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Wedding plans for Vago and Hanane

May 29, 2010

For all of you who are interested in the progress of Vago and Hanane’s wedding, here are the details:

First of all everything in the wedding boxes was received with such thanks and appreciation – and all the wedding attire fit perfectly!

The date of the wedding celebration is June 2nd. They have planned their wedding differently than normal Moroccan marriage, creating their own plan. The family has all agreed to travel from their homes (usually they stay pretty much in their home area)……to the Sahara desert, and proceed in a nomadic way; eating Berber food, sleeping in tents and riding camels.

Berber food: Berber cuisine differs from one area to another within North Africa. Thus, it is not easy to speak about a typically Berber cuisine. A classification is essential, in order to emphasize the specificities of each Berber group. Zayanes of the region of Khenifra around the Middle Atlas have a cuisine of a remarkable simplicity. It is based primarily on corn, barley, ewe’s milk, goat cheese, butter, honey, meat, and game.

Will post photos when I get them. BE SAFE and have fun! Please don’t drink and drive!


May 9, 2010

For all who have given birth – to all who have been a mother without even the pain and joy of birthing a child…..Take a breath! Thank you for caring and loving so unconditionally all your life.

It takes a world of mothers to raise a child, and accolades to those of you who find themselves single and raising your children. Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself when you are exhausted or make mistakes in your child rearing decisions. WE ALL make mistakes.

It’s a difficult job and no matter how many books you don’t have time to read about how to do it – EACH CHILD, EACH SCENARIO- is unique. We learn by doing!

If your child and you have had a parting of the ways, forgive them and yourself! This isn’t a rare happening in today’s society…locally it’s happened to many women I know.

Nothing is more painful than a child not wanting you around, but to a point, that is natural in the progress of handing their life over to them as adults. We would love to share wisdom and be the sage advisor when we see things we think we can help by saying something. The truth is that wisdom should only be shared when it is asked for by the individual; otherwise it will be considered intruding into business that is not yours.

It is hard to let go. But let go we must. Bless your child and turn their safety and lives over to God. When you see them – simply love them without a critique or anything less than joy.
A bouquet for you!

A mother’s work is never done as long as she resides on this planet. Keep that unconditional love available no matter what, and keep praying. YOU ARE DOING THE VERY BEST YOU CAN DO AND THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!
As a footnote I want to thank anyone who participated in “gifting” my son and his fiancee towards being able to get their wedding boxes! I am amazed at the response and generosity of even those who don’t know the bride and groom! Love is still around for sure, and in these difficult economic times, to see this kind of response touches me deeply in my heart. They will be getting the wedding gown, the veil, and the other contents of the boxes. THANK YOU AGAIN and GOD BLESS YOU!

I know one thing for sure – if you LOVE your child – no matter what – you will hang in there and be there for them unconditionally, if they just say the word.

“Mothering” happens from women to all children, and animals, and sometimes a bit to their mate or boyfriend (a little of that is plenty:)

Pay it forward, if you can..

May 6, 2010

I have never pushed selling my CD’s or books, or anything on my blog or website. My goal is to try to help share positive thoughts and stress management information for those who desperately need it and can’t afford training. I am asking today though, if you are able, and if you choose to do so, to help me now.

I bought a wedding gown and veil, shoes, a bag, all the wedding attire my son’s fiancee in Morocco needs to have a special three day wedding. Her dream is an American wedding gown. I packed everything in two boxes and insured them in case they were lost (thinking they could use the money to replace them – or for whatever they needed.

My son contacted me yesterday and told me because I insured them (even though I paid $160.00
postage) – in order to pick up the boxes he would have to pay $400.00 American currency. I
cried most of the day yesterday, even knowing it’s rather an impossible situation. We don’t even know if they will be returned if he doesn’t pick them up. It’s just not right.

Today I am on a different venue. I have a car load of personal things that I am taking to dealer’s to buy…and I am going to try to round up some hot cash for him! Here is what I am asking of you. If you have enjoyed my writing or gained some help from my website, please pay it forward by donating whatever you could spare to my son’s Paypal account. It is (He doesn’t know I am doing this, but it would be a miracle surprise for sure).

Even if you could part with a few dollars it would be awesome. I’ve written over four hundred posts here, and over one hundred on my new website. I will continue, but if you all could pull together and help out a bit it would be AWESOME. It is humbling to ask, but we are all (at least us “peasants” struggling) to make ends meet, and this would be a miracle for him to be able to get the boxes.

He teaches English there but has just moved his “bride” to a nice apartment and you know how costs add up to move anywhere!

It’s easy to spend a few dollars on junk and other stuff, but this would be paying it forward to join in a beautiful wedding for a couple totally in love. I’ve given away so many classes in health and fitness over the years – traded for what some had instead of money – or just done the classes for free. We all try to help one another, and this would really show me that Spirit and love really do exist, even on the internet!

Have a wonderful day! This could be a fairy-tale ending for their beginning. Love is still around!