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Hot tub or whirlpool anyone?

January 6, 2010

Holy moley, I read an article in prevention and I need to share it. A study done by Texas A&M University found more than 9 out of 10 water samples contained fecal bacteria. Researchers took water samples from private homes, public hotels, and pools around the country. EVERY SINGLE SAMPLE was found to contain fungi – 34% contained dangerous staph bacteria (my husband almost died from a staph infection in 2003). Also 95 % contained FECAL BACTERIA. Kind of like bathing in your toilet. Yuk.

I wondered why so nasty. The studies said whirlpools and hot tubs are full of these nasty germs because of the pipes. Water gets trapped in interior pipes for long periods of time and the pipes aren’t filtered or treated so bacteria and fungi breed. Then….you turn on the jets and the nasty bugs are blown into the tub where you are soaking.

If you want to clean yours and keep it germ free you need vinegar. I am not sure of the proportions, but vinegar is really a great product from helping sore throats to keeping our privates and our faces germ free. I found this explanation on doing it on a great little website:

Step 1:
Get a clean spray bottle. Once the bottle has been washed and rinsed out, pour a solution of 1/2 litre of white vinegar and 1/2 litre of water into the spray bottle.

Step 2:
Spray the solution liberally over the hot tub and wait for a few minutes. The acid solution will dissolve any hard water stains and limescale that have built up over time.

Step 3:
Spray more solution if the stains are stubborn. If required, spray more solution and wait for a few more minutes.

Step 4:
Use baking soda and vinegar. If extra cleaning is required, make a paste of white vinegar and baking soda and scrub gently with a soft brush or sponge. It’s a good idea not to use an abrasive cleaner like scouring pads, powders or steel wool as this will scratch the surface of the hot tub.

Step 5:
Simply wipe away the solution. Use a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue from the bath tub to reveal a “good-as-new” look and ready for another use!

Be safe. I have always heard it is important to wear a tampax if you are in a strange hot tub or swiming in a public pool or ocean. That might be difficult if you are in a private hot tub with your hottie!