ones.

Your Back – traumatic injury

January 14, 2013

I usually write a post for this blog and a different one for my, but today I felt this might be important to someone, so this is a copy of that post.

I have information and a warning that I hope will be on help to you. I did break my back a little over a week ago. No, I did not crumble the spine or have a fracture that touched my spine and caused paralysis. I did have a traumatic fall and have a compressed fracture of my lower lumbar (L1). Unknown

It could have been worse – much worse. I actually did the WRONG THING when I fell. THIS IS A WARNING TO YOU ALL!

If you fall and hit your spine, or your back and feel that it may be broken – DO NOT just get up! I knew I had broken something, and I said my prayers for twenty minutes before getting up. Fortunately I turned to my side, waited, and then got up with some help, without bending my back.


I was blessed. I do believe in the power of prayer and knew God was right there with me.
To me, my rising was not luck – it was God answering my intense prayers during those twenty minutes.

STILL, I REITERATE – do not get up if you feel your injury is serious. YOU WILL KNOW – even if you’ve never broken a bone before! I pray all of you will be safe and never have to deal with this scenario.

However, if you are ever at the scene of an accident, “help” with caution. Advise the person to wait for medical help and keep them still and alert.

I did not go to the emergency room. Again I was blessed. I should have gone. I did treat my injury as it should have been treated. Ice for the first 48 hours. If you do not have an ice pack, take freezer bags and put two cups of water and one cup of alcohol in and freeze. It makes a pliable ice bag and the cost is minimal.

I also elevated my knees at night, took 1600 mg. of anti-inflammatory (sold over counter at pharmacy) – ask if you aren’t sure as pharmacists are more than happy to help. Fortunately I had a prescription for pain medication for my hips so I followed the same directions.

To sit, I placed a lower lumbar pillow behind my low back. I had actually purchased it for my husband for when his back ached, but this is a perfect example of “giving and receiving”. It is too small for him and worked perfected for this situation.

I got an x-ray and an MRI and now have an appointment with a neuro-surgon to make sure I am a good candidate for vertbroplasty. This is a wonderful procedure that hopefully will eliminate most of the pain and help the healing process.

So there it is! My children always told me I was the best example of what not to do! Once again – DO NOT DO WHAT I DID. I believe in miracles and was blessed it was okay, but if it happened again, I would be a wiser woman.

Take care of your body. You only have one place to live! Live on the cautious side as it takes a brief second in time to be hurt, but a much longer period to heal.

Also keep in mind that HEALING really does involve the mind too. I know I will heal. I believe it is healing as I write this. Keep a positive and healing attitude and it will prove out the theory “mind over matter”.

Lastly for today, if you have things happen that absolutely physically supposed to NOT heal – keep that mind in the healing mode. ACCEPT some things, but always keep your mind open to miracles and the miraculous power of the human body to heal. Mind, body, and spirit – they aren’t just words….it all works together.

Think I’ll go lay down with my knees up and ice on my back! CREATE a beautiful day. I really care!

Stay Positive! This too shall pass.

January 10, 2013

Life can always be good. It is true that there will be intervals wherein you will cry, have to dig deeply into your spirit to find understanding, get mad, change your plans, or even change your life.  It happens to all of us.

When I write, I write from the heart, and from experience.  I will never deny that “time and circumstances” will happen that may throw you off your game, but again I say, your response to those circumstances are ALWAYS your choice.  This is important to know.

This post may not be long as it is difficult to sit today, because of “circumstances”. I will explain.  I hope in sharing some of those circumstances, you will surely know that I do not just say good words – I mean what I say.

I have had to adjust my thinking, (particularly over the past four years), but also most of my life.  Each one of us have a story to tell, but to prove happiness can be yours, and that I am not just sharing “words, these have been my physical challenges recently.

I will recap just a few of life changing moments from 2008 to this day, in January 2013.  Don’t know if I’ve mentioned them before.

2008 I had a muscle spasm in my low back. It had always been strong.  Went to emergency, they gave me a shot and pain pills and sent me home.  In the middle of the night the pain was so bad I awoke and went to get pain pills.  It got worse, I fainted, and when I awoke my husband told me my foot was turned the wrong way.  I had broken my leg.  Had to have surgery and a rod and pins put in my leg.

2009  I went bicycle riding with my hubby.  We flew down the hills and went twelve miles.  The next day I fell, going up a small hill, and broke my left wrist.

2010  Early in the year I found it was NECESSARY that I had a hysterectomy. I also had the rod and screws taken out of my leg later in the year.  To my dismay, I was also told that all the pain in my neck was from bulging discs and stenosis in my neck.

2011  I was climbing down a ladder and had my glasses on. I thought I was at the bottom and stepped off it thinking I was ground level.  I wasn’t.  Both my husband and myself heard my right wrist snap.  It was broken.

2012  The pain in my hips was beginning to keep me from walking a long distance.  To make a long story short, I was told my left hip has severe arthritis, and my right hip is “shot”.  I will need two hips (can’t be done the same time) – at some point in time.  Doc said I am about ten years younger than most of his patients, and that I have accelerated arthritis.  I decided to wait until the pain is unbearable, and use my hips as well as I can for now.

2013  Two days before my birthday (January 6th) I took my Rottie for a walk and had a traumatic fall.  As I lay flat on my back I prayed very hard.  I knew my back was broken.  After a while I managed to get up and drive home.  I should have called an ambulance.  If you ever have a traumatic back injury – stay down until help arrives.  God is good and my compressed fracture of L1, my low back, is not touching the spinal cord, and may be able to be repaired by a procedure…

So there it is.  I still believe we can all be happy – and believe it or not, I am still happy.  My position could be far worse, and with time, I probably will be fine and out kayaking again.

It is what it is.  I refuse to let life bury me with emotions that will ruin it.  I always will find that light and will pray and believe in miracles.

I could expound on it all, but I have my laptop on a pillow and I am lying down, so I am just about done for the day.

So take heart….it will be okay, and your traumas will be a challenge you can manage. Pray often, don’t blame God, and

do the best you can with what you’ve been handed.

Ask for help if you need it, and ask for prayers too – just like I am doing right now.  Please send your prayers and good thoughts to me.  We need to help heal one another.

Also, if anyone knows about a back procedure called vertoplasty-please share your information-whether it be good or bad reports.  I will delve into myself before I do anything like this recommended procedure.

God bless you! Have a beautiful day and take a breath or two.  There are still blessings all around us!